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The Pokemon World Tournament

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The Pokemon World Tournament (hereafter called the “PWT”) offers you more than just a competition and the chance for some easy leveling – it also happens to be the location of the OTHER entrance for The Relic Passage, which we really do want to explore before we leave. It ALSO happens to be the next major plot-point spot, which means the story will move forward here as well. First though, we need to enter the PWT grounds (which used to be the Cold Storage District) and have a look around, and chat with a few trainers...

Passing through the gate, this time our path is not blocked – talk to the girl trainer in the gatehouse and learn about Battle Points, the PWT currency that you use to obtain loot. As you head south down the avenue you see a trainer on the right and chat him up to learn that this is the entrance to The Relic Passage – save that for a bit...

At the nearby counter is the Reminder Girl – the reason why we held on to the Heart Scales we obtained! In exchange for those Heart Scales she will re-teach your Pokemon any move that they knew and that you regret having overwritten...

The bloke at the counter directly next to hers is the Move Deleter – an incredibly useful bloke in that he is the ONLY way you can delete an HM you have taught to one of your Pokemon. As a general rule whenever you retire a Pokemon that knows an HM to the Storage (which means they are no longer active members of your A-Team) it is a good idea to strip off any HM's so that if you end up wanting or needing to trade them to another trainer, you do not have to deal with that issue.

On the other side of the Avenue is a counter at which the bloke manning it will tell you what the Hidden Power is for your Pokemon. Actually what he tells you is what the type of the move would be if they learned Hidden Power.

The cold storage area is now the home of the Pokemon World Tournament
The cold storage area is now the home of the Pokemon World Tournament

Meeting Hugh and Clay

As you progress up the Avenue you will encounter Hugh and Clay, and have a forced conversation with them in which Clay explains that the neon-lit building here is the PWT HQ. You follow him inside and you find that Leader Cheren is also here – evidently Clay called him in. Cheren and Hugh head to the counter to register for the tourney – you can too!

When you get to the registration counter you can ask for information about the event, and register to participate in the Driftveil Event, which is the no-holds-barred event. You will need to pick three of your Pokemon to enter the event, and then the registration process complete, you are admitted to the event, which is a round-robin with eight-players. The first event is a Single Battle, and you face your Rival, Hugh!

Hugh leads with his started, which is now a Level 25 (for me Servine). The thing is that our team – if you have been following this guide – is basically a walking bazooka compared to his. Any one of our Pokemon, even one that is type-weak, can pretty much mop up the floor with him.

Hugh's next Pokemon is his Level 25 Simisear, and again, one-hit anyone? His third is his Level 25 Tranquill, and with that battle completed we see how the other battles shaped up.

Cheren advances, as does Roddy, and Colress. Since Cheren is on our column he is our next opponent, and he opens with his Level 25 Stoutland, followed by his Level 25 Watchog, and closing with his Level 25 Cinccino!

Colress advances from his column, but that was not really unexpected was it? Beating Colress means that you gain your first title win... He opens with his Level 25 Magenton, followed by his Level 25 Elgyem, and finally closes with his Level 25 Klink. Winning gains you the Driftveil Champ title and 1 BP, so hey, well done mates!

You can check the terminal to the left of the registration desk to see your stats, and the PC on the right is a standard public PC, with access to the Pokemon Storage System. For now you are done with tourney play, but shortly you will be able to indulge in that as often as you like – but check the Tournament Download option on the Terminal if you have an active WiFi connection, as you can access and download additional Tournaments via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the most recent sets being:

2012: Junior Division Challenge

2012: Senior Division Challenge

2012 Masters Division Challenge

Basically you get to battle the trainer teams from the World Championships. You can save all three so why not? Once you have worked your way through the events that unlock Tournament access you will be able to play those as well!

Battles include round-robbin events pitting winner against winner
Battles include round-robbin events pitting winner against winner

For now chat with the trainers here in the PWT building and you will pick up some useful information and trivia, and at the left counter you can learn what BP can be traded for:

  • Protect (6 BP) User evades all attacks.

  • Safeguard (6 BP) User creates protective field that prevents status problems for five turns.

  • Double Team (6 BP) Creates illusion copies of user.

  • Incinerate (6 BP) Consumes any Berry held by opponent turning it to unusable ash.

  • Brick Break (12 BP) User attacks with tough fists, breaking Light Screen and Reflect.

