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Route 10: Menhir Trail

Pokemon Y Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Route 10: Menhir Trail

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Level Range of wild Pokémon: 19-21
Pokémon Type
Snubull Fairy
Electrike Electric
Eevee Normal
Emolga Electric/Flying
Yanma Bug/Flying
Hawlucha Fighting/Flying
Sigilyph Psychic/Flying
Golett Ground/Ghost
Nosepass Rock

As soon as you enter the route, head for the berry tree at the upper right corner for an Iapapa Berry. Near it is a boulder you can push up to enter another area. Head for the left for a Revive hidden in a rock.

From there, go behind the boulder then push it down once, right thrice, up twice, right thrice, up once and left into the hole to locate TM73 Thunder Wave.

Head back to the main path for a battle.

Psychic Robert(Prize Money: P1,232)
  • LV22 Solosis(Psychic)

Continue to the west to battle a trainer that is walking around then head north into the area with stones. Go to the grass to the left to obtain a Mind Plate

Tourist Fumiko(Prize Money: P1,520)
  • LV19 Skiploom(Grass/Flying)
  • LV19 Dunsparce(Normal)
  • LV19 Azumarill(Water/Fairy)

Head to the upper right corner of the area and use your dowsing machine to locate a hidden Paralyze Heal then go upper left corner of this area for an X Accuracy.

Continue up the middle and you will be blocked by a Team Flare Grunt. After the battle, enter the upper area and head to the east this time to locate a Burn Heal hidden in the ground.
Team Flare Grunt(Prize Money: P920)
  • LV21 Houndour(Dark/Fire)
  • LV23 Golbat(Poison/Flying)

Head to the upper left to battle the trainer walking around. Behind him is a Thunder Stone.
Psychic Sayid(Prize Money: P1,176)
  • LV19 Meditite(Fighting/Psychic)
  • LV21 Kirlia(Psychic/Fairy)

Go to the left and proceed to battle the Team Flare Grunt. To the upper left is another grunt.
Team Flare Grunt(Prize Money: P840)
  • LV23 Electrike(Electric)
  • LV21 Croagunk(Poison/Fighting)

Team Flare Grunt(Prize Money: P960)
  • LV24 Gulpin(Poison)

Just to the right of the last grunt is another trainer.
Tourist Tomoko(Prize Money: P1,520)
  • LV19 Drifloon(Ghost/Flying)
  • LV19 Hippopotas(Ground)
  • LV19 Pachirisu(Electric)

Head north to reach Geosenge Town
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