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Route 18: Vallée Étroite Way

Pokemon Y Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Route 18: Vallée Étroite Way

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Level Range of wild Pokémon: 44-48
Pokémon Type
Sandlash Ground
Graveler Rock/Ground
Pupitar Rock/Ground
Torkoal Fire
Gurdurr Fighting
Heatmor Fire
Durant Bug/Steel

Horde Encounters
Pokémon Type
Geodude Rock
Heatmor Fire
Durant Bug/Steel

Shaking Bushes
Pokémon Type
Skarmory Steel/Flying
Heatmor Fire
Durant Bug/Steel

Rock Smash
Pokémon Type
Graveler Rock/Ground
Shuckle Bug/Rock

The gate to Route 18 is located at the southeast corner of Anistar City. Before leaving the City, be sure to bring a Pokémon that knows Cut and Rock Smash.

On your way to the gate, you will receive a holo clip from Professor Sycamore, asking you to meet him at Couriway Town, which is just past Route 18.

Follow the path until you see the Route 18. Check the bush behind it, to the right to obtain a hidden Poké Ball. Head south, jump down the ledge and pick up the Hyper Potion there.

Head north and battle the youngster if you want. Keep heading north and before the bridge to the right is a prickly tree, then use Cut.

Youngster Jayden (Prize Money: P1,152)
  • LV48 Scolipede (Bug/Poison)
  • LV48 Pinsir (Bug)

Follow the path to a berry tree. Pick up the Wacan Berry. Use the rails to the right and pick up the PP Up on the other side.

Keep heading south until you see a staircase to the right. Continuing south will lead you to the entrance of the next town. Climb up the stairs and battle the Hiker. Left of him is a Battle Girl walking on the bridge.

Hiker Orestes (Prize Money: P2,800)
  • LV50 Stunfisk (Electric/Ground)

Battle Girl Justine (Prize Money: P2,496)
  • LV52 Mienshao (fighting)

Near the Hiker is the Inverse Battle house. Inverse Battle is where type matchups are reversed. Super effective moves become weak and non effective moves become super effective. Talk to the guy to the left to initiate an Inverse Battle.

Psychic Inver (Prize Money: 3,080)

The Pokémon that he will use varies, but they usually all have one weakness. He will give you either a Berry, Evolution Stone or Rare Candy after you defeat him. If none of your Pokémon faint during battle, he will give you three prizes. You can battle him once a day, as this is a daily event.

Exit the house and check the wall to its left for a hidden Ether. The cave to the right of the house Termius Cave. This is a pretty large area so it has a dedicated page. Please refer to is this link if you are going to enter Termius Cave.

Take the rail tracks from the cave and head south, then right at the fork. Pick up the Max Ether and enter the cave up north for TM31 Brick Break.

Head back to the track and go south this time for a sky battle.

Sky Trainer Jeremy (Prize Money: P5,000)
  • LV46 Ninjask (Bug/Flying)
  • LV47 Drifblim (Ghost/Flying)
  • LV50 Flygon (Ground/ Dragon)

Go back up and head back down the stairs. Keep going south until you reach the red flower patch. Check the upper right corner of this area for a hidden Honey. Backtrack and head for the eastern part and
check the rocks to the right for a hidden Super Potion.

Follow the tracks south and use Rock Smash on the rock there. Go under the railings and challenge the Black Belt there to a battle. In the upper right corner near him is an X Defense.

Black Belt Yanis (Prize Money: P2,400)
  • LV49 Sawk (Fighting)
  • LV50 Pangoro (Dark/Fighting)

Enter the cave via the entrance near the Black Belt In the middle of the room is a Dragon Scale. This is an item that when held by Seadra, lets it evolve into Kingdra. While hidden in a rock in the northern part of this room is a Normal Gem. It is a consumable held item that strengthens normal-type moves just for one time.

Leave the cave and jump down the ledge to the right. Keep going south and back to the red flowers and you will encounter one more trainer.

Lass Sara (Prize Money: P1,152)
  • LV48 Granbull (Fairy)
  • LV48 Dedenne (Electric/Fairy)

Enter Couriway Town by going south. It is up to you if you want to visit Termius Cave before or after exploring town.

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Dec 17th 2013 Guest
how do i get from route 18 , to the NEXT TOWN? , i need help.
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