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Pokemon Dream Radar App

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Welcome to the Unofficial SuperCheats Mini-Guide for Pokemon Dream Radar for Pokemon White 2 and Black 2! This mini-guide is intended to provide serious Pokemon Trainers with the detailed information that they need and that will help with the very challenging um, well, challenges... Yeah, challenges that are posed by the need to complete the Unova Pokedex and then the National Pokedex, though to frank it is likely that only a tiny handful of the players who read this will actually every complete the National Pokedex because it is a major pain in the....

Pokemon Dream Radar -- in Japan and on the Japanese 3DS Store its title is "Pokemon AR Searcher" -- is a downloadable Pokemon title that is an extension of the main Pokemon series featuring a unique game play mechanic. It was created for and is only playable on the Nintendo 3DS, and it can only be obtained from the 3DS Online Store, which naturally enough is only accessible via your 3DS itself.

The game costs $2.99 and offers way more than $3 worth of entertainment and fun so hey, win-win!

At its heart Dream Radar is more like an arcade-style shooter than it is a Pokemon game - but that will all make sense once you understand the premise and the point to it. It leverages a combination of the Nintendo 3DS's unique stereo camera system as well as the Artificial Reality concept that is built upon it, allowing the game to superimpose game elements on the real-world background as seen via the main view screen on the 3DS using the stereo cameras.

The Pokemon Dream Radar - Accessing the Interdream Dimension
The Pokemon Dream Radar - Accessing the Interdream Dimension

In that manner the game inserts game objects into your world, which allows you to interact with them in about as close to an approximation of virtual reality as we are likely to experience without the use of incredibly expensive hardware in a closed VR environment.

The structure of PDR is a progressive-expansion-based game, which when you translate it into simple English means that the game starts with a basic set of parameters and then those parameters are expanded as you work your way through the game via regular game play, saving up and then spending the game currency, which in this case is Dream Orbs.

The basic science that serves as the primary motive force for the game and its back story are a combination of the Pokemon Interdream Zone, and the objects that are found there, which include a variety of Dream Clouds, from which can be harvested a Number of different types of Dream Orbs, which are obtained by blasting the Dream Clouds using the specialized kit that was invented by Dr. Burnett.

After you accumulate a specified Number of Orbs you can then exchange them with the Professor for kit upgrades of three different types, as well as special kit items that consist of one-time-use utility devices that provide a specific result or experience from their use. These are less important than the primary kit systems that you use to process the Clouds and collect the Orbs, but they should be noted nevertheless.

During the Primary Game Play Phase there are a set Number and variety of Pokemon types that can be captured and collected from the Interdream Zone during game play, with the ultimate point being to work your way through enough Clouds in order to collect a sufficient number of Orbs that will provide the resources that the Professor requires in order to upgrade your kit with special one-time-use attachments that permit you to capture and collect the specific and very rare Legendary Pokemon for which the kit attachment is attuned and designed.

Once you have accomplished the three stages of the Basic Game Play Phase, additional stages and phases are added which require you to physically possess and use 3DS games from previous generations of the Pokemon Series, which will permit you to capture and collect certain key Legendary Pokemon from those games and generations with highly desirable Abilities, Natures, or Assets.

Once you have progressed the game to the point that you have access to and have completed the Advanced Stage, that pretty much accounts for the challenge-based portion of play. Anything beyond that is just for fun.

The Legendary Pokemon will appear in their natural form, not as Orbs
The Legendary Pokemon will appear in their natural form, not as Orbs


Pokemon Dream Radar is a side-along title in the Pokemon series created and released at the same time as Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2, those being the games that it is essentially a complimentary chapter of and for.

The basic premise for Pokemon Dream Radar Begins and ends with its Pokemon Professor, who is Professor Burnett, and who is the director of the Pokemon AR Research Lab which has been tasked with exploring and defining the Pokemon Interdream Zone...

The Pokemon Interdream Zone: this is a complex and rather confusing zone that is part of our world and not quite part of our world. The brightest minds in the Pokemon Universe have concluded that the Interdream Zone is a sort of parallel dimension whose measure of time, distance, and matter are slightly different than that of our own universe, but all of which is close enough so that, using the right kit and a great deal of power, it is possible to hunt down objects and Pokemon from that parallel universe and pull them into our own.

