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3 - Sea of Clouds

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Walkthrough
Level 3: Sea of Clouds

Enemies: Boom Primid, Primid, Glunder, Spaak, Feyesh, Yellow Mite, Towtow, Poppant.
Boss: Greap
Boxes: 5

Story Note
Fox appears to be chasing after the Halberd. The Halberd catches up to Kirby at this point.

Choose your character and move forward.
Wow, that was easy.

Story Note
Fox gets injured and blows Kirby off the deck of the Halberd. We now know that Fox is, at the very least, not in league with the Ancient Minister.

Choose another character.

On your way right, you’ll find a Boom Primid and a Primid.

When you reach the dead-end, attack the blocks to destroy them. A Primid waits on the other side, as well as four glunder that randomly patrol this area. Follow the path down and take out the Boom Primid. Just below him, look to the right past some wreckage for an item box (1) with a spare life.

Rock and a hard place


Continue left. You’ll find your first Poppant. I wouldn’t really bother with them. In the clearing, you get attacked by two Feyesh. Use upward attacks to dispatch. Little more and you’ll find a towtow. He should still be sleeping, in which case charge up a heavy attack to do as much damage as possible, at which point one more shot should do it.

Another Feyesh descends from the blocks. Don’t destroy the blocks, rather climb up on them. You should see a small opening in the wall above a couple of them.


Enter the door for another secret. Two (2)(3) item boxes, one of which contains hearts. Back out and back down. All of the enemies will have re-spawned (joy). I’d just avoid them and head left. 

A Primid attack on when you reach solid ground. Destroy the blocks to continue. A Poppant on the left path and a Boom Primd on the right. It really doesn’t matter, as you end up at the same place on the right. Destroy the blocks on the right path to get a random item.



Go to the left of the fan and drop down to the bricks below. Walk right. Three Feyesh attack. Enter the door.

Three Spaaks and a Poppant to the right. Drop down to find your first spawner, as well as the Yellow Mites. Don’t worry about the Mites so much and focus on the purple orb spawning them. Once that’s destroyed, take out the Mites and go back to the ledge where the spawner was. Jump up to the ledge above and fall down the other side. CAREFULLY destroy this item box (4). Too much force will destroy the blocks it sits on. Grab your prize and go back left.

You cant see me...

Watch for falling boulders along this path. Zelda’s ability to warp short distances will come in handy. Spam it if you have it. At the end of the path is a platform guarded by a Glunder. Destroy it and take it’s platform.

I have a terrible head cold...

Use a projectile attack to take out the next Glunder, and the next one. Now to the final platform and the item box (5) therein. Take your star and fall into the pit below where the Glunders were.

Star time!

There is a yellow Mite spawner and several Glunders. Focus on the spawner while keeping an eye on the Glunders.

More boulders fall down this path, only this time they hit and roll. Jump over them if they get too close, and watch for the Feyesh. Once over the pit a ways down, you’re safe.

For the last time, I’m NOT Indiana Jones!

Another Greap appears. Use the same dodging strategy and end the level.

End of Level!


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For the last time, I'm not Indiana Jones! xD
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