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29 - Subspace

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 29: Subspace

Enemies: Glice, Towtow, Mite, Roader, Trowlon, Feyesh, Puppit, Bombed.
Boss: Bowser.
Boxes: 1

Story Note
Those weird medals that Dedede used appear to have the power to turn people back to normal automatically. For some reason, they don't activate until a person is inside Subspace. These three awake, they resolve to find out what's happened.

Glice on the platforms and Bombed down below. I'd stay on the platforms. Grab the Samus trophy above the door.

Samus Trophy

Enter. Take out the Towtow on the right and head up. Enter the door on the right.

Grab the Pit trophy on the right and Falco trophy in the top left. there's also an item in the bottom left (1).



Yellow Box #55

Exit. Head up with the arrow. Watch for Trowlons and grab the Lucas trophy to the right of the door. Enter.


A Big Primid attack with a couple Feyesh. Take them out and jump on the yellow platform to make stairs appear. Hurry up them before they disappear. Grab the DK trophy.


Head to the upper left. Jump up on the springs to destroy the blocks. Enter the door. Grab the Pokemon Trainer trophy, the hit the bomb block and quickly grab the Pikachu trophy. Exit.

Pokemon Trainer


Now we're going to the bottom left. Grab the Ike trophy and go back up.


Now to the top right. Watch the Feyesh and Roaders. Drop down at the end of the ramp and grab the Marth trophy.


Enter the door, ignoring the Mite. Use a projectile to take out the mines, then grab the Olimar and Fox trophies. Exit and go to the top right. Enter the door.

Olimar, Fox

Run across the blocks till you get to a solid piece of ground. Use this to take out the Puppits. Jump over and destroy the blocks. Use this new platform to take out the new Puppits.

Like so.

Make your way to the door. To get the Game & Watch trophy on the right, knock down the one block and hit the bomb on your way down. Jump up quickly to the left, then jump over and claim the trophy. Enter the door.

Mr. Game & Watch

The camera moves in circles here. Don't worry about the Mite, as annoying as they mite (lol, pun) be. Grab the Diddy Kong trophy overhead and the Captain Falcon trophy to the right when you get a chance. Drop down and enter the door.

Diddy Kong

Captain Falcon

Grab the Mario trophy and climb the stairs. Enter the door.

Bro! It's like Luigi's Mansion!

Story Note
Just FYI, every trophy you picked up along the way was freed. Dedede frees Bowser. Bowser mistakes the situation and attacks.

Fight Bowser.

Story Note
Dedede frees Bowser again, and shows him the situation. Bowser agrees to come along.

End of Level!

Luigi and Ness are unlocked! And in one short level as well.

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Comments for 29 - Subspace

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Feb 10th 2013 Guest
What level is this, I mean where on the map??
ID #252694
Dec 15th 2012 Kinray
Just go to the map
ID #222101
Dec 15th 2012 Kinray
ID #222099
Nov 8th 2012 Guest
I didn't get all the trophies! Is there any way to go back?
ID #206562