That is good news for up-and-coming Pokemon Trainers, Breeders, and them that would Master the science of Pokemon, because it provides access to both rare and particularly valuable Pokemon, as well as rare and particularly useful objects, tools, and items that can be used by all of the different types of Pokemon enthusiasts, from Trainers and Breeders to Professors and Pokemon Competition Enthusiasts.

In the Lab

Much of what constitutes game play in Pokemon Dream Radar takes place in Professor Burnett's Lab, which is located on the campus of the Pokemon University and Research Complex, and also wherever you happen to be in the real world (we will get to that shortly).

Your role in all of this Begins as the Professor's Research Assistant and gofer. Your job -- in addition to keeping the place neat, sorting out the mail, and fixing tea -- is to test out the new kit that the Professor creates in the lab for and with you, helping to facilitate that process through using the kit to acquire the raw resources that the Professor requires to that end.

No worries mate, it is not an especially dangerous job, and you get to keep anything you find and anyone you find - that is to say any Pokemon Kit Items and actual Pokemon - which you will be transferring to your regular game cartridges as you play.

Dream Radar is the only path to capturing the Therian Trio and gaining control
Dream Radar is the only path to capturing the Therian Trio and gaining control

The First Challenge

The first challenge is sympathetic to the games that PDR was created for - Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 - in that it consists largely of the capture and collection of the three Legendary and uber-rare Pokemon who make up the Therian Trio.

These three are special forms of the Rare and Legendary Pokemon Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus, and they cannot be obtained in the Therian Form in the main games. Period. No argument. Seriously!

It is theoretically possible to obtain all three of the Therian Pokemon Trio in their NON-THERIAN forms, which would result in your completing the Unova Pokedex both for partial records (i.e. the "Seen" portion that makes up the first 'dex Challenge) and if you have access to or own a copy of the other version of the main game, and you traded its unique member of the trio to your game in which you have already captured and collected ITS unique Pokemon, well then you can take them both in your party to the Shrine in order to summon and battle (and hopefully capture and collect) the third member, Landorus.

Were you to undertake to do this and you succeeded, you would then have completed the Second Unova Dex Challenge - that is to say you would have owned one of each of the Pokemon in the Unova Pokedex, and thus you would have therefore unlocked the reward for the second challenge.

Doing it that way would not, however, grant you access to and possession of the special device that can be obtained at the Shrine that allows you to cause the trio individually to change their active form. That is to say, permit each to take on its Therian Form.

That, in a nutshell, describes the limitations you are facing.

As an aside the pursuit of the Therian Trio does apply to the third and final Pokedex Challenge, which is to complete the National Pokedex, which means capturing and collecting one of each type of Pokemon appearing in the National Pokedex. Just saying.

Landorus in its Therian Form is among the most impressive Pokemon
Landorus in its Therian Form is among the most impressive Pokemon

Alternate Forms

While there have always been Rare and Legendary Pokemon in the games, even in the beginning and in Gen I, each new Generation of games in the series always has its own unique set or sets of Rare and Legendary Pokemon.

Lately these have come to include not just new Legendary and Rare Pokemon, but now also Rare and Legendary Pokemon in alternate forms - which in a way makes them Rare and Legendary Pokemon with Rare and Legendary forms!

Deoxys and its Alternate Forms

The Rare and Legendary Pokemon called Deoxys is a unique Pokemon in that it has not one alternate form but three! It is not only the outward appearance that changes with each alternate form, but its various stats also can change depending upon the new form.

The Normal Form is the base by which all of the changes are compared and registered, which means that the following changes are found among its four forms:

(I) Normal Form: The form that it is born with and most commonly encountered in.

Stats: HP = 50 / Attack = 150 / Defense = 50 / Sp. Atk = 150 / Sp. Def. = 50 / Speed = 150

(II) Attack Form: +30 Attack / -30 Defense / +30 Special Atk / -30 Special Def

Stats: HP = 50 / Attack = 180 / Defense = 20 / Sp. Atk = 180 / Sp. Def. = 20 / Speed = 150

(III) Defense Form: -80 Attack / +110 Defense / -80 Special Atk / +110 Special Def / -60 Speed

Stats: HP = 50 / Attack = 70 / Defense = 160 / Sp. Atk = 70 / Sp. Def. = 160 / Speed = 90

(IV) Speed Form: -55 Attack / +40 Defense / -55 Special Atk / +40 Special Def / +30 Speed

Stats: HP = 50 / Attack = 95 / Defense = 90 / Sp. Atk = 95 / Sp. Def. = 90 / Speed = 180

As Deoxys is the “Space Pokemon” (I actually received my main Deoxys at the special event at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Texas a long time ago, just saying) you can visit the Space Meteorite Display at Nacrene City's Natural History Museum, where your Deoxys will react to and cycle through its four forms when it is exposed to the meteorite that is on display at the museum.

