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Lumiose City (South)

Pokemon Y Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Lumiose City (South)

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Lumiose City is a large city with a lot of establishments. To help locate certain buildings, use the right and left buttons of your D-Pad. As the city is huge, we will be dividing the establishments or shops based on the street they're on. For now, a large portion of the town is not accessible due to a blackout. The locations listed below are the ones readily available during your first visit.

South Boulevard
- Sycamore Pokémon Lab
- Restaurant Le Nah
- Café Introversion
- Lumiose Transportation Office
- Pokémon Center
- PR Video Studio
- Coiffure Clips
- Café Soleil
- Shutterbug Café
- Poké Ball Research Center
Vernal Avenue
- Café Classe
- Stone Emporium
- Herboriste
- Friseur Furfrou
- Café Woof


Upon entering the city, your two companions will head to the left and go ahead to the lab. The lab is to the left. Just follow the path until you see Sina near the building with two pillars with Pokeballs.

Sycamore Pokémon Lab

Head inside the Sycamore Pokémon Lab, head for the elevator and go to the third floor. Go to the left to meet Professor Sycamore.

He will tell you why he chose you as one of the trainers to complete the Pokedex. After a few moments, the other 4 chosen trainers will arrive.

Professor Sycamore will then challenge you to a battle. Select “Yes” when you are ready to battle.

Pokémon Professor Sycamore
  • LV 10 Bulbasaur
  • LV10 Charmander
  • LV10Squirtle

After the battle, the Professor will offer you one of the Kanto Starters. He will then give you the Mega Stone associated with your starter

Bulbasaur - Venusaurite
Charmander - Charizardite Y (Charizardite X if you are playing Pokémon X)
Squirtle - Blastoisinite

He will then sugget that you go to Camphrier Town to investigate on Mega Evolution.

Before heading out of the lab, talk to the lady to the right of the elevator. She will give you TM54 False Swipe. Take the elevator to the second floor and talk to the lady in front of the cylinder to the left of the elevator. She will give you Luxury Balls(x5).

Head back to the 1st floor for a cutscene. Sina will be talking to someone who will introduce himself to you as Lysandre.

As you try to leave the lab, your friends will catch up to you. They will tell you of their plans and your rival asks to meet up with you at Café Soleil. Tierno and Trevor. will give you instructions on how to get to Café Soleil.

Once outside the lab, you are now free to roam the parts of the city that isn’t affected by the blackout. Most of the establishments available would be along South Boulevard, so we’ll be exploring that first. You may skip to Café Soleil if you do not wish to explore the city.

South Boulevard

Restaurant Le Nah

To head to the first establishment, from the Route 4 entrance, go to the right and head for the door with a star on top. There is also a Skiddo sleeping nearby. This is Restaurant Le Nah.

The restaurant serves a Double Battle meal wherein you will battling 3 double battles in a row. The meal costs P3,000.

In between courses of the battles, your Pokémon will be healed as you eat your dish.

Chef Roger
  • First course: Salad, Best eaten after 2 turns
    LV10 Pansage and LV10 Pansear (Prize money: 640)
  • Second course: Soup, Best eaten after 2 turns
    LV10 Panpour and LV10 Pansear (Prize money: 640)
  • Third course: Main Dish, Best eaten after 2 turns
    LV10 Pansage and LV10 Panpour (Prize money: 640)

You will then receive Tiny Mushrooms after the meal. The number of Tiny Mushrooms you receive will depend if you followed the turn recommendations per battle.

If you followed all the turn recommendations for the meal, there will be a star when you next select the Double Battle meal to prove that you have cleared it with the recommendation per turn and be called a “Perfect Customer”.

Café Introversion

Café Introversion is the red building located to the right of Restaurant Le Nah. According to its staff, Café Introvert is a place where shy people who love to communicate with others gather. The customers in this café talk about the things you can do with the wireless feature of the Nintendo 3DS. One of which would be about Pokémon Miles. You can know more about Pokémon Miles at the Pokémon Center nearby.

Lumiose Transportation Office

This building is located directly in front of Café Introversion and it does not have any signs outside. You can talk about the transportation of Lumiose City here but as of the moment, most of the services are closed due to the blackout in the city. The Gogoat shuttle will be available once you are able to reach Route 5.

There are some interesting people on the second floor, though you won’t be able to obtain any items here. One of them would be a garbage collector that collects garbage all across Kalos. He will disappear after you talk to him. You may also inspect the trash cans if you wish but there are no items here.

Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center is located at the corner of South Boulevard and Vernal Avenue. It is to the left of Café Introvert.

