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Route 14: Laverre Nature Trail

Pokemon Y Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Route 14: Laverre Nature Trail


Level Range of wild Pokémon: 29-32
Pokémon Type
Haunter Ghost/Poison
Carnivine Grass
Weepinbell Grass/Poison
Shelmet** Bug
Karrablast** Bug
Bellsprout (Horde)* Grass/Poison
Skorupi (Horde) * Poison/Bug
Ekans (Horde) * Poison

Water Pokemon
You can use the rods to fish in this route's deep (dark-colored) waters.
Pokémon Type Method
Quagsire** Water/Ground Surf
Goomy** Dragon Surf
Stunfisk** Electric/Ground Surf
Poliwag Water Old Rod
Barboach Water/Ground Good Rod
Whishcash Water / Ground Super Rod
Poliwhirl Water Good Rod / Super Rod

**You can encounter these Pokemon while walking in the shallow part of the swamp

Your rival and Trevor will be waiting near the swings. They will challenge you in their respective Pokémon Battles, Trevor’s battle being a battle between Pokédex.

Pokemon Trainer Calem(Prize Money: P3,700)
  • LV35 Meowstic (Psychic)
  • LV35 Absol (Dark)
  • LV37 Chesnaught (Grass/Fighting)/ Delphox (Fire/Psychic)/ Greninja (Water/Dark)

After your battle, Shauna and Tierno will arrive and invite you to go to the Scary House. Before doing so, head to the left side of the field and go to the land in front of the bench. There is a hidden Super Potion there. Then head to the area behind the swings to find a Rare Candy.

Follow the trail to the north. You may encounter wild Pokémon when walking on the shallow waters. Take the right path for a Cleanse Tag. This is an item that when held by the first Pokémon in your Party, reduced the wild Pokémon encounter rate.

Go to the left and check the mushrooms in front of the log for a Tiny Mushroom then battle the trainer.

Pokemon Ranger Melina (Prize Money: P2,960)
  • LV35 Arbok (Poison)
  • LV37 Pyroar (Fire/Normal)

Head to the left to find a Big Mushroom in front of a tree stump then continue north for another Pokémon Battle.

Pokemon Ranger Nash (Prize Money: P3 ,040)
  • LV38 Goomy (Dragon)

If you stay in the middle and head to the right, you might be surprised by another Pokémon Trainer.

Hex Maniac Anina (Prize Money: P1 ,088)
  • LV34 Litwick (Ghost/Fire)
  • LV34 Haunter (Ghost/Poison)

Keep on following the path until you see another roaming Trainer. Near him is a Hyper Potion. You may notice that you cannot pass the dark areas of the swamp. These are deep waters and you need to use Surf if you want to get across these areas.

Pokemon Ranger Reed (Prize Money: P2,880)
  • LV35 Poliwhirl (Water)
  • LV36 Fraxure (Dragon)
  • LV34 Loudred (Normal)

You will notice that there is a girl facing the water in the north. Talk to her to obtain TM06 Toxic. Use Surf to reach the Damp Rock on the other side. This is a held item that extends the duration of the move Rain Dance.

Surf back down and take the path to the right this time. There’s a trainer in this area as well.

Behind her is a Roseli Berry. Use cut on the thorns below and follow the path to obtain TM61 Will-O-Wisp.

Go back to the previous area and head to the left this time. You will see a small house there. Upon entering, an old man will be sharing a scary story. He will then ask for a tip. There’s nothing special here so just leave the house.

From the house, head south. Take out your dowsing machine and locate the Revive hidden in a rock then pick up the Spell Tag below. This is a held item that powers up Ghost-type moves.

Head back the main path and enter Laverre City to the north.
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