While you cannot pick or select the form it takes per se, you can cycle through its forms until you get the one you want and then back away from the meteorite. It cycles through them in the following order: Normal Form -> Attack Form -> Defense Form -> Speed Form.

We mention this in spite of the fact that you cannot actually obtain Deoxys via the PDR -- though the kind folks at Nintendo recently ran a WFC Event in which Trainers (that would be you I hope) were able to load their chosen version of the game (Pokemon Black 2 or White 2) and select the Mystery Gift button from the main menu, followed by the Receive Gift Button, and then the Get Via Nintendo WFC.

Once your 3DS connected to the WFC Servers it would then download the Deoxys Wonder Card (that being a Wonder Card Event) which resulted in the Wonder Card being added to your Card Collection, and a bloke with a green hat appearing at your local area Pokemon Center just inside the door and on the right.

When you chatted him up, presuming you had an open slot in your party, he will have delivered to you the gift that you were sent by the folks at the WFC.

The three alternate forms of Deoxys include significant stat differences
The three alternate forms of Deoxys include significant stat differences

The Deoxys that I received for Pokemon White 2 had the following stats and features:

Dex No.: 386

Level: 100

Name: Deoxys

Type: Psychic

OT: Plasma

ID No.: 05083

Exp Points: 1250000

Item: Life Orb


1) Nasty Plot (Dark Type) PP 20/20

2) Dark Pulse (Dark Type) PP 15/15

3) Recover (Normal Type) PP 10/10

4) Psycho Boost (Psychic Type) PP 5/5

Ribbons: Gift Ribbon01

Naughty Nature + the date you obtained it.

Lovely Place - Apparently had a fateful encounter at Lv. 100. Somewhat vain.

HP: 214 / Attack: 355 / Defense: 109 / Sp. Atk.: 322 / Sp. Def.: 117/ Speed: 325

Ability: Pressure- The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.

The Deoxys that I received (and that I detailed above) is a particularly desirable one and not just due to the fact that it is one of the rarer Legendary Pokemon in that previous to the unexpected and yet very welcome distribution online via the Nintendo WFC, obtaining this one required significant effort on the part of the trainer!

I already had a Deoxys in my collection and active Pokedex but it was nice to receive another, and in particular a Deoxys that was captured and released by Team Plasma! You will notice that among the stats for the one above is a maxed-out Attack Stat of 355 which is very good indeed! It seems that having one (or more according to some players) maxed stat was a common element to this particular WFC Pokemon give-away.

We included this information here for two reasons - the first being to illustrate that more often than not the special event and give-away Pokemon that are distributed by the Nintendo WFC are usually worth the effort you expend in obtaining them.

The second point is to illustrate that when a Pokemon (and not just when it is THIS Pokemon) changes to an alternate form that change will often include a set modification to one or more of its stats. It can also enable (or disable) that Pokemon's Hidden Ability.

This is an element of Pokemon play that is important for the player to pay attention to - just saying... So as you work towards obtaining Pokemon who have alternate forms you should be experimenting with those forms to see what, if anything, they change on that Pokemon.

Tornadus in its Therian Form is a most excellent companion
Tornadus in its Therian Form is a most excellent companion

The Complications of the Therian Trio and their Alternate Forms

That desirable effect is complicated by a complex set of conditions that must be met prior to the Trainer (that is, YOU) being granted access to that device, the first of which is that, consistent with the established rules and canon of the Pokemon Universe, you cannot experience or see a Pokemon in a new form unless you have already seen that Pokemon in that new form - a Catch 22 in other words!

Because of this, simply collecting the Pokemon in the main games (which is possible to do, I assure you) is not sufficient to achieve the desired ends and abilities, hence the creation of Pokemon Dream Radar and the extra efforts that the player must engage in order to unlock and achieve them.

Capture of the Therian Trio in PDR

The challenge to complete the Unova Pokedex pretty much means that you are going to need to buy a copy of the Nintendo 3DS downloadable game Pokemon Dream Radar, which is a side-along game that, in addition to providing you with access to the trio of Legendary Pokemon in special forms, also happens to be fun to play in its own right.

