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Pokemon White 2 Walkthrough and Guide

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Pokemon White 2 Walkthrough and Guide

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Welcome to the Unofficial SuperCheats Walkthrough Guide for Pokemon White 2!

Considering that this will be the final video game in the Pokemon game series for the Nintendo DS / DSi, as Nintendo has confirmed that the next games in the main series will be made exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS (the current generation of Nintendo's handheld gaming console), it feels almost like the end of an era.

FYI the next titles in the main series are Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, and the official announcement for both games was revealed in a worldwide announcement on January 8, 2013 made by Nintendo's Satoru Iwata, via the Nintendo Direct program (video announcements that are tailored for gamers and sent directly to their game consoles).

While the details about the next pair in the main series were fairly thin at the time of the official announcement, among the information that was shared included the stunning news that the games will be sold in the traditional retail boxed version and in a new digital download format allowing gamers to directly download the titles to their 3DS consoles. The games will be fully-3D-enabled, and while there was no official word passed with respect to the total Number of new Pokemon to be included in the games, during the announcement Satoru did offer five new Pokemon including the three Starter Pokemon and two Legendary Pokemon.

The three starter Pokemon are Chespin (Grass Type), Fennekin (Fire Type), and Froakie (Water Type), while the Legendary Pokemon are Xerneas (the “X” in the game name Pokemon X), and Yveltal (the “Y” in the game name Pokemon Y).

What is even more interesting and unusual about this next generation of Pokemon games is that for the first time ever in the history of the series the games will be released simultaneously worldwide. Traditionally the new games in the Pokemon series were released in Japan and then, eight months to a year later, were released in North America and Europe. Releases to the rest of Asia and Australasia as well as South America tended to take place a little later than those for the rest of the world.

It has also been confirmed that Pokemon X and Y will be backwards compatible with respect to trades between the new generation and the previous generation of the games in the series, though no details were provided regarding the mechanism or any restrictions.

Claiming a Wondercard Event Pokemon

Black & White and Black 2 & White 2

The release of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 represents a very significant departure from the well established and traditional game structure for the series, as for the first time in the main series a major pairing of titles has been released as a continuation of the previous story in place of the traditional third title that ties the first two games together. The recent announcement of the next generation of games came without there being an announcement for a joining title, so it seems that the Black and White generation of the series may be the first to not receive the traditional joining title after all.

When Black and White were launched, Pokemon trainers were introduced to the new Unova Region, as well as an all new Pokemon collection that in addition to offering new and original Pokemon, also offers players a wide variety of Pokemon from previous generations and regions, which makes Unova even more unique. With the new region comes new environments featuring elements that are unique to the game and new to players.

Return to Unova!

While Black and White gave players a satisfying Adventure in the Unova region, pitting them against a worthy foe in the form of Team Plasma, who by the end of Black and White it seemed that we had fully defeated, destroying their plans for domination of the region and perhaps making a friend (or at least not an enemy) of the special trainer that was at the heart of the Team Plasma effort if not as their leader (which he was not) but perhaps more a willing if ignorant victim.

The Adventure that is Black 2 and White 2 returns to the Unova region – and a big deal has been made out of this second adventure in Unova primarily because this is the first time that a region has been featured so prominently in one of the games in this manner – but the Unova region that we find ourselves returning to is a very much changed Unova!

In the two years that have passed since the adventures that we had in Back and White the world in the Unova region has changed considerably, and while some of the cities and towns appear to be very familiar to veterans of the first set of games, others stand out as radically changed. In addition to that, we start these new games in the role of a completely new and untested trainer who, like the trainer character protagonists that we have played in the past, has set out for his Pokemon Trainer journey and rite of passage with his goal being to become a Master of Pokemon by winning all of the Gym Badges, and then take on the Elite Four in order to be eligible to take on the Unova Regional Champion and, with a bit of luck and a lot of skill, take their place as Pokemon Champion!

