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Pokemon Y Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pokemon Y

Pokemon Y Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

We have 159 cheats and tips on 3DS. You can also ask your question on our Pokemon Y Questions & Answers page.

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Juice Shoppe Specialty Juice Glitch
Once you gain access to the juices such as "rare soda, ultra rare soda, colorful shake, red, blue green... Etc." you can buy one a day for your Pokemon... But, what you don't know is that you can choose which juice you want to get...

Lets say your Pokemon is at level 95 and you want it level 100 without too much work and you want it now... But all the shoppe has been selling you is the $20,000 rare soda (+2 levels) (the price is directly related to the stat gain... Ie. 50,000 ultra rare soda will elevate level by 5) as long as you save the game before you ever enter the juice shoppe, you can pick what juice to get... If they don't have the juice you want... Press 'L+R+START+SELECT' (soft reset) and continue the game and go in again... Check what they have and if they still don..

Easy Pokemon Capture... (MAYBE)...
If you press L+R simultaneously at the right time and each time the poke ball makes a move... It should provide the easy capture of any Pokémon (I think...)

At the time I posted this I caught a level 40 Abomasnow at full health and I only used the lowest capure rate pokeball available... (it took me two pokeballs but the first time I didn't try the trick just to make sure and then I used it and caught him...

Also, before that I caught some other Pokémon level 39 full health and caught him with 1 pokeball...

Whether this works for you I have no idea but this Is my experience and I thought it should be shared...

Thank you and please thumbs up this cheat...

On the outer rim of Lumiose there is an unmarked building where the female clerk inside will tell you that she does not know why the building is there. If you go to the second floor a ghost will appear behind you.

Evolution Method: Tyrunt
Tyrunt has a special evolution method. Tyrunt evolves into Tyrantrum at Level 39 during the Day.

The Looker Detective Agency
Defeat the Elite 4 and unlock Kiloude City, then return to Lumiose City to receive a Holo Caster message from a detective named Looker. He will hire you as an assistant and have you go on sidequests.

Skating Tricks
Complete the following tasks to be able to perform the corresponding trick.

Running Start:
At Lumiose City, Vert Plaza, start running with the D-pad then switch to the skates with the Circle Pad to gain more speed.

Parallel Swizzle:
At Lumiose City, South Boulevard, tilt the Circle Pad in the opposite direction to turn in that direction quickly while gaining speed.

At Lumiose City, Estivel Avenue, rotate the Circle Pad quickly to spin while moving.

Back Flip:
At Lumiose City, North Boulevard, go over a ledge at high speed to do a back flip.

Cosmic Flip:
At Lost Hotel with the other four tricks learned get enough speed while going on a ledge.

10 Methods Of Getting Shiny Pokemon
Here are some methods of getting Shiny Pokemon...

1. Masuda Method
Obtain a Pokemon not from your country, and breed it with a Pokemon from your country. The chances of getting Shinies goes up a little.
Note: This takes FOREVER.

2. Pokemon Radar Chaining
This is only after beating the game. Go to Professor Sycamore's lab, and go to the 2nd Floor to the guy standing next to the computer showing images of the Pokemon Trubbish (Why Trubbish?!). He will give you the Poke Radar. Stand in a patch of grass (WALK there, NOT ROLLERSKATE.) and select the Poke Radar. Multiple patches of grass will shake, indicating where the Pokemon are hiding.
Note: DO NOT go to patches of grass near the edge of the tall grass area where you're standing, and DO NOT go to p..

HM01 (Cut)
HM01 (Cut) can be found within the Maze in Parfum Palace.

When you receive a holo clip... After I starts talking, move your 3ds to the left or right and the holo person or whatever will move with the 3ds to stay directly in front of your eyes...

Evolution Method: Eevee into Sylveon
Eevee has a special evolution method. Eevee evolves into Sylveon when Leveled-Up with a Fairy-Type Move and having the maximum bond in Pokemon Amie.