The reason for that is actually fairly simple - while you can easily complete the Unova Pokedex as far as partial records is concerned thanks to a combination of trainer battles and a few trainers who will show you pictures of and tell you about specific Legendary Pokemon, to actually complete the Unova Pokedex you will need to capture and collect all of the Pokemon in it - specifically including three rather difficult ones.

These are, as captured and collected in Pokemon Dream Radar:

(1) Tornadus - Unova #198 - Nat #641 - Flying Type - Ability: Regenerator - Nature: Quirky

(2) Thundorus - Unova #199 - Nat #642 - Electric/Flying Type - Ability: Volt Absorb - Nature: Naughty

(3) Landorus - Unova #200 - Nat #645 - Ground/Flying Type - Ability: Intimidate - Nature: Hasty

Once you have captured all three of the Trio in their Therian Forms in Pokemon Dream Radar, and you have transferred them to your Pokemon Black 2 or White 2 game, all that is required is for you to add all three to your party and then visit the Shrine.

When you arrive at the Shrine the Old Man will notice that you possess all three of the Legendary Trio and he will notice that all three are in their special unique alternate forms, at which point he will then reach into the Shrine and grab the special Therian Tool called the Reveal Glass that has always been concealed therein, and he will gift it to you!

Now that you possess the Reveal Glass you can use it to switch the Pokemon between their regular forms (which are called their "Incarnate" forms) and their Therian forms pretty much whenever you like!

Note though that there are some limitations built into the games as a result of this, some of which are obvious and others not so much.

The first limitation is in transferring Pokemon to other games in this Generation. .When you have one of the Trio in its Therian form and you attempt to trade it to one of the other games in the series, the trade system will not permit that trade to be completed, treating the Therian form Pokemon in a fashion similar to how it treats Pokemon who know an HM.

To complete the trade you will need to back out of the trade system and return to the real world, then use the Reveal Glass to revert the Pokemon to its Incarnate form prior to returning to the trade system and completing the trade.

Hidden Abilities: In addition to restrictions on trade based upon their current form, you should also be aware that while your new super awesome rare and Legendary Pokemon that were obtained in Dream Radar have their Hidden Abilities in that form, both in PDR and in the game you traded them to (Pokemon Black 2 or White 2) if you change them to their Incarnate Form in order to trade them they will not have their Hidden Ability.

Native Trio: The members of the Trio that were obtained in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 (but NOT in PDR) were captured and collected using the normal method, and were in Incarnate form, which means that they may not have a Hidden Ability (and probably do not).

You CAN use the Reveal Glass you obtained via the PDR transferred Pokemon to change their forms but that will not obtain a Hidden Ability for them. Just saying.

Trainers on some boards are offering to trade Keldeo for Therian Landorus!
Trainers on some boards are offering to trade Keldeo for Therian Landorus!

Dream Radar Game Play

Your goal is to collect a very large Number of Dream Orbs for Professor Burnett - the Pokemon Professor for the game - which you will accomplish by aiming and firing the collection beam at Clouds to break them up into Orbs, and then at each individual Orb in order to collect the Orb. Some Orbs may break apart into three or more additional Orbs, which you can capture and collect if you aim and fire fast enough.

You are going to need a lot of Orbs in order to unlock all of the items and Pokemon in the game, and particularly the rare Pokemon, and that process is hindered by limitations built into the game which require you to either wait a certain amount of time (45 minutes to start but it grows longer the more Clouds you have unlocked through upgrades to your kit) between sessions.

You may also spend game coins earned by walking with your 3DS in sleep mode. You can spend c5 Coins a total of three times each day to reset the Clouds and have another go at them. Considering that you are only allowed to earn 10 coins per day though (you earn 1 coin for every 100 steps your 3DS records you taking while it is in sleep mode), realistically that works out to just two times per day, not three, unless you skip some days to build up a larger Number of Coins.

The objective as stated is to hunt and shoot regular clouds, which then turn into orbs, and special clouds, which then turn into an elusive Orb-like object that will dodge your fire and actually fire back at you - and which if you are able to fix your beam on it for the required amount of time, can yield various Pokemon (some of them quite desirable) as well as a variety of special items (you will find a list at the end of this guide section).

After you collect a specific Number of orbs, the Professor will complete the first special extension that will allow you to capture the first Legendary.