The new trainer character Begins this new Adventure in a new town – one that may have existed two years before but that for whatever reason did not have connectivity to the mainlaind and the cities of Unova. Well, now it does, and situated on the opposite side of the large bay along the coast from the starting town of the previous games (which for some odd reason do not have connectivity straight away in THIS adventure). In addition to the new starting town and areas, the games include a handful of additional new areas, and the Locations for the Legendary Pokemon have been altered, placing most of the Legendary Pokemon on the move rather than simply relocated.

While most of the previously established towns and cities make a return in the games, the passage of time combined with a fickle economy has lead to some significant changes, with the most major of these taking place in the city of Driftveil, where the Warehouse District has been replaced with the new Pokemon World Tournament facilities! Minor changes have taken place in other cities and towns as well, most notably the building retasking in Opeludic City, the newness of Join Avenue and your Mall Promotion efforts there, and significant changes to both Black and White City... As for the rest of the changes they are mostly superficial and vibe based, save for minor changes to the routes and some side areas that are no longer accessible as they were in the previous games.

It's Still Pokemon

The philosophy behind the series has always been to mix together a story with the overall goals to both Catch 'Em All and become the Pokemon League Champion, and those traditions are maintained in these new games, but with the addition of a large amount of all new content, including interactive and online modes, and a slight change in the focus for game play.

As you leave home and follow the traditional path towards becoming an adult, and a Pokemon Trainer, you suddenly find yourself enmeshed in an Adventure that was not of your choosing! A nefarious group called Team Plasma has appeared on the scene, a group that you seem to recall were defeated by the current Regional Champion two years before – but hey you were just a little kid then, so it is OK if you are a little fuzzy on the details, right? In any event this Team Plasma organization has returned, or what is more likely never left in the first place, but was driven underground by their previous setbacks, but now they are back and what is worse, they seem to have technology and weapons that they did not have before!

The story and your efforts to deal with Team Plasma take center stage in the game, and though you still work towards building your team, catching Pokemon to add to the Pokedex you agreed to help fill, and earning the odd Gym Badge, all of that takes a backseat to dealing with the damage that Team Plasma is doing in – and to – the region... But don't worry because along the way you get some help from some unexpected allies. In other words it just gets better and better.


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Apr 7th 2016 ayrtonlubberts
where to find a keldeo
ID #645612
Oct 27th 2015 Guest
How can i got to route 18 ?
how can i go to accumula town? to reach nuvema town?

please help .
ID #620094
Jun 12th 2015 Guest
walang walk through walls???????????????????????????????????
ID #569079
May 18th 2015 Guest
How do you beat the mad scientist guy?! Sorry forgot name. Can't get past him but have tried sooooo hard. Plz help😞thanks 😀
ID #558035
Apr 11th 2015 Guest
Omg a shiny kyram! I'll trade my redhead and my egg fur it! PLEASE!
ID #541334
Mar 26th 2015 68thumper
Please help. Where do I go to get surf???
ID #533478
May 18th 2015 Guest
Get water Pokemon and train it. If it levels up to a certain level, it should learn surf. I have a psyduck that has surf
ID #558037
May 20th 2015 68thumper
Thank you for that. I did find it. And have beaten the elite four and the champion. But thanks for your help.
ID #558878
Feb 1st 2015 Guest
Hey I got a shiny kyruem who would trade a tepid for it?
ID #510494
Dec 14th 2014 Guest
I like trains
ID #484500
Aug 26th 2014 Guest
how do u get pinser on pokemon white 2 in lostlone forest.
ID #441141
Feb 15th 2016 Guest
Pinser will be found when you go deep into lostlorn. It will need will need to be in the darker grass.
ID #635455
Apr 23rd 2014 geyfukah3014
Yuo guys are stopit Lol
ID #377973
Mar 1st 2014 Guest
I have an action replay but I have to use my brothers ds because I have a dis and it doesn't work with a dsi
ID #360029
Jan 4th 2014 Infernalfox
N's cave will be found after beating the game and you get reshiram then you can go to giant chasim and catch kyruem and the dna splicers
ID #339368
Aug 21st 2013 Guest
where is N cave on pokemon 2
ID #306027
Apr 19th 2013 Guest
I really want to know what you can do for hacks
ID #275709
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