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The Team Plasma Frigate Redux

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When you step through the exit and into the sun the first thing you will notice is the huge side of Team Plasma's Frigate – and then Gym Leader Marlon will lower the gangplank and give you some odd babble about judgment as Hugh joins you.

Once that little interaction completes, Hugh will rush on board and you will follow him for another rousing battle with Team Plasma!

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 46 Watchog and a Level 46 Garbodor and pays nothing, running away after the battle!

They run towards the open hatch as does Hugh, so follow you must! Before you head over to Hugh go up on the upper deck of the ship to the north and collect the Revive from the Treasure Ball there, and then join Hugh at the hatch.

Hugh goes in and you follow, and you have a doubles battle with some more Grunts, who have Level 46 Golbat and Seviper, followed by Level 46 Garbodor and Drapion, and pay you $3680 for the lesson. Hopefully you did not get badly mauled in that exchange but if you did, use your med kit to refresh your team now.

The Grunts run off and Hugh tells you that you should split up and look for the switches to bring down the barriers ahead – you will recall that there was another hatch going below outside at the other end of the ship, so let us head there and avail ourselves of that convenient entrance to the bowels of the Frigate!

The Team Plasma Frigate holds many surprises
The Team Plasma Frigate holds many surprises

Into the Frigate

When you get below Hugh encounters what looks like a Team Plasma Grunt but who is really a spy and ex-Plasma Grunt, who tells you that to reach the heart of the ship you need the passwords... Good to know!

There are real Grunts patrolling the sides so let's deal with them now.

Team Plasma Grunt (right side) has a Level 47 Scrafty and pays $1880.

Team Plasma Grunt (left side) has a Level 45 Scraggy, Level 45 Krokorok, and Level 45 Golbat and pays $1800.

Heal your team up and then head to the top of the passage and enter the door in the top left for a battle.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 47 Weezing and pays $1880. After you defeat them they give you the first clue to the password, telling you that the first Number is 7.

Exit the compartment and head directly across the hall to the top right compartment for the next battle.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 47 Drapion and pays $1880. In defeat he is less helpful, telling you “Password? Enter whatever you like! For your information, my favorite Number is 0.”

Exit the compartment and go south to the next room on the right and enter to find a pair of Grunts - the one to the north points out to you that a Trainer who battles looking for passwords may not be getting the right answers even when they win, and the Grunt to the south tells you that you can sleep in any of the beds here to heal up if you like - and I recommend you do that now.

With your team healed, leave the compartment and cross to the other side of the passage and enter the compartment there to find a mess hall with a big projection screen and a pair of Grunts.

The first Grunt tells you that they lost all of their Pokemon, while the second shows you a picture of both of the Legendary Pokemon at the heart of this Adventure. Actually you already saw those in the hut way back but that is OK, they still look pretty cool!

In the middle right side of the room is a Treasure Ball with an Electirizer you should grab, and opposite that in the middle left is a Grunt who wants to do battle!

Team Plasma Grunt has a trio of Level 45 Pawniard, and pays you $1800 for the lesson, and after you defeat them gifts you with a Plasma Card, which is a required item in order to enter the password you are seeking.

At the bottom of the room by the door is a Grunt that will just tell you you are the person the alarm was about but who will not battle, but standing in the kitchen area is a Grunt who will battle you!

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 47 Garbador, and who pays you $1880, and offers you the clue that “Three of the four digits are the same Number.”

You can talk to the cook in the corner who tells you that she bakes bread every day, but that pretty much wraps up this compartment. Depending on how much damage you took or PP you used, you may want to return to the rest compartment and use the bed there. Either way your next compartment is the one opposite the south door of the Mess Hall.

In the center of the hallway outside the Mess Hall is a Grunt who tells you that you need the Plasma Card to enter the Password - but we knew that already - and when you enter the opposite compartment you find two Grunts waiting there.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 46 Whirlipede, and a Level 46 Watchog, and pays you $1840, then tells you that the password is a numeric code. He then tells you that the second Number is 7.

Now head to the Grunt standing by the right-hand wall and have another battle!

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 46 Krokorok and a Level 46 Raticate, and pays you $1840 for the lesson, then tells you that the password is a four-digit Number, and the last number is 7.

Right, so at this point we have cleared this area of the ship, so hit the rest compartment again to fully heal up your team, and then backtrack to the forcefield room with the password console at the other end of the ship, and let us review the clues that we obtained:

The Password Hints

(1) You need the Plasma Card to enter the Password.

(2) The Password is a four-digit Number.

(3) Three of the four digits are the same Number.

(4) The first Number is 7.

(5) The second Number is 7.

(6) The last Number is 7.

(7) A favorite Number of one Grunt is 0.

If logic follows, taking all of this into account, the password should be 7-7-0-7, so why not try that on the console now?

Well what do you know! Those were some very helpful Grunts! Now that the forcefield is down we can proceed to the teleport pad, so do that now!

Zinzolin is the man with the plan
Zinzolin is the man with the plan

Meeting Up with Zinzolin

When the pad deposits us at the other end we find ourselves in a large room with Zinzolin, and it seems that we are about to have an encounter with him in which he reveals the true power behind Team Plasma's new weapon – and that turns out to be the Legendary Pokemon Kyurem!

Zin then tells you that you have to die – but Hugh shows up to be your battle buddy and you take on Zin and a Grunt, who have a Level 45 Liepard and Level 48 Cryogonal, followed by a Level 45 Watchog and Level 48 Cryogonal. Next they field a Level 45 Scolipede and Level 50 Weavile.

When the battle is over they pay you $10800 for the lesson, and then before you can make good your triumph Zin calls on the Shadow Triad and they teleport you off of the ship and it takes to the sky, departing with that Legendary Pokemon and its weaponized power!

Cheren puts in an appearance and tells you that Team Plasma is headed towards The Giant Chasm – and Hugh takes off in that direction.

Right, so we have pretty much wrapped up everything that we needed to do on Route 21 and in the cave, so all that we really need to do is Fly back to Humilau Town now and hit the Pokemon Center to heal, re-supply, and save, and then head to the entrance of The Giant Chasm!

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Nov 8th 2014 Guest
the passwords must be different. I got
hint 1: starts with R
hint 2: dragon
hint 3: fire
hint 4: legend
hint 5: white dragon from unova
it was Reshiram
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