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20 - Outside the Ancient Ruins

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 20: Outside the Ancient Ruins

Enemies: ROB Sentry, ROB Launcher, ROB Blaster, Shellpod, Auroros, Gamyga.
Boss: None.
Boxes: 3

Story Note
Pikmin are attacking a Giant R.O.B, which we never see again. He shakes them off, killing a good portion of the Pikmin, and Olimar starts to loose his nerve. Just then, Captain Falcon shows up and takes down the R.O.B with one hit. His choice of landing locations is.... less then perfect however.

Best entrance ever. XD

This level is really short, so go with whoever.
Couple of ROB Sentries followed by a ROB Launcher on the stairs. Jump up and continue. Drop down under the bridge to find a door.


It’s that time again. This one his HARD. You have to grab the trophy on your way down, without falling into the hole yourself. If you miss, exit and try again.

When you’re done, hop up the stairs on the left. Fend off a couple ROB sentries and continue right. Grab the item box (1) and take out the ROB Blaster. Over the gap and destroy the Gamyga. Watch for the Auroros and Roader at the end. Climb the ladder.

Two Shellpods, two ROB Launchers and Blasters, a ROB Sentry and two Auroros attack. Nothing you cant handle in a few shots. Continue right and take out the ROB Sentry and Blaster. Next kill the ROB Launchers carefully, don’t destroy the breakable blocks. Use the breakable blocks to reach a door.

Secret, Yellow Boxes #39-40

Anther secret already? Two item boxes (2) (3) and a trophy just sitting there. Careful not to drop the ground under the box. Exit.

Take out the Gamyga on the right. Enter the door.

Story Note
Diddy and Falco team up to rescue DK in a very cool manner. Captain Falcon and Olimar see the fighting. Captain Falcon wants a piece of the action, but Olimar isn’t so sure, though Captain Falcon doesn’t give him much of a choice. By the time they land, DK is free. They signal they are friendly and team up to fight the Primid.

DK is an excellent choice here, as his has that super cheap B Down attack that will KO everything in one hit. Pretty much every enemy, barring bosses, that you’ve fought till now comes out to play, so prepare yourself.

Story Note
Congrats all around as Diddy’s new party enters the heart of the enemy base.

End of Level!

Captain Falcon has just been unlocked!


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Comments for 20 - Outside the Ancient Ruins

3 comments, latest first.
Aug 29th 2013 Guest
This level is amazing for trophy farming. The majority of the Subspace enemies I had yet to Stand were all in this short level, with a convenient door to respawn them.
ID #307276
Aug 3rd 2012 Guest
I think you´re doing something wrong , i have almost all of them.
ID #171772
Feb 24th 2011 Guest
I have followed this page and I have never gotten a crown.
I am thinking it is because of the falling brick and me losing
the trophy?

I have gotten it later on, though.
Has this happened to the writer or a player before?

IGN Gamespy isnt working either.
If somone finds anything, please post it here.

ID #30236