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Route 6: Palais Lane

Pokemon Y Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Route 6: Palais Lane

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Level Range of wild Pokémon: 10-12
Pokemon Type
Oddish Grass/ Poison
Sentret Normal
Nincada Bug/ Ground
Espurr Psychic
Kecleon Normal
Honedge Stee/Ghost
Venipede Bug/ Poison
Audino Normal

Palais Lane (Center)

From the town, take the northern path. Palais Lane looks pretty straight forward, but aside from this central lane, there are two other areas. Before moving forward, keep on going to the left for a X Sp. Atk and head back to the main path. If you walk along the sides, you may encounter a Venipede or Audino that will jump out of rustling bushes.

Head straight for the other side of the lane, battling the two trainers along the way.

Tourist Hiroko(Prize Money: 880)
  • LV11 Pikachu (Electric)
  • LV11 Pidgey (Normal / Flying)
  • LV11 Psyduck (Water)

Tourist Eriko(Prize Money: 880)
  • LV11 Zigzagoon (Normal)
  • LV11 Gulpin (Poison)
  • LV11 Ralts (Psychic/Fairy)

Exit to Parfum Palace. Before heading for the palace itself, go to your right and take a path going going down, back to Palais Lane.

Palais Lane (East)

Follow the path with no grass to the lower right to obtain an Antidote. Go back to the right and follow the clear path until you see something yellow in the grass for a battle.

Backpacker Jerome(Prize Money: P560)
  • LV14 Fletchling (Normal/Flying)

Go into the grass and hug the west wall while heading south to obtain a X Speed.

Head back in the grass and follow the clear path going down, jumping down a ledge on the way. Keep on following the path going south for a battle. Follow the path to the southwest for another battle.

Tourist Takemi(Prize Money: P1,008)
  • LV14 Volbeat (Bug)

Tourist Mari (Prize Money: 1,008)
  • LV14 Illumise (Bug)

Jump down and follow the dirt path that leads up a small elevation to obtain TM09 Venoshock. Do not jump down the ledge and follow the dirt path back up until you are blocked by the previous ledge.

Head into the grass to the left to reach a clearing. If you want to avoid the grass, stay in the clearing and go down then left at the first corner for a battle. After the battle, head up to obtain a Paralyze Heal.

Youngster Jacob(Prize Money: P312)
  • LV11 Croagunk (Poison/Fighting)
  • LV13 Beedrill (Bug/Poison)

You are now finished with this area, head back to Parfum Palace and take the western path this time.

Palais Lane (West)

As you enter this you will see two trainers beside each other. Get ready for a double battle.

Poké Fan Family Jan and Erin(Prize Money: P2,240)
  • LV14 Furfrou(Normal)
  • LV14 Furfrou(Normal)

After you defeat the family, follow the path just below the trainers. There is a clear path to the left then down. When you see a slope going up to the left, head into the grass and pick up the Super Repel. Go back to the path and head south east until you reach the dirt path. Walk up north a bit for a battle.

Beauty Brigitte(Prize Money: P960)
  • LV12 Espurr(Psychic)
  • LV12 Butterfree(Bug/Flying)

Jump down the ledge to the east then head north for an Awakening.

Head south then jump down to the left, keep on heading left into the grass until you see a
Berry Tree and pick up the Aguav Berry in front of it. From there, just follow the clear path south for a battle.

Youngster Tyler(Prize Money: P288)
  • LV12 Venipede(Bug/Poison)
  • LV12 Scraggy(Dark/Fighting)

From Youngster Tyler, head south into the grass, and hug the wall until you encounter a trainer in the grass. Defeat him and continue hugging the wall for an Ultra Ball in the southwest corner of the area.

Backpacker Roderick(Prize Money: P560)
  • LV14 Bunnelby(Normal)

Head back up to continue on to Parfum Palace.

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