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Terminus Cave

Pokemon Y Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Terminus Cave

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Level Range of wild Pokémon: 46-48
Pokémon Type
Sandlash Ground
Graveler Rock/Ground
Pupitar Rock/Ground
Noibat* Flying/Dragon
Ariados* Bug/Poison
Durant Bug/Steel

*Can be encountered by walking over dark shadows

Horde Encounters
Pokémon Type
Geodude Rock
Larvitar Rock/Ground
Durant Bug/Steel

Cracked Boulders
Pokémon Type
Graveler Rock/Ground
Shuckle Bug/Rock

You will need a Pokémon that knows Rock Smash in this area. It is also recommended to bring a Pokémon that knows Dig or have an Escape Road on hand as the cave is quite deep.

There is nothing on the first floor, just follow the path down the stairs to the B1.

From the stairs, keep heading south until you see a slope to the right. Head up and break the boulder to the south to open the path. Continue down and cross the bridge to the right to obtain the Star Piece at the end.

Head back down the first ramp and go to the left this time. Follow the path south and jump down two ledges. Check the rock to the left just after jumping down the second ledge to obtain a hidden Dusk Ball. Continue onward and up the ramp. Just before crossing the bridge, check the rock to the upper left corner for a hidden Hyper Potion

Cross the bridge and battle the trainer at the other side. Take the ramp to the right to battle a hiker , who is fond of bridge puns, on the bridge.

Worker Narek (Prize Money: P3,072)
  • LV46 Graveler (Rock/Ground)
  • LV47 Graveler (Rock/Ground)
  • LV48 Golem (Rock/Ground)

Hiker Aaron (Prize Money: P2,800)
  • LV50 Rhydon (Rock/Ground)

Cross the bridge and take the ramp down. You can battle the wandering worker now if you want. Follow the path south. Jump down another two ledges and head to the west and up for an Escape Rope.

Worker Dimitri (Prize Money: P3,200)
  • LV50 Octillery (Water)

Backtrack and head south, towards the Hiker. After defeating him, follow the path and jump down three consecutive ledges. At the fork, smash the rock to the south to obtain a Heat Rock.

Hiker Bergin (Prize Money: P2,688)
  • LV48 Boldore (Rock)
  • LV48 Steelix (Steel/Ground)

Head north and follow the path back up to the slope to the right and across the bridge. Go down the slope again and head north this time. Ignore the stairs to the right for now amd use rock smash on the cracked rock up north. Pick up the Moon Stone hidden in the wall.

Back track and head down the stairs to the right this time and battle the girl walking around. After the battle, destroy the cracked rock near her.

Battle Girl Andrea (Prize Money: P3,200)
  • LV49 Throh (Fighting)
  • LV50 Conkeldurr (Fighting)

There’s no hidden item to the north, so just follow the path to the west until you reach a clearing. There’s also nothing to the north from here. Check the stalagmite to the west wall for a hidden Iron. Head south then down the ramp for a Dusk Stone.

Backtrack to where the Iron was. If you go north a bit, you will see another cracked boulder to the right. You can smash this rock for a short cut back to the main path where the Battle Girl was.

Past the rock, keep on heading north until you encounter a trainer. Follow the narrow path past him and you will end up finding an X-Attack.

Black Belt Gunnar (Prize Money: P2,400)
  • LV49 Toxicroak (Poison/Fighting)
  • LV50 Sawk (Fighting)

From here, you can either backtrack and use the winding path or you can jump down the ledges and backtrack by going to the left. Head your way where the Blackbelt was and go to the right this time. Go up the slope to the left and smash the two rocks to reach a battle girl.

Battle Girl Hailey (Prize Money: P2,448)
  • LV48 Medicham (Fighting/Psychic)
  • LV51 Hawlucha (Flying/Fighting)

Go down the ramp to the right, behind her, and head up to obtain an Elixir. Follow the path and jump down two ledges to the right, and keep on following the path to the right until you reach a dead end to obtain a Full Heal.

Back track to the fork and head south this time, where the black belt is walking. Talk to him for a battle.

Black Belt Ricardo (Prize Money: P2,496)
  • LV52 Hariyama (Fighting)

Keep on following the path to the south and at the fork, head west. Go down until you reach the pit area. Head to the northernmost part of the area then east and smash the rock. Follow the path and pick up the hidden Max Potion before heading down the ramp to the left for TM30 Shadow Ball.

Backtrack to where the fork and head east this time. Check the stalagmite behind the two rangers for a hidden Dire Hit then prepare for a double battle.

Rangers Fern and Lee (Prize Money: P8,160)
  • LV51 Nidoking (Poison)
  • LV51 Nidoqueen (Poison)

Continue south and head to the west at the fork. Pick up the Iron Plate and do NOT go down the slope behind it. Backtrack and head east this time. Take the stairs to the next location.

Head north and battle with the worker there.

Worker Yusif (Prize Money: P3,200)
  • LV50 Probopass (Rock/Steel)

Ignore the guy to the northwest for now. He will not let you pass unless you finish the Pokémon League already.

Take the narrow path to the right and head down the slope. Check the stalagmite at the corner to obtain a Max Repel. Jump down the ledge and pick up the reaper cloth.

There is nothing else left to do here for now. Use an Escape Rope or Dig to get out of the cave and proceed to Couriway Town.

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