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Game Reviews for Pokemon White 2


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Warrior1329th Aug 2012, ID #1435
Pokemon White 2 is one of the two newest games of Pokemon. Pokemon White 2 takes you beyond Pokemon White. The setting is the Unova Region two years after the Pokemon White Storyline. Along with Old..

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nagromnagrom5th Nov 2013, ID #1463
The introduction is your mom coming to your house to tell you that Bianca is going to give you a starter Pokemon and a pokedex. Once you get them both you are sent out to find the remnant of team ..

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Quick Reviews

GreatAdded 2 Jan 2015, ID #18181
It was very high tech and advanced.. The graphics were nice, and I really liked how the girls hair moved when she was moving. Those little things really set the tone for the game, which was that they could afford to throw in cool stuff for fun, that some people wouldn't notice, but they did it to show they could do these little things like they were nothing. I thought that the producers had really outdone themselves with this game, and I hope that I can get more games like this one in the futureSmile

Great gameAdded 19 Jun 2013, ID #17963
I loved thee features they added in to the game like the PWT, I just wish the game was longer. I spent more time on Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team trying to beat the post story plot that I sent working on the main plot of Pokemon white 2. But over all, I thought it was a great game. It took me longer to beat Pokemon white 2 than Pokemon white (I beat white from start to finish in a week)

Pokemon White 2Added 21 Mar 2013, ID #17893
Pokemon White 2 is an amazing game! It has a great story line and tons of great Pokemon. The ONLY thing I don't like about it is that some of the Pokemon are pretty lame (ex: Stunfisk, Vanillite, etc.). Plus the story could have gone on a little longer. But other than that it's AWESOME. With new features like, Join Ave.- a place where a whole avenue is yours to create. You can make shops, and make them as popular as you can. Also there is the new feature Pokestar Studios- where you can star in your own movies and then watch them in the theaters. In the story line it's 2 yrs. Later and Ghetsis is back and again is trying to take over the world. So once again you must be the hero, except this time N is on your side! Now I don't want to give too much away, so to find out more you can play it yourself. Have Fun!

CodesAdded 21 Feb 2013, ID #17843
These are the best codes I've seen in the game. This game is awesome.I keep looking for shinys but I don't see any. I have the shiny charm and the Pokemon modifier but there are none. Other than that this is the 2nd best Pokemon game I have!!!!!

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