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27 - The Subspace Bomb Factory 2

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 27: The Subspace Bomb Factory (2)

Enemies: ROB Sentry, ROB Blaster, ROB Missile, Cymul, Autolance, Metal Primid, Primid, Sword Primid, Scope Primid, Armight, Floow, Buckot, Bytan, Ticken, Auroros.
Boss: Meta Ridley
Boxes: 8

We rejoin DK's team. Head right, taking out the ROB Sentries, ROB Blaster, Cymul, Autolance, and ROB Launcher on your way. Jump over the boxes and hit the Cymul, and take out the Autolance before you land. There's nothing in the boxes, so proceed to kill the ROB Launcher. Again, nothing in either set of boxes. Watch the Jyk and jump across. The second and third platforms have ROB Launchers on them. On the third platform, drop through and detonate the bomb block, the quickly jump back up.

Should look a little like that.

Uh oh.

Jump onto the next stationary platform. You are attacked by several ROB Launchers. Use your shields. Then some Metal primid and an Autolance appear. Continue right.

One of the platform in the next windmill has a door on it. Wait for it and jump through.

Secret, Yellow Box #52

Secret! Grab your item boxes (1) (2). Now use the spring at the top of the windmill. Let it propel you up, then double jump at the apex to land on an invisible platform. Use a down attack to break it (3). Exit.

It's up here.

Continue right with the camera. Watch the Cymul and the platforms with spikes. Enter the door.

Over the spikes and onto the conveyor belts. Take out the Buckot as you go. Don't get squished by the blue spikes. The other side is a ROB Sentry. Take it out and go up. Destroy the blocks overhead to get by. Take out ALL the Mite and as many blocks as you can.

Like so

Hit the red switch. The ceiling will start to come down. Jump down as fast as you can till you're beside a door. Take the ladder down.

Red Switch

Head left. Take on the Floow and Armight to continue. Hit the switch. Wait for the Mite to pass on the left, then jump up to find a door. Only Diddy and Captain Falcon can get up there for now (later, Fox and several others can as well).

Blue Switch, Secret, Yellow Box #53

Secret, Yellow Box #53 door

Secret number 2: You have to use someone who can wall jump, Diddy or Captain Falcon. Jump up and hit the bomb block to claim your prize (4) (5). Exit.

Go back right and past the ladder. Watch for the Buckot and don't fall into a hole. Get all the way right and hit the green switch.

Green Switch

Now back over to the ladder and climb up. Enter the flashing door.

Take out the ROBs in the area while avoiding the flames. Head right to find a switch. Press it to kill the ROB Launcher. Continue till you find a ladder past the blocks. Climb up and press the button.

Go through the block on the left and destroy the ROB Launcher on the platform. Hit the switch above the platform.

Switch 2

Yellow Box #54

Jump left to get an item (6). Fall left to get another item (7). Press the switch and fall all the way down.

Back over to the ladder on the right. Jump up on the boxes that fell and kill the Bytan. Down the ladder. Don't jump on the launcher thing. Instead, jump up and his the switch, then go back down and ride the launcher thing.

Something like that.

Take out the Bytan as quickly as possible. A few feet up, it will stop and some Fire Primid will attack. Get on the upper platform, as the walls cave in and that is the only safe place. Wait for them to reside before jumping up to the moving platform above, then to the ladder.

Yeah, only one safe spot. No room for Primid.

Head left. Destroy the boxes to find a key and a giant Bytan. Kill it and grab the key. Head right, though the locked door. Walk over to the crack to end this part of the level.

It's the Orange Beast of Aaargh!

Story Note
You unite with Samu's party by the Minister. Ganondorf appears in a hologram and orders the R.O.B to activate the Subspace bombs in the room. The Minister tells them to stop, but Ganondorf activates a control chip that forces them to listen to only Ganondorf. Minister tries to stop the attack, saving not only himself, but his R.O.B followers. Ganondorf orders the R.O.B to attack their own master.

Our heroes join in at this point, trying to stop the R.O.B. Ganondorf calls in an Auroros squad and, thinking he's won, turns off the hologram. However, the Minister isn't finished yet. His capes burn off revealing that he is R.O.B! Now united with our heroes, they must find a way out.

The Minister was able to control the R.O.B because he was the lord of this world until Tabuu came and took over, forcing his R.O.B brethren to fight for him.

Now, I really like R.O.B as a character, and this is a good time to get used to him, as all you have to do is fight off some other R.O.B. and a few Primid. But it's up to you. DK still has his really cheap Down B attack.

Wave after wave of all different types of R.O.B and Primid appear, with some Auroros and Ticken. Ending with two Armtanks. Get on one side of the tanks, don't let them surround you. 

Story Note
In the end, they are not able to stop the Subspace bombs. R.O.B feels sorry for his comrades, but there's nothing he can do. Captain Falcon calls in the Blue Falcon for evac. Can they make it in time?

Now for the daring escape. Don't worry about any enemy, just clear the boxes and move! The camera moves fast here, but I'll tolerate it in place of a countdown clock. When you get to the moving platform, don't get hit by or stuck on top of the spikes. When it stops and opens up, move down the platform. Watch the Cymul. The platforms will rise as you land on them, so keep moving. Enter the door at the bottom center.

Out of my way!

There are mines here. A lot of them. I don't even think it's possible to do this without getting hit. Keep moving down, trying to dodge as many as possible.

Ah man!

The camera starts moving again. Ignore the enemies and keep on moving. Under the ladder is a heart on the left. To the right of the Mite spawner is a trophy. Move down and enter the door. Grab the box (8) and move down.



Story Note
Blue Falcon picks you up just in time. It also picks something else up, however.

Pickachu, Samus, Olimar, and Captain Falcon all have good moves that can strike in the air.

Im in ur base, killin' your Ridleys... again.

--== Meta Ridley ==--

--== Meta Ridley's attacks ==--

1) Lands on the ship, sinking it temporarily
2) Grabs on to the left side of the ship, slowly dragging it down
3) Strafes with fireballs
4) Drags his tail along the ship

--== How to predict ==--

1) Flies off screen
2) Flies off screen
3) Flies off screen
4) Growls and flies off screen

--== How to dodge ==--

1) Jump as he lands.
2) Jump over and get him off by beating on him!
3) Dodge.
4) Jump.

--== Strategy ==--

You're on a hard time limit. Don't worry so much about his attack as you do yours. Don't let up, you have plenty of character. Attack continuously. Samus's aerial up and side moves work excellently.

Story Note
The entire island is engulfed into Subspace. Our heroes barley escape to join up with Mario's party on the ground.

End of Level!

R.O.B is now playable!

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Comments for 27 - The Subspace Bomb Factory 2

6 comments, latest first.
Jun 6th 2014 Guest
I swear on my life that there is no invisible platform for item 3! I have been trying for over 2 hours and I can't find it >.< am I doing something wrong?
ID #395089
Aug 5th 2013 Guest
Thanks for the trophy help.
ID #302843
Jun 23rd 2011 Guest
how do i get item 3?
ID #51685
Jul 8th 2010 Guest
yeah i agree - you can use pit as he...oh i dunno...can fly!
ID #3635
Jun 25th 2010 PeepsMcJuggs
You don't need someone who can wall jump for items 4
ID #1865
Jun 25th 2010 Guest
You don't need someone who can wall jump for items (4)
ID #1859