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Yellow Box Guide
Levels 1-10

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Yellow Box Guide
Levels 1-10

Welcome to the Yellow Box guide!

In The Sub-Space Emissary, there are several things that count toward your over-all completion percent.
1) Completing levels
2) Unlocking new characters
3) Going through EVERY door
4) Collecting loose trophies and stickers
5) Opening Yellow Boxes and collecting what's inside

#1-3 you'll have to see the walkthrough about. However, #5 is the one that is often missed (in collecting the boxes, you're likely to go through ever door, and have unlocked all the stages).

Here, we'll list all the boxes by level. There are 69 total. Note that after you collect a Yellow Box, you can immediately choose the “go back to map” option, and it will still count. Also, you'll know which ones you've missed, as once you collect them, they disappear forever; or at least till you're next play through.

Well, lets get started. They are listed in order by level. Using your browsers search function will help you find the level you're looking for.

Because there are so many, we have split them over three pages arranged by levels for more easy browing.

Level 2: SkyWorld

#1) You'll come to a place where some pillars in the ground move up and down. Wait for the third pillar to lower, revealing a door.


Level 4: The Jungle

#2) Not far into the level is a barrel. Jump in and ride to the second barrel. Use this barrel to propel yourself straight down into the breakable blocks.


#3) You'll come to a free-fall point near the end of the level. Dodge the first set of Jyk and stay to the left, landing on a hidden platform.


Level 5: The Plain

#4) A few feet into the level is a large wall of breakable blocks. Take out the top row, then jump up and take out some hidden blocks that are above the top row. One of them is the item box.


#5) Just after the point where the walls are chasing you, some Primid will drop down from overhead. Use a character that has a high third jump to get to a hidden ledge in that gap.


Level 6: The Lake

#6) After entering your first blue door, jump to the ramp up above it and go left.


#7) Near the end of the level, you'll be on a raft and forced to fight several waves of enemies. After just a few feet is a door over head. Jump in it quickly.


#8) Still on the raft, just as some Giant Goomba come down to take you on, don't let them distract you from the passing Yellow Box overhead.


Level 7: The Ruined Zoo

#9) After you join with Pokemon Trainer, you'll enter a cave past the first part. Inside the cave, you'll fight a wave of Bytan. Just to the right of that is a spring. Use the spring to get to the ledge overhead.


#10) Out of the cave and more to the right. You'll find an anonymous spring on one of the wood platforms. Fall straight to the left of this platform to find a hidden door.


Level 8: The Battlefield Fortress

#11) After the second wave of Armight, climb the ladder and use the key on the locked door to find a hidden door.


#12) After the ride in your first mine cart, there is a door just to the right of where it hit the wall.


Level 9: The Forest

#13) When you find your first tall tree you have to jump over, fall straight down the other side, past the Boom Primid. There is a door hidden on the left.


#14) Once out of the forest, you find some bomb boxes. Use the second set to get your Yellow Box.


Level 10: The Research Facility

#15) Just in, ride the elevator up one level and head right. Just past the ROB is your prize.


#16) In the main room with the windmill, take the bottom right door. Keep heading up and to the right to find a launcher. Let it shoot you across the gap to find your box.



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Levels 1-10


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