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Lumiose City (North)

Pokemon Y Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Lumiose City (North)

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Now that we are back in Lumiose City, there are more areas we can explore. Before we can do so though, Shauna will insist that you watch the lighting of the Prism Tower with her. Head for the tower for a cutscene.

Magenta Plaza

You will pass by Magenta Plaza on your way to the tower. There is a Pokémon Center in this area so you can heal your Pokémon if you want before continuing to the tower. The only other notable place here would be Lysandre Café. You can’t do anything there right now so

Pokémon Center

There isn’t anything special about this Pokémon Center. No special items from the Poké Mart and no free items. It was placed here most likely for it to be convenient when you use Fly.

Lysandre Café

Lysandre Café is the orange colored building in Magenta Plaza. Right now you can’t do anything here.

Continue to the center to reach Centrico Plaza.

Centrico Plaza

Centrico Plaza is where the Prism Tower is located. Clemont light up the tower before you can challenge the city’s gym.

Lumiose City Gym

After this cutscene, you may either explore the city or enter the Prism Tower for your Gym Battle.

North Boulevard

We will be exploring North Boulevard from east to west.

Lumiose Station

Lumiose Station is where the train that takes you to a certain town is located. You will not be able to board this game until you finish the Pokémon League.

Battle Institute

This place is located next to the LMV Station. Battle Institute works like the typical Battle Tower of the previous games. As you defeat 5 trainers in a row, you will receive Battle Points or BP. Download Tests are special Battle Tests that can be downloaded during certain times via Internet or special-event location. You can use either a Local Connection or Network Connection.

You cannot do battles here yet as you need to finish the Pokémon League first.

Café Bataille

There isn’t anything special here, just a café where fighters gather.

Café Action

This café contain some of the staff from the Studio. Talk to the man in the black suit and he will give you statements that you can use on your PR Video. He gives these statements daily so you can check back with him.

Café Ultimo

Before entering Café Ultimo, speak with the female skater in the street and she will teach you a new trick: the backflip.

There is also nothing special about Café Ultimo. This place is where those who love Super Training gather.

Office Building 1

Located near the skater girl and in front of Café Ultimo, this is an unmarked building. As you enter, talk to the researcher to the right and she will ask for a Pokémon with one of these abilities: Aroma Veil, Flower Veil or Sweet Veil. Flabébé (Flower Veil) or Twirlix (pokemon x) / Spritzee (pokemon y) are Pokémon that you may already have. After you show her your Pokémon, she will give you a Star Piece

Take the elevator and proceed to the 4th floor. There is nothing to see on the 2nd floor. Talk to the little kid and she will give you a Prism Scale. This is an item that helps the Pokémon Feebas evolve into Milotic when traded.

Hotel Richissime

As you enter this Hotel, you should spot Mr. Bonding near a post. He will give you the O-Power Bargain Power. You will be able to obtain discounts from the Poké Mart and other establishments with this power.

Head to the counter and the man in the left will offer for you to stay for P100,000. Nothing special happens except your Pokémon will be healed if you stay. Speak with the woman next to him and she will offer you part time jobs. Part time jobs are detailed here.

Take the elevator and head for the top floor. Go to the room to the right and speak with the woman in front of the toilet seat. She will give you TM49 Echoed Voice.

Lumiose Museum

The Museum contains paintings from various locations not only in Kalos, but the other regions as well. You may enter for free or pay P200 if you want an audio guide. As you enter the exhibit, head to the left and talk to the guy in front. He will give you TM82 Dragon Tail.

Pokémon Center

This is the Northern Boulevard Pokémon Center branch. The only thing worth noting here is that the Pokémon Mart sells 3 special Pokéballs.

Office Building 2

This is another unmarked building. There is nothing special on the 1st floor. You might want to save your game first. As you enter the 2nd floor, the lights will flicker and a girl will suddenly appear behind you. She will walk forward and vanish. You may reset your game if you want to witness this again in the future.

After reloading your game, skip the 2nd floor and head straight to the 3rd floor. Talk to the two girls to the right to obtain an Expert Belt and a Protein.

Lumiose Galettes

This place sells Lumiose Galettes. It is an item similar to Hoenn’s Lava Cookies. This item heals any status condition of your Pokémon. It is cheaper to buy this than to buy Full Heal, though it is also a hassle to buy it as you cannot buy in bulk.

Café Triste

Café Triste only has two people insde: a waiter and the owner. There’s no items here whatsoever, only rude people.

Estival Avenue

Estival Avenue is located at the southwest portion of the city.

Café Rouleau

This café is where the skater gather. Talk to the man sitting down to the right and he will mention a skater known as “the Dancing Whirlwind”. You won’t be able to go to route 15 yet but it is better to take note of this. After talking to him, speak with the skater at the back and she will teach you a new trick: the 360.


This place holds another daily event. They will do a lottery with the OT IDs of the Pokémon that you possess. If digits match, you will get a prize

4th Prize (1 Digit matches) – Moomoo Milk
3rd Prize (2 Digits match) – PP Up
2nd Prize (3 Digits match) – PP Max
1st Prize (5 Digits match) – Master Ball
The best way to obtain as much IDs would be by occasionally doing Wonder Trade as the chances of trading with someone you have not traded with yet is almost certain.

