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Yellow Box Guide
Levels 21-31

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Yellow Box Guide
Levels 21-31

Level 21: The Glacial Peak

#41) After you fight off the Sword Primid on the moving platform, the camera starts moving on it's own and you have to keep pace by jumping on moving sheets of ice. Watch for the scene below:


#42) After the above, you'll find a lone barrel that shoots you straight up. Go up and veer to the right. Destroy the blocks to find a door.


#43) After the above, on your trek upward, you cant miss the door on the right.


Level 23: Battleship Halberd Interior

#44) A few feet in and you'll have to jump down onto some falling blocks. Make the far left one fall to reveal a switch. Press it to make a door appear.


#45) In the area where you have to find the three switches to gain access to the ladder, take the bottom right path. Across the gap are some breakable blocks. Destroy them and jump though the wall to the door.


#46) Another one you cant miss. After hitting all the switches, fall down the ladder. It's right there.


#47) At the end of the level, the area where you have to kill the enemies to open the blue gates. Above the Cymul is the box.


Level 24: Battleship Halberd Exterior

#48) This box is probably the second most overlooked box. I got it by accident. At the part with the mines, go to the right instead of up. At the second mine, you'll notice a crack in the ceiling. The only way to blow it out is to use the mine. The easiest way is to wait for the mine to be right next the ceiling and jump into it.


#49) At the end of the level when you're on the outside of the ship again. Just to the right You'll have a split in the path where you can go up or right. Go up to find the box.


Level 26: The Sub-Space Bomb Factory

#50) Ride the elevator down two levels. On the left is a Jyk and a door. Enter and kill the enemies for your prize.


#51) Ride the second elevator all the way up and kill the ROB on the left to make a door appear.


Level 27: The Sub-Space Bomb Factory (2)

#52) After you fight the ROB Launchers and Meta Primid, the camera will start moving on it's own. Just to the right, on the second platform that falls, is a door. That's not the end of it though. Inside, use the spring up top and double jump to a hidden platform way up off screen. Use a down attack to destroy the box.



#53) For this, you need someone who can wall jump (Captain Falcon, Diddy, Fox, and Samus all make good choices). At the blue switch that opens the multi-lock door, jump up the shaft that the Mite fall down out of. Here, wall jump up the blocks and hit the bomb block.


#54) At the jet puzzle, climb the ladder near the end and hit the switch. Destroy the breakable blocks on the left, then jump across, taking out the ROB Launcher. Hit the switch above and jump to the left.


Level 29: Subspace

#55) In through the first door, past the Towtow, then jump up. Enter the door on the right and fall all the way down. It's on the left.


Level 30: Subspace (2)

#56) Below the Meta Knight trophy, before the Sword Primid Spawner but where you fight the Sword Primid. Its under the ledge on the right.


#57) Fall down through the web of Bucculus and bomb blocks, heading right. Use the first launcher, then the second past the rail block. Fall straight back down to the left.


Level 31: The Great Maze

The Yellow Boxes in The Great Maze mostly correspond to where they were in their original world. Now, since The Great Maze is split into four levels, if one of the levels has a green flag on it, the box you're missing is going to be near that warp point.

I made this map below, and put the box number on the appropriate room. When looking up the individual box, look for the number on the map. The text description will assume you are already in the room marked. A couple rooms I will recommend you enter from a certain door.

Yellow Box Locations in The Great Maze

Click on the map to enlarge it if needed.

#58) Jump up though the clouds, past the Jyk. It's on a ledge at the top.


#59) Above the Greap, beside the Glunder. Regardless of which way you enter, it's pretty hard to miss this one.


#60) Enter 60s room from the left door. Head right and enter the gold door. Blow up the blocks and go back through the blue door.


#61) If you enter from the left, you might not see the box before destroying it, from the right, you'll have to jump over the blocks to hit the rail that opens the box. It's beside the Buckot near the right side of the room.


#62) Another one you simply cannot miss. From the top left, fall down and take the ladder down. From the bottom right, enter and It's right there.


#63) Entering from the right is going to be easier. Jump over the large spikes and fall straight down. Swim left to find it.


#64) This is probably the MOST missed one on the game. Take the upper path above the Scope Primid. Stay to the left, past the Borboras, and watch for a ladder with a Red Mite spawner on the right. Opposite that is a conveyor belt with a little shield thing on it. Attack into the shield to break the Yellow Box (you normally cannot see it, but you'll hear the noise and the conveyor belt will bring the item to you).


#65) From the above, drop back down and go to the right of the Scope Primid. Cant miss it.


#66) Enter from the upper right. Jump straight up. It's right there on the left.


#67) Enter from the bottom right. Jump up, and use the springs to get over the spikes. The box is to the left of the Cymul.


#68) If you've fought Falco, you've gotten this box. Seriously, after the fight, you're put down right next to it. 


#69) Another one you cant miss. Weather going up or down, its on the left about half way through, not on a moving platform.


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Comments for Yellow Box Guide
Levels 21-31

9 comments, latest first.
Jun 18th 2015 Guest
I'm confused on #61 I can't find the yellow box.....????????
ID #572216
Oct 11th 2014 Guest
For anyone who doesn't have 100% then check the map at the start to choose your level. Anything with a green flag means you forgot something.

If your sure you didn't miss anything then it is probably the last 3 characters, Toon Link, Jigglypuff, and Wolf.

Toon Link is found in the stage the forest in a door right after the first set of forced enemies.
Jigglypuff is found in the swamp in the middle of some barrels. Note, you need to vs shadow Diddy again, so be ready.
Wolf is found in the ruins in a door near a bunch of Bytans.

You need to fight them with your current character and you both have 1 stock. If you lose, you will clear the level, but they won't join your team and I'm pretty sure you need them to join your team to get 100%
ID #457151
Sep 13th 2014 Guest
why i dont have 100%?!?!?!?!
ID #447283
Mar 15th 2014 Guest
i got all of them and i dont have 100%
ID #364493
Feb 13th 2013 Guest
No u weren't rude at all and I know u were thanking me. I just I should help people out and no I didn't make this guide I wish I did sometimes though
ID #253952
Feb 10th 2013 Guest
My sister and I have just spent the last 4 hours trying to finish SSE and we cannot find the last orange box or whatever is keeping us from completing the lower left section of the great maze. We check every location listed here (Even ones not in the SW section) and we have them all. What else could we be missing?
ID #252523
Dec 11th 2012 Guest
All that was keeping me from 100% was #63! Every time I passed this point I stayed up high to jump over those spikes. #64 I specifically remember using Link and swinging at the shielded space. I don't like the those spawn centers, and I was making sure I got rid of all the centers because those mites are so tiny and annoying...Well, that's 100% for me! Whew, back to other games for now...
ID #219292
Oct 30th 2012 Guest
You will be my friend forever if you wrote this guide!It helped so much![was I rude?]
ID #203246
Sep 29th 2012 Guest
For the gold box that u get by using the mine u can also get it by using sheiks up special wh u r right next to the crack in the ceiling
ID #189986