It is very important that you capture and collect each Legendary as soon as you actually are able to do so, because after you capture and collect them the counter resets so that you can begin the process of collecting the specific Number of orbs that is required in order to unlock the next special extension, and thus collect the next special Pokemon.

Bearing in mind that the orbs that you have previously collected and which were used in the creation and deployment of the special extension used to unlock the current Legendary Pokemon do NOT count for the next one, and so on...

A Helpful Tip: You need to upgrade the beam on your unit as much as you can because in its basic form, while that will allow you to capture the regular Pokemon, will not work very well for capturing the Legendary Pokemon that follow.

The Dream Orbs

After you start the game and put it in collection mode, you look into the screen and move it around where you happen to be, and you will see the clouds floating in the air where you are.

Target them and shoot them with the beam to break them up - then shoot the orbs to collect them. You will occasionally encounter special balls that are Pokemon - and you will need to exert a specific amount of beam energy to either catch them, or to cause them to drop their item, which you can then catch.

When you first begin playing the game the Cloud density resets every 45 minutes or so, which means that in theory you can play another full session every 45 minutes in real time.

Once you begin upgrading your Beam and other Kit, you will find that while the Cloud count is higher, which means there are more potential Orbs available to you, the time that it takes to reset the Clouds for a new session also grows longer.

By the second upgrade when you raise the count to 20 Clouds you will have an average of 95 Minutes of downtime while the Clouds regather.

Bearing in mind that you only have a limited amount of time to capture the orbs once you break up a cloud, you will want to get good at it quickly.

Another point that you need to understand is that you have a limited time to capture a Pokemon once you engage it - and the larger orbs that contain Pokemon can fight back, so you will want to be quick at that as well.

A Helpful Hint: The combination of low Cloud Count and low Orb totals early in the game suggests that you are better off saving up your Play Coins during the early levels of the game rather than spending them, and allowing the 45 minute counter to tick down in order to reset the Clouds rather than paying for them.

By adopting this approach you will bank a significant Number of Play Coins, which means that when you have upgraded your kit across the board to the second or third upgrade level, you can make far more effective use of your Play Coins then, and what is more, you will have a sufficient number banked so that you can actually use all three potential paid sessions each day rather than the two sessions.

Ho-Oh is one of the most desired Legendary Pokemon & finally available to all!
Ho-Oh is one of the most desired Legendary Pokemon & finally available to all!

PDR Storage and Transfer

You are only allowed to have up to six regular Pokemon in storage, as well as any of the Rare and Legendary too since those are not counted against the cap of six regulars. In addition to that you are allowed to have up to six objects in storage and awaiting transfer.

Once you have reached your Pokemon and Item caps, you will have to throw away a Pokemon to retain a newly caught one, and/or throw away an item to retain a newly caught one. While this is not so big a deal when it comes to Pokemon, since you will be capturing and collecting a lot of duplicates, it is something more of a deal and concern when it comes to items, which ideally you do not want to lose any of.

It is for that reason that I strongly encourage you to complete the Pokemon and Item Transfer Process as soon as you find that you have six Pokemon in PDR storage, since you are unlikely to ever have more items than Pokemon - just saying. This way you ensure that you never lose any items, which is a more important concern than the captured Pokemon, since you can never truly lose any of the important Pokemon anyway!

When you are ready to initiate the transfer of Pokemon and/or Items you accomplish this via the Unova Link System. Remember that the three Legendary do not count for these numbers since they each have their own storage slots in Dream Radar for xfer into your main game.

When you initiate the transfer protocol within Dream Radar from the main menu the game checks to verify that you have a copy of either Pokemon Black 2 or White 2 inserted into the 3DS game cartridge slot on your 3DS and, once it verifies that the cart is present, the system then opens the Memory Location that is set aside for the Unova Link Section of the game and inserts the Pokemon and Items into that. Once that process is completed the game then saves and closes the memory on the card, and you can then safely turn off or reboot the 3DS.

After the 3DS reboots or is back at the main menu, use the directional pad to select the 3DS Cartridge Slot location, which should display the Icon for your Pokemon Black 2 or White 2 game, and initialize it. From its main menu rather than hitting Continue, you want to open the Unova Link Tab, and then select the third option, which is to transfer the items FROM the Unova Link System TO your game.

