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18 - The Swamp

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 18: The Swamp

Enemies: Goomba, Koopa, Parakoopa, Paratroopa, Puppits, Floow, Borboras.
Boss: Primid Diddy
Boxes: 9

Jumps straight to the level. Watch the Goomba by the gap. If you're lucky, you can jump the gap and land on the Koopa, sending him down range to take out the Goomba. Over the next gap, avoiding the Koopa and Parakoopa. Up the ladder.

This is very interesting here. The updraft provides more lift, allowing you to jump higher and get more airtime. Jump on the leaf and ride it down. When it stops, look to the right for a secret passage. Jump in for an item box (1).

Yellow Box #33

Blow up the box and continue out. Destroy the Hammer Bro and the Goomba. Keep right and climb up the ladder. Watch the Hammer Bro at the top and the Parakoopa to the right. Jump on the swing and ride it to the next swing. Use the second one to get to dry land.

If you're using Fox, use a triple jump to get across this gap without landing, as there is a bunch of Puppits here and they are annoying to fight.  Enter the door.

Fox is awesome.

Move carefully over the gap. Some Bullet Bill will pass overhead. Don't worry about the Parakoopa and just take out the Hammer Bro. The next gap has a downdraft, meaning your jumps are shortened. Play it safe and use the platform to get across. Over there you'll find a Poppant, as well as Bullet Bill. Hop from one ladder to the next to reach the next ledge. Under the ledge you'll note an item box. Get there by falling off the edge and jumping back in (2). Blow up the blocks to get back up.

Green box

Use the ladders to reach the moving platform. This gap has another downdraft, so don't try to jump it. Mind the Parakoopa and jump up. Don't touch the launcher thing while fighting the Floow, Hammer Bro, and Puppit that appear. After, grab your life and use the platform to get up.

The camera is moving on its own again -_-
Jump up and grab the ladder. Wait for the ladder to get around the spikes, then wait for then wait for the next ladder. There's a door on the left, take it.

Secret, Yellow Box #34

Something tells me you should never do this with Peach or Zelda...

Everybody loves Secrets! You have to use the updraft to get to the second box (3) (4). Exit.

Grab on to the ladder again and move up, dodging the Bullet Bills. Once on the top, jump to the left to blow up the blocks. Jump over and keep moving with the camera. A Koopa is in here somewhere. Detonating the next set of blocks will drop down a Hammer Bro. Enter the door at the top.

Story Note
Diddy gets turned into a trophy by Bowser. The Primid then copy Diddy, and forces fox to fight both Diddy and Bowser. But Falco shows up to save the day by very coolly disarming Bowser and forcing him to retreat, but not before leaving a parting gift. He orders more Primid onto Diddy, to make it Giant Diddy. Falco turns the real Diddy back to normal.

Fox and Falco are almost identical, so it comes down between them or Diddy, and in the end it doesn't matter. This Diddy likes to camp items, which turn giant when he holds them. Beware.

You should go on a low-banana diet.

Story Note
A rather hilarious cut scene. So now Falco has joined Diddy's party.

Take a ride in the cart. Jump out before hitting the water. Watch the two Parakoopa and continue right. Use the launcher thing to get put into a huge line of cool launcher things, eventually ending in a battle with some Hammer Bros. Into the Barrel!

While Fox doesn't look it, he's having the time of his life.

If you miss, who cares?

Don't hit the Jyk. Next couple of barrels are boring. Ok, when you get to the barrel that goes up and down, aim for the upper barrel, you'll land by an item box (5). Jump up into the barrel overhead. When you get to the one with the bricks in front of it, you're suppose to launch yourself into the bomb. While that works, you can also miss, fall into the water, then jump out an hit the bomb. One more time and enter the door.

Wheee~! Springs! After a few sets, you'll reach one with a Paratroopa overhead (the red on) above him is an item box (6).

Yellow Box #35

Above the Borboras is also an item box with another life (7). Continue right. Use the springs to get over the first set of spikes, then go under the next set by breaking the blocks (watch out for the Parakoopa). Fall straight down. You'll see some springs and a door. Enter the door.


Another secret! Break the first box (8), jump over the boxes to get a heart, then target the bomb box (just under the first item box) to blow away the blocks and reveal another item box (9). Exit.

Use the springs to get to the moving platform, and use that to jump over the first set of spikes. Land on the springs to get over the second. Take out the Boom Primid, Bororas, and Feyesh here, and move on to the next set of springs. Use the series of springs with a triple jump to get over the tall spikes. Enter the door.

Moving platform time. Dodge the Bullet Bill while avoiding the weeds that pop out of the sea. Heres a battle. Goomba, Paratroopa, and Bullet Bill. Fun.

Beware, some Goomba will attempt to camouflage themselves as blocks...

The camera will move on its own after the battle to another platform. While the platform doesn't move, you sure should! That weed is back and tearing apart this platform as you go. Watch for Goombas. Ride the final small platform up and to the yellow door... and a Giant Goomba.

It's like a B-rate, ScFi Jaws rip-off.

Story Note
DK has been officially captured. Diddy's team doesn't make it there in time, but they do call in Peppy and the Great Fox for a lift.

End of Level!

Congrats on unlocking Falco!

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Comments for 18 - The Swamp

3 comments, latest first.
Dec 29th 2013 Guest
it duznt say how 2 get jigglypuff
ID #335729
Jul 31st 2013 Guest
i got all of the boxes in this level but theres still a green flag on it. what did i miss?
ID #301712
Jan 4th 2011 Guest
I think the giant ditty kong boss is a reference to the giant donkey kon boss in ssb64
ID #24108