Lumiose Press

There are no items in this place, but you will find Alexa here. She is the one who gave you your Exp Share and she can tell you about the hotspots in the city.

Café Gallant

Another café with nothing special in it, just a bunch of people. This café does not specialize in anything in particular.

Autumnal Avenue

Autumnal Avenue is at the northwest section of the city.

Juice Shoppe

The Juice Shop is located in front of a taxi at Autumnal Avenue. This shop can be considered a daily event as you can only purchase/mix berry juices once a day.

The gentleman on the left sells pre-made Berry Juice while the lady to the right will mix Berry Juices for you. After mixing the berries, your Pokémon will have to drink it immediately, so make sure that the Pokémon you want to give the berry juice to is in your party.

More information on Berry Juices can be found here.

Restaurant Le Yeah

This restaurant is a step up from Restaurant Le Nah, it being a two star restaurant. While Restaurant Le Nah offers Double Battle, this restaurant gives you the option of doing Triple Battle and Rotation Battle.

More information on the line up of this restaurant can be found here.

Café Pokémon-Amie

As the shop name implies, this is a place where those fond of Pokémon-amie gather. There isn’t anything else aside from that.

Poke Ball Boutique

There is a daily event in this area. If you talk to the girl in front and tell you you like round objects, she will give you special Pokéball. Aside from that, this place sells all the special Pokéballs (besides the Master Ball).

Hibernal Avenue

Hibernal Avenue is located at the northeast portion of the city.

Café Kizuna

Café Kizuna is a place where people who think about their bonds with their Pokémon. Aside from that , there’s nothing else here.

Restaurant Le Wow

The restaurant that is a step up from Restaurant Le Yeah. For now you cannot access this three star restaurant as you have to finish the Pokémon League first.

Jaune Plaza

Jaune Plaza is located in front of Gate 13. The only notable area here is Trevor’s house.

Rogue Plaza

This is a short alley whith two establishments. It is just to the north of the Prism Tower.

Sushi High Roller

Upon entering, you will be denied access to this restaurant.

Commercial Unit

There’s nothing here for now, you will just find out that someone just rented this place.

Bleu Plaza

Bleau Plaza is located at the southwest portion of the city.

In the alley leading to the Prism Tower is an old man. Talk to him for a battle.

On the opposite side of the Plaza are two trainers. Talk to them if you want to battle. They also come back to the same location and you may battle them again if you wish after a period of time.

Vert Plaza

Vert Plaza is located at the southeast part of the city. There is also a skater here that will tell you about a trick that you may have already done unknowingly.

Café Cyclone

There is a guy at the left that will read you a Poem and a guy at the back that will do impersonations for you. That’s all to see in this café.


There will be trainers that are hanging out in the narrow backalleys of the city. If you talk to them, will challenge you to a battle and will disappear after defeating them. Similar trainers can be found in the main unnamed alleys as well. They will reappear in the same locations after a period of time and you can battle them again.

Garcon Jacopo (Prize Money: P600)
  • LV30 Gabite (Dragon/Ground)
  • Location: Alley beside the Loto-ID Center, along Estival Avenue

Punk Guy Faust (Prize Money: P600)
  • LV30 Haunter (Ghost)
  • Location: Backalley between Autumnal Avenue and Rogue Plaza

Black Belt Killian (Prize Money: 600)
  • LV30 Machoke (Fighting)
  • Location: Alley behind Sushi High Roller Restaurant. The said restaurant is found between North Boulevard and Rogue Plaza.

Beauty Anais (Prize Money: P680)
  • LV34 Seadra (Water)
  • Reward: Elixir
  • Location: Backalley between Jaune Plaza Alley and Hibernal Avenue

Owner Toro (Prize Money: P600)
  • LV30 Diggersby (Normal/ Ground)
  • Location: Short alley from Bleu Plaza leading to the Prism Tower.

Waitress Paget (Prize Money: P600)
  • LV30 Kirlia (Psychic/Fairy)
  • Location: Alley between Bleu Plaza and Gate 5 in South Boulevard.

Beauty Kassandra (Prize Money: P680)
  • LV34 Roselia (Grass/Poison)
  • Reward: Nugget
  • Location: Alley between Bleu Plaza and Gate 5 in South Boulevard.

Chef Kamaboko (Prize Money: P600)
  • LV34 Roselia (Grass/Poison)
  • Reward: Nugget
  • Location: Alley between Bleu Plaza and Gate 5 in South Boulevard.

Punk Girl Lilian (Prize Money: P600)
  • LV30 Krokorok
  • Location: Alley between Vert Plaza and South Boulevard's Gate 4.

Beauty Aimee (Prize Money: P680)
  • LV34 Fletchinder
  • Reward: Destiny Knot
  • Location: Alley between Vert Plaza and South Boulevard's Gate 4.

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