  • Frost Breath (12 BP) User blows cold breath on target.

  • U-turn (12 BP) Immediately following attack, user changes places with another team member.

  • Hidden Power (18 BP) Attack varies in type and intensity.

  • Smack Down (18 BP) User throws stone; Flying types will be knocked to ground.

  • Round (18 BP) User attacks with song; others can join in to increase damage.

  • Swords Dance (18 BP) Dance increases fighting spirit; raises Attack stat.

  • Swagger (18 BP) Enrages and Confuses target; also raises target's Attack stat.

  • Pluck (18 BP) User Pecks target; if target holding Berry, user takes it.

  • Sludge Wave (24 BP) Swamps area around user in Sludge; may poison anyone hit.

  • Ally Switch (24 BP) Teleports user, switching place with team member.

  • Quash (24 BP) Suppresses target, causing it to move last.

  • Explosion (24 BP) User explodes, doing area-of-effect damage.

  • Psych Up (24 BP) User hypnotizes self; copying stat changes of target.

As you can see there are some very desirable items in that list! At the right counter you can trade BP for:

  • Protein (1 BP) Raises the base Attack Stat of a Pokemon.

  • Calcium (1 BP) Raises the Special Attack Stat of a Pokemon.

  • Iron (1 BP) Raises the base Defense Stat of a Pokemon.

  • Zinc (1 BP) Raises the Special Defense Stat of a Pokemon.

  • Carbos (1 BP) Raises the base Speed Stat of a Pokemon.

  • HP Up (1 BP) Raises the base HP of a Pokemon.

  • Fire Stone (3 BP) Evolves a specific species of Pokemon.

  • Thunderstone (3 BP) Evolves a specific species of Pokemon.

  • Water Stone (3 BP) Evolves a specific species of Pokemon.

  • Leaf Stone (3 BP) Evolves a specific species of Pokemon.

  • Scope Lens (8 BP) Boosts critical-hit ratio.

  • Wide Lens (8 BP) Boosts move accuracy.

  • Muscle Band (8 BP) Boosts physical power.

  • Wise Glasses (8 BP) Boosts special move power.

  • Razor Claw (8 BP) Boots critical-hit ratio.

  • Razor Fang (8 BP) May cause foe to flinch on hit.

  • Binding Band (8 BP) Boosts binding move power.

  • BrightPowder (12 BP) Lowers opponent's accuracy.

  • Focus Band (12 BP) Holder may endure a potential KO attack with 1 HP.

  • Zoom Lens (12 BP) Boosts accuracy on late moves.

  • Iron Ball (12 BP) Makes Flying/Levitating foes susceptible to Ground moves.

  • Air Balloon (12 BP) Causes holder to float in the air.

  • Power Bracer (16 BP) Attack gain on leveling but reduces Speed stat.

  • Power Belt (16 BP) Defense gain on leveling but reduces Speed stat.

  • Power Lens (16 BP) Special Attack gain on leveling but reduces Speed stat.

  • Power Band (16 BP) Special Defense gain on leveling but reduces Speed stat.

  • Power Anklet (16 BP) Speed gain on leveling but reduces Speed stat.

  • Power Weight (16 BP) HP gain on leveling but reduces Speed stat.

  • Toxic Orb (16 BP) Badly poisons holder in battle.

  • Flame Orb (16 BP) Burns holder in battle.

  • White Herb (16 BP) Restores lowered stat in battle.

  • Power Herb (16 BP) Allows immediate use of charge move without charging.

  • Absorb Bulb (16 BP) Water-type attacks raise Special Attack, consumed on use.

  • Cell Battery (16 BP) Electric-type attacks raise Attack stat.

  • Red Card (16 BP) When holder struck, attacker is removed from battle.

  • Eject Button (16 BP) When hit, holder will switch with another party Pokemon.

  • Choice Band (24 BP) Increases Attack but restricts Pokemon moves to one.

  • Choice Specs (24 BP) Increases Special Attack but restricts Pokemon moves to one.

  • Choice Scarf (24 BP) Increases Speed but restricts Pokemon moves to one.

  • Focus Sash (24 BP) If full HP, holder endures a KO move with 1 HP remaining.

  • Life Orb (24 BP) Boosts move power but deducts HP on each hit.

  • Rare Candy (24 BP) Raises Pokemon one full level on consumption.

