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13 - The Cave

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 13: The Cave

Enemies: Paratroopa, Parakoopa, Goomba, Koopa, Shellpod, Glire, Bucculus.
Boss: None.
Boxes: 4

Story Note
For clarity, this is not the cave Pokemon Trainer was outside of. Dedede places strange medals on his new trophies. Bowser crashes the party though, caving the ceiling in on Dedede with his army. Bowser only spots the Peach trophy, and is the only one he makes off with. As dull as ever.

Mario’s group enters the ruined thrown room, still not noticing the other trophies, and gives chase through a crack in the wall that Dedede used to escape.

Choose your characters.
Watch out for the falling boulder. It will chase you. Across the gap, the ceiling starts to come down. Get off the platform and take out the Goombas on the other side. Climb the ladder and jump up to be assaulted by a literal army of Paratroopa, Goomba, and Hammer Bros.

he’s not Indiana Jones either!

Mario needs a sword powerup.

Fall down the other side, watching for the Koopa at the bottom.
Jump out onto the platform and fall as quickly as possible. The ceiling will be in hot pursuit. In the next area, the floor raises up, so jump as quickly as possible. Jump up to the next ledge and take out the Koopa.

This time, jump out to the platform, then quickly jump back to the tunnel. The ceiling will start to come down over the platform. Wait for it to go all the way down, the cross over top of it. Enter the door.

Secret, Yellow Box #23

Everyone know what time it is? That’s right, its Tool.. er, secret time! The walls will cave in here. Grab one box (1), then exit and re-enter to grab the other (2). Exit the last time.

Wait for it to go down again and cross. Now wait for it to come back up, and jump down. This time, stay to the left to grab an item box (3), but be careful as there is no floor. Jump across before the ceiling meets up with you.

Why don’t improve your marksmanship while you wait?

Yellow Box #24

Up the ladder. This is a very interesting puzzle. You have to jump over the gaps in the space provided within the stone pieces, and still grab your item box in the center. Not much I can really do to help you here. Good luck. On the other side are a couple of Goombas and Hammer Bros.




Alright, grab the key. Wait for the spikes across the gap to fall. Jump across just as they start to rise (minding the flames) to pass under them. Jump straight into the locked door open it. Enter the door.

Right. Hit the switch to dissipate the fog. Get across and take out the Parakoopa. Get up the tunnel quickly, as the platforms fall the longer you stay on them. Grab the ladder and climb up. Across the gap to pick a fight with two Shellpods, some Paratroopa, and a few Glire. Across the next gap.

I think Wario set up this trap...

Watch for the Glire that come rolling down. At the end, jump up the platforms. On your way up, destroy the Paratroopas. Just before the purple fog, there should be a switch on the left. Hit it and climb up quickly.

Some Bullet Bill will come across at the top. Head right. There is a switch on the lower path guarded by a Glire and two Bucculus. Let the Glire come to you and jump over the Bucculus. Hit the switch and take the upper path. Hit the next switch and continue quickly as the ceiling starts coming down.

Upper. Lower.

The final switch you’ll have to hit with a projectile. This also calls down some Giant Goomba, who you’ll have to kill before the fog comes back. Over the Glire and on to the platform. Watch the Parakoopa and get on the windmill platforms. You want to make it to the top to get to another moving platform that will take you right.

Couple Hammer Bros in the next hall. There will also be boulders coming at you. At the end, be sure to hit the switch. Jump up and enter the door (not the yellow one).

Secret, Yellow Box #25

Two secrets in one level. Get across by either path (they both collapse) and get your boxes (3) (4). Exit and go right, through the yellow door.

Story Note
Mario tries to get Bowser, but Bowser uses Peach as a shield. Pit attack while Bowser is offguard, but it’s no use. Bowser escapes. In the process, the strange medal falls off Peach. Kirby spots it and, though they don’t show it, eats it.

We rejoin the minister at Bowsers castle. He sets a Subspace bomb and engulfs it, unbeknownst to Bowser.

Master hand appears on the computer before Ganondorf, signaling that he wants Ganondorf to be his minion. Ganondorf agrees with the same smile he gave the King of Hyrule in Ocarina of Time. Think we know how that turned out.

End of Level!

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Comments for 13 - The Cave

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Jan 1st 2013 Guest
Any suggestions on which characters? I realized Kirby could do the spaces, but the second time failed.
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Nov 12th 2012 Guest
thanks this helped alot😄
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Sep 2nd 2011 Guest
not helping
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