It bears noting that Unova Link and your Pokemon game save are two separate and completely independent save areas so you really do need to do this in order to move the Pokemon and Items into the PC in your game - just initiating the transfer protocols in the PDR does NOT accomplish that 100% you need to be aware.

Once you complete stage two of that process via Unova Link and your Black 2 / White 2 game you should then log into the game and access the PC in order to fully transfer the Items into your Inventory. You can use the Pokemon however you like - most players tend to release the duplicate Pokemon that they have at this point, but since you are also going to be working on completing the National Pokedex in your game, it might be an idea to retain these for that purpose, or better yet, to begin transferring and trading National Dex 'mon from your other games as you have close to a box of traders available.

Upgrading via the Development Lab

Check the Development Lab to have a look at the available upgrades - which you will need a lot of orbs for... The upgrades come in several variates:

General Upgrades

Upgrades that improve the performance of your equipment, the General Upgrades are your path to making the game easier and faster. There are five basic upgrades available:

The common upgrades Cost Table:

  • Level 1: Free

  • Level 2: 100 Orbs

  • Level 3: 500 Orbs

  • Level 4: 1000 Orbs

  • Level MAX: 1500 Orbs

Equipment Upgrades

Beam Upgrades: This increases the power of your Beam and allows it to fill the energy meter faster.

  • Level 1: Yellow Beam

  • Level 2: Green Beam

  • Level 3: Red Beam

  • Level 4: Purple Beam

  • Level MAX: Blue Beam

Energy Pack Upgrades: This increases the amount of time you have to defeat Spheres.

  • Level 1: 2 minutes

  • Level 2: 2 minutes and 30 seconds

  • Level 3: 3 minutes

  • Level 4: 3 minutes and 30 seconds

  • Level MAX: 4 minutes

Visoscope Upgrades: This increases the maximum Number of clouds.

  • Level 1: 10 Clouds

  • Level 2: 15 Clouds

  • Level 3: 20 Clouds

  • Level 4: 25 Clouds

  • Level MAX: 30 Clouds

Support Kit

These are different than the upgrades above, being one-time-use items...

Dragnet Charge: Cost = 50 Orbs. Generates a net on your screen that slows down Pokemon.

Energy Recharge: Cost = 50 Orbs. Restores your timer while you are fighting a Sphere.

Vortex Charge: Cost = 100 Orbs. Creates a vortex in front of you that draws the Pokemon in and prevents it from moving.

Available Pokemon

The Pokemon that you can capture is based upon several points, including game progress (how far you have gone in the game), and the extensions you have for your beam. Depending upon the extension you have selected for your session you will find different Pokemon as a result. The extensions are:

The Basic Extension: Available from the start of the game, the following Pokemon can be captured using it: Drifloon, Munna, Riolu, Sigilyph.

Once you capture Tornadus-T: You can then capture Igglybuff, and Shuckle.

Once you capture Thundurus-T: You can capture Bronzor, Porygon, Ralts, and Staryu.

Once you capture Landorus-T: You can capture Rotom, Smoochum, Spiritomb, and Togepi.

In order to capture the Therian forms of the trio of Legendary Pokemon, you will need to use the Eureka Extensions - which are unlocked after you obtain a specific Number of orbs in the game.

Note that you do not have to have the orbs in your orb bank all at the same time, rather it is the cumulative Number that counts, which means you can go ahead and buy upgrades and kit as you like.

The Eureka Extension for Tornadus unlocks at 400 Orbs, for Thundurus at 1500 Orbs, and for Landorus at 3000 Orbs.

Gen IV Extensions

Once you have completed the three Therian Extensions, you can then unlock additional extensions for the 4th Gen titles by inserting those game cartridges into the 3DS when you play Dream Radar - but remember that you want to swap in your Pokemon Black 2 or White 2 game prior ti initiating the Unova Link Data Transfer.

Inserting the following game cartridges will result in obtaining the listed Legendary Pokemon:

  • Diamond: Dialga,

  • Pearl: Palkia,

  • Platinum: Giratina,

  • HeartGold: Ho-Oh,

  • SoulSilver: Lugia.

In addition to the above, with each new extension you unlock, you also unlock additional items that can be obtained by playing. See the Item List at the bottom of this section for details.

In addition to all of this there is one more special item that is indirectly related to Pokemon Dream Radar, and that is the Reveal Glass (In Japanese its name is “Reflecting Mirror”). This Key Item is an exclusive tool that can only be obtained and used in the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 versions of the game.