Poké Miles
To the right of the nurse is a man you can talk to about Pokémon Milage or Poké Miles for short. Poké Miles can be earned by trading Pokémon or whenever you pass by people. The number of miles would depend on the regions registered Nintendo 3DS systems. You may also earn some miles by walking around the Kalos Region.You may refer to your trainer card to know how many Poké Miles you have.

Poké Mart
Aside from the essentials, this Poké Mart also sells TMs. They are quite pricey though.

PR Video Studio

Directly in front of the Pokémon Center, to the right of the Pokémon Lab is the PR Video Studio. You can create your 10-second Promotional Video here.

Upon entering, you will be invited to create a PR Video. There are three default options for your PR Video depending on your gender. Choose what you want and after a shoot, you’ll be able to view it. You will then be asked if you want to have it share don the PSS or not.

If you want to redo the video, talk to the same guy who called you over. You have three slots where you can save your PR Videos. You can also create new videos with a Pokémon from your current party as a part of it.

For more information, please head to the Trainer PR Video section of this guide.

After you view your video, talk to the girl at the back and she will give you a Lens Case. You can change your contact lens in a fitting room.

Coiffure Clips

To the far left of the Pokémon Center, in front of Lumiose City’s Gate 5 would be Coiffure Clips. You can change your character’s hairstyle and color here.
  • Styling and color: P3000
  • Styling only: P1500
  • Color only: P2000

You will not get a preview of what style you want. She will ask along the way as to what you want, and work on it immediately. Saving before having your hair styled is recommended.

Café Soleil

Your way to Route 5 would be blocked by Trevor until you meet up with your rival.

Your rival will be waiting outside the Café and invite you in. As you enter, you will see Lysandre and another person your rival recognizes.

If you do not wish to explore the city and want to move on with the game, skip to Gate 5

As soon as they leave, you may also exit the café as there is nothing much to do here.

Shutterbug Café

To the left of Café Soleil is the Shutterbug Café. You can find people who are interested in Photography in this café. To know tips on Photography, speak with the guy at the counter. This will be useful for when you take pictures at Photo Spots.If you go back to Aquacorde Town and took a picture at a Photo Spot there, talk to the backpacker and he will give you a Wide Lens, an item that when held by a Pokémon, boosts their accuracy.

Poké Ball Research Center

Across the Shutterbug Café is another unmarked building. This building is where study how to catch Pokémon. Upon entering, speak with the girl seated to the left. She will give you a Quick Claw, a held item that lets your Pokémon strike first.

Take the elevator to the second floor and head for the two researchers seated at the right side of the room. The one on the left will give you Quick Balls(x3) and the one on the right will give you Timer Balls(x3).

Vernal Avenue

Vernal Avenue is the street near the Pokémon Center that leads to the center of the city.

Boutique Couture

Upon entering, you will be turned down by this establishment for not being Stylish enough.

According to some ladies seated outside Café Classe, being stylish means knowing a lot about Lumiose City. Due to the current blackout, we wouldn’t be able to explore the city that much. We can leave this Boutique for now.

Café Classe

The customers at this café talk about fashion. Speak with the woman behind the counter if you want to know about the lineups of various boutiques in different cities.

Stone Emporium

This shop is located on the other side of the street, right across Boutique Couture. They sell evolution stones.

There is an old man at the left corner of the shop that will sell a Mega Evolution stone for P1,000,000. Don’t get your hopes up as that amount of money cannot be attained.


Herboriste sells herbal medicine for Pokémon. They are cheaper than the common counterparts such as Super Potion or Hyper Potion. Their side effect is that they reduce your Pokémon’s friendship as it is bitter.

Friseur Furfrou

This groomers is the red building where there are two kids standing outside. They style your Furfrou for P500. The more you have your Furfrou styled, more styles will be unlocked. Furfrou can be obtained in Route 5, which can be accessed after you meet with your rival at Café Soleil.

Café Woof

Café Woof is located directly to the right of Friseur Furfrou. This is a café of Furfrou admirers. Nothing much to do here.

Gate 5

The exit to Route 5 is located at the other end of town. This is where Trevor was when you have not met up with your rival at Café Soleil yet.
Upon nearing the exit, you will receive a message from Tierno and he will tell you that he is in Route 5.

As you enter Gate 5, you will be called out by Mr. Bonding. He will tell you about O-Powers and give you an Attack Power and Defense Power.

Once he leaves, you may now exit to your left to reach Route 5.
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Wait, does rival mean friend or enemy...? (Cafe Soleil)
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