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24 - Battleship Halberd Exterior

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 24: Battleship Halberd Exterior

Enemies: Primid, Scope Primid, Puppit, Greap, Feyesh, Puckot, Mites, Mines.
Boss: None.
Boxes: 10

Story Note
Peach and Zelda, not being ones to listen, escape anyway.

Zelda is better suited for this level, as Peaches umbrella doesn't work to well in high winds.

First thing I'd do is transform into Zelda. Jump right. If you cant see your next platform, try jumping up or down. Enter the door at the end.

Hope an Arwing doesn't come flying by right now...

Walk right and use Dins Fire to take out the mines. When you reach a gap in the ceiling, go up. Use the switch to take out the mines. Jump up to the platform with the Mites. Use Dins Fire again and work your way up on the right. Get all three boxes (1) (2) (3) and drop back down to the real floor.

Green boxes

Head right again, taking out the Primid and mines. The second mine, wait till it's right next to the ceiling, then jump into it. If you do it right, the ceiling should blow out, revealing an item box (4).

Yellow Box #48

Note the item box above you at the ledge. Use Dins fire to clear all the mines in your way, then a triple jump to reach the box (5). Fall back down to the far right. You'll find another item box (6) with a Scope Primid on the ledge above it. Grab the box and take out the Primid. Hit the switch overhead and jump across the gap. Enter the door.

Dins Fire is quite effective.

This is very interesting. Its like a hall of Primid, one of which (on the bottom) you've never seen before and will never see again (it's called Mizzo. It's trophy can be randomly gotten.) Enter the next door.

Here you have to fight a wave of Primid and Scope Primid, followed by a wave of Puppit and a Greap. Head right and take out the Feyesh. There will be an item box overhead. Grab that (7) and continue to the next item box on the right (8). Hop over the gaps. The Greap is to persistent to ignore, so kill it. Jump over and grab the next item box (9). Watch for the Buckot and Mite.

Those weird things on the floor are jets. Don't stand on them or you'll get burned. Wait for them to turn off and jump over, watching for Buckot. Jump over the gap. Don't get crushed and enter the door in the center.

Ok, here jump two platforms right, then start going up. You should see an item box at the top left (10). Grab it an continue right.

Yellow Box #49

Story Note
Sheik and Peach reach the Halberds main deck. Fox begins a bombing run and locks on target. He sees Peach at the last second, but it's too late. The Arwing fires at the turret, narrowly missing Peach. Sheik jumps onto the Arwing to defend Peach and rips Fox out of his cockpit. Landing on the deck, they begin to exchange blows, but Peach has another, more civilized idea to settle this.

End of Level

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Comments for 24 - Battleship Halberd Exterior

2 comments, latest first.
Oct 3rd 2014 Guest
Thank you this really helped I've had this game forever and still haven't cleared it all the way
ID #454334
Nov 23rd 2013 Guest
Wait... There was this blue ball thing stuck to webs I honestly don't know who or what it is, can someone explain to me what that thing is?
ID #321400