Again some very awesome items to be had – in fact unlike previous games the practically unlimited access to the Stones means that you can evolve those types of Pokemon almost to your heart's content, which really if you have been playing these games for long, is a big deal!

The man in black on the right side of the lobby can brief you on the strong trainers you have met – right now that is just Cheren. There are vending machines with beverages on the bottom right of the lobby, and that wraps up the PWT for now.

Team Plasma's Frigate is their floating headquarters
Team Plasma's Frigate is their floating headquarters

The Frigate Battle

Leaving the PWT you will immediately talk to Hugh and Cheren again, with Cheren being wicked impressed by both your progress. A Team Plasma Grunt goes running by which causes Hugh to want to investigate but Colress shows up and stops you for the moment, but Hugh is having none of that and runs off, with Cheren following! Of course you need to follow too – Colress just does not get it.

As you follow and stop on to the Plasma Frigate you feel a chill, and then you are all confronted by an army of Plasma Grunts, and you find yourself forced into a pair of singles battles against two Grunts, and then you need to partner with Cheren then Hugh for a set of doubles battles!

The first Grunt has a Level 30 Koffing and pays $1200, while the second Grunt has a Level 30 Trubbish and also pays $1200. Easy money! Step up and chat with Cheren to join him in a doubles battle in which you face two Grunts who have a Level 29 Golbat and Level 29 Grimer, followed by a Level 29 Liepard and Level 29 Krokorok, and pay $2320.

After that battle you run south to talk to Hugh and join as his partner in a doubles battle, with the Grunts trotting out a Level 29 Grimer and Level 29 Koffing, followed by a Level 29 Watchog and Level 29 Raticate. They pay $2320 for the lesson you and Hugh just taught them, at which point their leader – or perhaps the Captain of this Plasma Frigate anyway – comes running on to the deck all angry and yelling, but when he sees who has invaded their sacred HQ he summons the Shadow Triade to teleport you onto the dock, and he gets the Frigate right out of there!

If you played the previous games in the 5th gen of the series you have met Zinzolin before, in the Colds Storage before this area was converted to be the PWT HQ! Old Z messes up and reveals their plans, and then summons the Shadow Triad to deal with you – and they do! Hugh runs off then Cheren makes a few Observations and he runs off to Route 6 – which we will be following after but not quite yet...

Wrapping up a few minor Issues

So first go ahead and explore the docks and chat with the trainer you encounter, and be sure to grab the PP Up from the Treasure Ball to the west. Exit the docks but head right instead of left, and you will find more counters. At the first one is a Move Trainer who can teach a special move to the starter generations – specifically Charizard, Typhlosion, Blaziken, Infernape, and Emboar for Fire-types, Blastoise, Feraligatr, Swampert, Empoleon, and Samurott for Water-types, Venusaur, Meganium, Sceptile, Torterra, and Serperior for Grass-types. At the next counter over the Move Tutor there will teach a special move to the Starter Pokemon from THIS game – assuming you have it with you.

The trainer to the right by the water will gift you with a Rocky Helmet for one of your Pokemon, and if you have your Dowser loaded it will point you to a Zinc in the trash can to the right of the vending machines above. You can also find an Ether to the left of the first counter all the way back over to the left side of the zone (near the entrance to The Relic Passage).

Before we head into The Relic Passage (and we will be) head back into the PWT and talk to the registration clerk again and you will find that you can now complete pretty much whenever you like, and you can now choose from the Driftveil Event, a Rental Event, Mix Event, and the Download Events that you have obtained via the WFC!

If you need to do a spot of leveling for your team this is a great place and time to do that – or not – your call – but remember you have to complete in and win a lot of these events in order to get the BP you need for some of those tasty prizes! Just to be clear, the following events are available to you:

Driftveil, Rental, and Mix Tournaments

* Single Battle

* Double Battle

* Triple Battle

* Rotation Battle

In these events your Pokemon Levels will be lowered to Level 25 to match the levels of the opponents Pokemon – so you will need to choose your team carefully as well as use them effectively! Note that even if you lose you will get some sort of prize depending on how far into the tourney you get, so it will not be a total loss if you find you chose badly.

The Download Events are Double Battles that use four Pokemon and raise your team to Level 50 (or lower it) to make the battles even. Basically you will be fighting the teams that were fielded by the real-world trainers who competed at and won the last World Championships and how cool is that?

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