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Lumiose City Gym

Pokemon Y Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Lumiose City Gym

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This Gym specializes on Electric Type Pokémon. Ground type moves are the only weakness of electric types, but there are Pokémon here that are dual types. Have a Pokémon with Rock-type and Fire-type moves on hand as well

This gym is akin to a Game Show. You will be shown a silhouette of a Pokémon and you would have to guess correctly to proceed. If you choose the right answer, you will be able to take the elevator to the next floor. Either way, you will have to battle the trainer blocking the elevator.

2nd floor

#1 Emolga (wrong)
Schoolboy Arno (Prize Money: P1,088)
  • LV34 Pachirisu (Electric)

#2 Dedenne (wrong)
Schoolboy Sherlock (Prize Money: P1,088)
  • LV34 Stunfisk (Electric/Ground)

#3 Pikachu (correct)
Schoolboy Finnian (Prize Money: P1,088)
  • LV34 Dedenne (Electric/Fairy)

3rd Floor

#1 Fletchling (correct)
Rising Star Estel (Prize Money: p2,100)
  • LV35 Raichu (Electric)

#2: Pidgey (wrong)
Rising Star Nelly (Prize Money: p2,100)
  • LV35 Magneton (Electric)

#3: Taillow (wrong)
Rising Star Helene (Prize Money: p2,100)
  • LV35 Manectric (Electric)

4th Floor

#1 Pansage (wrong)
Ace Trainer Mathis (Prize Money: p3,600)[/em]
  • LV36 Lanturn (Water/ Electric)

#2 Pansear (wrong)
Ace Trainer Maxim (Prize Money: p3,600)
  • LV36 Electrode

#3 Panpour (correct)
Ace Trainer Rico (Prize Money: p3,600)
  • LV36 Ampharos (Electric)

5th Floor
This floor is like a reverse of the previous questions. You will be asked which of the three silhouettes is Vivillon.

#1 Butterfree(Wrong)
Poke Fan Abigail (Prize Money: p2,720)
  • LV34 Minun (Electric)

#2 Vivillon(Correct)
Poke Fan Lydie (Prize Money: p2,720)
  • LV34 Plusle (Electric)

#3 Mothim(Wrong)
Poke Fan Tara (Prize Money: p2,720)
  • LV34 Pikachu (Electric)

Top Floor
This is the floor where Clemont and his sister Bonnie will be. Prepare for your Gym Battle.

Gym Leader Clemont (Prize Money: p5,920)

  • LV37 Emolga (Flying/ Electric)
  • LV35 Magneton (Electric / Steel)
  • LV37 Heliolisk (Electric/ Normal)

Clemont’s first Pokémon is Emolga, since it is an Electric/Flying-type Pokémon, it is immune to Ground-type moves. Rock-type and Ice-type moves are recommended. Magneton’s type is Electric/Stleel, giving it a x4 weakness against Ground-type. Heliolisk is both weak agains Fighting-type and Ground-type, but be careful if you are using a slow and heavy Ground/Rock-type Pokémon, as Heliolisk is fast and can use the move Grass Knot, a Grass-type move that is stronger if the opponent is heavy.

After you defeat him, you will receive the Voltage Badge. This badge will let Pokémon up to LV70 obey you, even if they are traded. You will also receive TM24 Thunderbolt

Exit the same way you came in. As you leave the gym, you will receive a Holo Clip from Professor Sycamore. He will ask you to go to Lysandre Café. It is the red building located at Magenta Plaza.

As you enter you will see Professor Sycamore and Lysandre conversing. Lysandre will then give you a King’s Rock for taking up your time.

As you exit, you will receive another Holo Clip from Trevor. He will tell you that everyone is meeting up at Route 14. Gate 14 is located near North Boulevard’s Pokémon Center. It’s the one with the tourist standing in front of it.
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