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15 - The Wilds

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 15: The Wilds

Enemies: Scope Primid, Trowlon, Primid, Gamyga, Buckot, Bytan, Armtank, Auroros.
Boss: Galleom.
Boxes: 8

Story Note
A giant airship rushes through the desert. Ike, being his usual self, rushes off without thinking. Meta Knight and Marth hesitantly follow.

Choose your character.
A Scope Primid will attack right off, so jump as soon as the stage starts. A Primid will also run after you. After one more Primid, another Scope primid, and a Buckot, you come to the second platform. A Gamyga guards the other side. Attack it’s head to continue.

The camera starts moving on its own again (tell me I’m not the only one that hates these parts...). Fall down, but not too fast. Watch for Buckot, Scope Primid (on the left) and Trowlon. You don’t have time to fight any of them, so show some agility. At the bottom you find a hoard of Bytan. At least the camera stopped moving.

Continue right. Take the Scope Primid and move though the tunnel. Watch out for the Roader a few feet in, and the second one soon after. Grab the item box. Jump to the ledge above the tunnel, then the ledge above that. Enter the door.

Secret, Yellow Box #28

Secret. Grab your boxes (2) (3) and leave.

Watch for Buckot along this path, oh, and the Scope Primid when there is a pillar coming out of the sky.

Tell me, its not just me, this is really cheap, right?

Break the blocks and grab the item (4).

Yellow Box #29

Continue. Since none of the characters have ranged moves, you’ll have to carefully go though the mines. At the end, kill the Scope Primid and go up. Don’t get grabbed by the Trowlon.

For some reason, I don’t feel safe.

Oh, right. I remember now.

Here you fight an Armtank. These aren’t as annoying as they may sound, but are more annoying then they look. The only vulnerable part is the green blob inside. To get to it, you have to use jumping attacks. Further, the armor completely protects it. To get past the armor, you have to attack the flaming arm that comes out the top.

Looks menacing...

...till you see the pilot is a Jello prototype.

Fall all the way down and move off the falling platforms quickly. Enter the door.

Watch for the Auroros ahead, as well as the Mite and Towtow. Use the Auroros to take them out if you can. After the first set of moving platforms is a Towtow. The second set sees a flock of Auroros pass overhead.

NO! the camera started moving on its own again! Well, make your way down. Watch the falling boulders. At the bottom are a couple of Big Primid. There no more a threat then regular Primid, just easier to hit. Once they are gone, the tunnel contains a ton of Bombed. Use your shield and dodge your way though. Jump in the barrel.

Just what have they been feeding you?

Time your firing. First barrel to the second, second to the bottom right bottom, right to the item box (4), item box back to the, one above it to the middle one, middle one to the one above that, one above that to the one on the right. Enter the door. Grab your boxes (5) (6) (7) and exit.

Green box

One more...

Secret, Yellow Box #30

One above the item box to bottom right, bottom right to the only barrel it point too, from there to the center, center to the right, from there to the right again, and finally into the tunnel. Phew. Enter the door. Grab your item (8) and continue.

That’s no airship, it’s a boss!

Where’s Obi Wan when you need him?

--== Galleom ==--

--== Galleom’s attacks ==--

1) Stomps the ground
2) Rushes across the stage
3) Stomps his way across the stage
4) Fires a shockwave across the stage
5) Punches wide
6) Creates a tornado
7) Body slams the stage
8) Launches missiles at you

--== How to predict ==--

1) Raises his leg up
2) Folds up into an airship
3) Turns his back to the screen
4) Raises his hands and spins
5) Rears back
6) Faces the screen and winds up
7) Stands up straight
8) Stands up and his shoulders glow

--== How to dodge ==--

1) Don’t be near him or dodge to the side.
2) Jump over him.
3) Dodge when he is about to fall on you.
4) Jump or shield
5) Be out of range or shield.
6) Be out of range. It will suck you in if you’re close.
7) Jump up and aerial dodge when he falls.
8) Shield, or be in really close to him.

--== Strategy ==--

Stay airborne to dodge most of hit attacks. It also gives you a better shot of his face, which sticks out farther then the rest of his body.
Overall, he is slow. Meta Knight makes a good choice with a standard B attack.

Story Note
Galleom jumps off the cliff, only to land on unstable ground. Hmm... this place look familiar.

End of Level!

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