After you catch and transfer the Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus to your game, you can then put Landorus into your party and visit the Abundant Shrine, where an old man will be waiting for you to remove the Reveal Glass from the Shrine and give it to you.

The Reveal Glass allows you to change the form of Tornadus, Thundurus, or Landorus (including the ones collected in Pokemon Black and White) either from their Therian form to their Incarnate form, or from their Incarnate form to their Therian form. Once you have that tool you can do this pretty much at will.

Dialga is widely considered the best Legendary of the previous generation
Dialga is widely considered the best Legendary of the previous generation

Tips for Play

As previously mentioned, upgrading your beam is the best way to ensure you actually are able to capture the Legendary when you encounter them.

Upgrading your Scope will increase the Number of clouds that are present for each play session, which in turn will increase the number of orbs you can capture. That is a good thing, since you are going to need a LOT of them to upgrade your device as well as unlock the Legendary Pokemon extensions.

Upgrading your Energy will increase the amount of time on the clock for capturing Pokemon, which will really help with the more advanced ones you will be facing.

Ultimately the name of the game here is patience. Having the patience to play and slowly upgrade the game capacity until you are able to unlock everything. So the best tip that you should have is this: keep playing.

PDR Storm Cloud Item List

The following Items can be obtained as a result of locking your beam onto one of the special floating Orbs that commonly appear out of Storm Clouds when these special Orbs do not contain a Pokemon:

  • Blue Shard - Obtained from Green Orbs and/or the Eureka Extension α.

  • Dawn Stone - Obtained from the Eureka Extension β.

  • Eviolite - Obtained from the Eureka Extension γ.

  • Fire Stone - Obtained from Orange Orbs.

  • Focus Sash - Obtained from the Eureka Extension γ.

  • Green Shard - Obtained from Green Orbs and/or Eureka Extension α.

  • Heart Scale - Obtained from Blue Orbs and/or the Eureka Extension α.

  • King's Rock - Obtained from the Eureka Extension β.

  • Leaf Stone - Obtained from Pink and Blue Orbs.

  • Leppa Berry - Obtained from Pink Orbs.

  • Life Orb - Obtained from Eureka Extensions α & γ.

  • Max Revive - Obtained from Blue Orbs and/or the Eureka Extension α.

  • Moon Stone- Obtained from Pink and Blue Orbs.

  • PP Up - Obtained from Orange Orbs.

  • Rare Candy - Obtained from Orange Orbs and/or Eureka Extensions α/β/γ.

  • Red Shard - Obtained from Green Orbs and/or the Eureka Extension α.

  • Revive - Obtained from Pink Orbs.

  • Sacred Ash - Obtained from Pink/Blue/Orange Orbs.

  • Star Piece - Obtained from the Eureka Extension γ.

  • Sun Stone - Obtained from Pink Orbs.

  • Thunderstone - Obtained from Pink and Blue Orbs.

  • Water Stone - Obtained from Pink Orbs.

  • Yellow Shard - Obtained from Green Orbs and/or the Eureka Extension α.

Considering the difficulty that most players have in obtaining a sufficient Number of the evolution stones in the game to complete all of the leveling/evolves and the fact that prior to Pokemon Dream Radar the only somewhat reliable method for obtaining them was to compete in the PWT or spend hour after hour trying to obtain them from dust clouds in caves, the inclusion of the Evolution Stones in Dream Radar is a major boon to serious Trainers and Pokemon Breeders alike!

In addition to the Evolution Stones, most trainers will also find the Sacred Ash to be a major bonus item when you consider that it is a single-item solution that can revive your entire team or thereabout if things go all pear-shaped, which can happen! The Max Revives do not such either.

Records, Factoids and Q&A

Considering the very common posting of questions on the Pokemon chat boards asking how long it takes to capture all three of the Therian Pokemon as well as other related questions, I thought it might be handy for me to post my stats as recorded by the game immediately following my capture of Landorus...

You may find this information helpful in guesstimating how long you will need to play and what effort you will need to expend. For the record these are my stats for Pokemon Dream Radar from start to the very moment when I captured Landorus and the credits rolled.

Number of Searches: 52

Dream Clouds Found: 688

Pokemon Caught: 49

Items Collected: 33

Dream Orbs Collected: 3,153

Catching Speed for Tornadus: 75s

Catching Speed for Thundurus: 63s

Catching Speed for Landorus: 90s

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Not Useful

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