Evolution Method: Amaura
Amaura has a special evolution method. Amaura evolves into Amrorus at Level 39 during the Night.

Move Deleter
The Move Deleter can be found within a house in Dendemille Town. He will be in the same house as the Move Relearner.

Unlock Power Ring Upgrade
When you have defeated the Elite 4 travel to Kiloude City and defeat your rival. Then travel to Anister City and talk to Professor Sycamore at the sundial to receive an upgrade to your Power Ring. This upgrade will allow you to find more evolutionary Mega Stones between 8pm and 9pm.

The Legendary Birds
When you have defeated the Elite 4, one of the three legendary birds from the original Pokemon Red and Blue will start roaming throughout Kalos. The bird which you will get depends on your starter (Froakie for Moltres, Chespin for Articuno, and Fennekin for Zapdos). Check the birds entry in your Coastal Kalos Pokedex after you have encountered one of the birds in the wild and it will show the bird's current location. If you walk (not fly) to that location and challenge the bird several times it will eventually retreat to Sea Spirit's Den giving you the chance to catch it.

The Poke Radar
After defeating the Elite Four return to Lumiose City and talk to the scientist on the second floor of Professor Sycamore's lab to get the Poke Radar which will help you locate Pokemon that are hidden in the tall grass.

Sushi High Roller
In Lumiose city, in the ally off of Rouge Plaza, there is a store called Sushi High Roller, which you cannot gain access to at the beginning of the game due to a man inside calling you a "little greenhorn' and throwing you out. In order to get inside, you must first become the Champion AND begin the Looker side quest in the postgame (which can only be accessed after beating 10 rounds of any category at the Battle Maison and defeating your rival at the top of Kiloude City to obtain the upgraded Mega Ring from Professor Sycamore, and then entering Lumiose City)The fee for dining is 500,000P, and the maximum reward is 20 big nuggets, which can only be sold for 200,000P so it is not really worth dining, unless you are extremely rich and want a place with high level enemies to fight. (around ..

Zygarde Sidequest
When you defeat the Elite 4 and return to Terminus Cave you will find that you are now able to reach the lowest level of the cave which features a few rare items and the chance to catch a level 70 Zygarde.

Unlock Extra Hairstyles
When you visit the salon in Lumoise City and get your hair cut over 15 times (no need to change colour) the hair stylist will confirm that extra hairstyles are unlocked by saying that she has some special styles that will suit you perfectly.

After beating the Elite Four, go to the Pokemon Village. There will be a cave and inside it will be a Lv. 70 Mewtwo.

Battle Chateau (Marquis/Marchioness Rank): Viola
Viola's Team (Without Any Writs):

Level 40 Masquerain
Level 40 Vivillion

Pokemon With Updated Stats: Golem
Many Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y have had their Stats updated. Golem is one of these Pokemon. Golem's Base Attack Stat has increased 10 Points, from 110 to 120. This is probably the best stat increase Golem could have received. We all know Golem is more of a Defensive Pokemon than Offensive Pokemon. This allows Golem to hit harder, if it has the chance to.

New Trainer Card Colours
Completing any of the following tasks will advance your Trainer Card colour from green to blue, then silver, then gold.

* Capture ALL Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex.

* Get a 50-win streak in the Battle Maison.

* Defeat the Elite Four and Champion to enter the Hall of Fame.

Easy Breeding
When you have several eggs from the breeders go to Prisim Tower in Lumiose City. Then when you are outside of the tower hold Left or Right to begin an infinite loop without worrying about random battles.

Key Item: Shiny Charm
The Shiny Charm can be obtained from Professor Sycamore in Lumiose City when you show him your completed National Pokedex. This charm makes it easier to find Shiny Pokemon.

Gengar's Mega Stone
First, put up a Haunter on the GTS and ask for another Haunter. When you get your Haunter, it will evolve into Gengar. To get the mega stone, have Gengar in your Pokedex and go to the Hex Maniac to the left of the Team Flare guy in Laverre City. She will give you the Gengar Stone! Yay!

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