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Pokemon Y Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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This new feature will allow you to show your love to your pokemon by interacting with them. You can give them treats and even pet them using the touchscreen of your 3DS and 3DS XL systems. To access this feature, you just need to press one of the tabs in the bottom screen while in the over world.

Pokemon Amie stats
There are three stats that will help you track the progress of your pokemon.
  • Affection: Determines the pokemon’s happiness under your care
  • Fullness: Shows how much PokePuff your pokemon needs. You have to feed this special food to your pokemon by holding it in front on their mouth via touchscreen controls
  • Enjoyment: Shows how much your Pokemon can be played with

The most important stat of the three is Affection, as it can help your Pokemon randomly trigger beneficial effects in battle, depending on how high their affection towards you is. To increase this stat, you need to pet your Pokemon and play with it in the three mini-games featured in this application.

You can easily tell how much affection you gained from your Pokemon by looking at the small hearts that will bubble up in the air when you're playing with it. The more hearts ,the higher affection points you gain from that Pokemon. The affection points received from each heart are as follows:

  • One Heart - 1 point
  • Two Hearts - 50 points
  • Three Hearts - 100 points
  • Four Hearts - 150 points
  • Five Hearts - 250 points

This screen is where the sprite representation of your Pokemon will hang out. When you have the Amie screen open while you're moving, the Pokemon will roll across the screen in the same direction as you. Your friends and acquaintances' Pokemon will visit your screen and play with your Pokemon .

You can get simple decorations in the Amie screen. Aside from placing various furniture for your selected Pokemon and its visitors, you can also change the overall ambiance or room. You can leave Poke Puffs to the visiting Pokemon and in return, you may receive more decorations, wallpapers, and even better quality or unique Poke Puffs.

Playing and Feeding Your Pokemon
When playing with your Pokemon, you need to use a different variety of actions to increase its affection faster. You can interact with your Pokemon by using the touch screen. Petting your Pokemon consecutively will give you lesser and lesser affection value, and may even irritate the Pokemon. The Pokemon will also get angry if you pet a part of its body that it hates. For example, Charizard doesn't like you touching its horns while Pikachu doesn't want you to touch its cheeks.

When playing mini-games, your Pokemon's affection level increases but its Fullness may decrease. Feeding your Pokemon will increase its affection towards you and will satiate its hunger but its enjoyment may fall a bit. Also, you can't feed it anymore when its full.

The only food you can feed your Pokemon is called Poke Puffs. These are acquired by completing mini-games. These have different flavors and have different qualities. The five flavors are Mint, Citrus, Mocha, Spice and Sweet. Each Pokemon have their own preference when it comes to Poke Puffs. Poke Puffs come in four qualities, as represented by their frostings. It ranges from Basic to Deluxe. The better quality Poke Puff you feed to your Pokemon, the more affection points you'll get.

There are also Supreme Poke Puffs. These are special Poke Puffs that you can't easily get anywhere. You can get them as gifts from friends and visitors while the other known method is by completing certain conditions:
  • Supreme Wish: Get given it on your birthday.
  • Supreme Honour: Defeat the Elite Four.
  • Supreme Spring:Defeat a mini-game with 5 stars.
  • Supreme Summer: Defeat a mini-game with 5 stars.
  • Supreme Autumn: Defeat a mini-game with 5 stars.
  • Supreme Winter: Defeat a mini-game with 5 stars.

Play Copy Cat
If you watch your Pokémon without touching the screen, your Pokémon may start playing a little copycat game with you. Your Pokémon will change its expression, making faces at you in the hope that you’ll make the same expression in return. There are many possibilities, such as smiling, winking, or tilting your head to the side.

Affectionate Evolution
There are certain Pokemon that will only evolve after they become fully affectionate to you. One example is Eevee. If you want it to evolve into Sylveon, you first have to work to make sure that Eevee is very affectionate toward you as a Trainer.

Battle Effects
After using the feature, you can see the various effects of Pokemon Amie to your pokemon in battle. This allows various benefits that a trainer can utilize as part of his/her strategy while using the pokemon in battle. These effects occur randomly; however, the trigger rate seems to be higher based on your Pokemon's affection towards you.

Here are the list of effects:
  • Text: This will change accordingly based on your Pokemon's affection level towards you.
  • Critical Hit: Chances of landing a critical hit is increased
  • Evasion: Evasion is increased
  • Survival: The Pokemon has a chance to endure an attack that should've knocked it out.
  • EXP Boost: The Pokemon will earn more experience after the battle
  • Status Ailment Recovery: The Pokemon has a chance to heal itself from burn, paralysis, poison, confusion, or wake itself up.


Berry Picker
For this mini-game, you just need to drag the matching berry from the tree to the Pokemon. As the game drags on, more Pokemon will appear, wanting their specific berries. Their waiting time also gets shorter so the game will become a test of speed and accuracy. There are different difficulties and rankings. Getting higher rankings in higher difficulties lets you earn more and better Poke Puffs.

Rank Easy Normal Hard Unlimited
None 0-4 0-4 0-4 0-9
1-Star 5-9 5-9 5-9 10-19
2-Stars 10-14 10-14 10-14 20-39
3-Stars 15-19 15-19 15-19 40-59
4-Stars 20-29 20-29 20-29 60-69
4.5-Stars 30-39 30-39 30-39 70-99
5-Stars 40+ 40+ 40+ 100+

Head It
In this game, Yarns will fall from above and you have to tap your Pokemon for them to head but the falling yarns. As you hit yarns this way and prevent anything from falling completely, your combo counter will continue increasing. Hitting the yarn at the right timing can also increase the points you'll get for each.

Rank Easy Normal Hard Unlimited
None 0-19 0-19 0-29 0-49
1-Star 20-29 20-34 30-49 50-99
2-Stars 30-39 35-49 50-69 100-199
3-Stars 40-99 50-109 70-129 200-399
4-Stars 100-199 110-219 130-239 400-599
4.5-Stars 200-299 220-329 240-349 600-799
5-Stars 300+ 330+ 350+ 800+

Tile Puzzle
This is a classic tile puzzle mini-game. You need to complete the image of your Pokemon in the fastest time possible. The image is not static which will make the puzzle a bit harder.

Rank Easy Normal Hard Unlimited
None N/A N/A N/A 0-139 pts
1-Star 1 min 2 mins 3 mins 140-399 pts
2-Star 50 sec 1 min 30 sec 2 mins 400-999 pts
3-Star 40 sec 1 min 1 min 40 sec 1000-2499 pts
4-Star 30 sec 50 sec 1 min 20 sec 2500-4499 pts
4.5-Star 20 sec 40 sec 1 min 10 sec 4500-6999 pts
5-Star 15 sec 30 sec 50 sec 7000 pts

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