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The After-Game Briefing

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First of all, well done you! While you have not actually completed all that there is to do in Pokemon White 2, you have completed all of the main story and the main quest, so again, well done you!

Before you worry about having seen a sign saying “The End” though, you should be aware that there is a LOT left for you to do. Before we get to that though, we need to go over this pre-end Briefing so that you have a solid idea of what is still ahead of you, right mates?

The Pre-End Situation

You are now the League Champion for the Unova Region, you are also the savior of Unova in that you have defeated Team Plasma, and you should be very close to having completed your Unova Pokedex. More on that in a bit. Before we do though I need to address something...

In the months between when I wrote the walkthrough and guide for Pokemon Black 2 and the time that it took to complete this walkthrough and guide for Pokemon White 2 I have received an incredible amount of email from readers asking a Number of questions that were generally not covered in that first guide, but that I have decided to cover extensively in this walkthrough and guide with the intent to add a note to the original Black 2 Guide that players should read this section and those that follow in this guide in addition. That way they will get the benefit of all of the Q&A...

These walkthrough/guides were intended to primarily cover the main game - and do that very well - but as noted above, there are so many aspects of the after-game offering so many different challenges that it has become clear that we really need to address those as well, just so that you have all of the tools that you need to continue!

Really that is the point - the comments and questions that I have received suggest that while you found great value and use in the strategies and information that are covered in the main game walkthrough in the previous sections, there is still an intense desire on the part of the readers to fully embrace and complete everything that the game has to offer, so if you bear with us, we will be getting to that now.

After The End

The Elite Four has been defeated, the Unova Regional Champ has been replaced by you, and the credits have played out, along with a great big and very misleading THE END - but as you will shortly see as the game resumes you find yourself in your bedroom at home, well rested, and clearly ready to face the world on a more than equal footing as the new Regional Champion.

As you walk into the living room your Mum greets you and then you are paid a visit by Professor Juniper, who in addition to praise, also has a very important upgrade for your Pokedex which adds the capacity and entries for the National Pokedex. Excellent!

After your dex is expanded, your Mum gifts you with some Max Revives, and you are now ready to begin resolving a Number of post-story issues and challenges, many of which we will be addressing in the new sections that follow this one, but for now let us complete the Briefing in this section...

Receiving the National Dex Upgrade

The Unova and National Dex

First take a quick look at your newly-expanded Pokedex, which now includes the National Dex data slots which allows for a file and entry for a total of 649 Pokemon! Wow!

When you examine just the Unova Pokedex bear in mind that the game was structured so that while you cannot actually capture and collect all of the Pokemon in it, by taking the time and making the effort to fight every trainer in your game, you CAN add an entry for every Pokemon in the Unova version of the Pokedex - and doing so actually earns you a significant reward, as does actually collecting all of the Unova Pokedex Pokemon, and then there is a third and very special reward for completing your collection of all of the National Pokedex Pokemon.

Bear in mind though that regardless of the version of the dex you are looking at you are not actually required to have an entry for, or have collected, any of the proper Legendary Pokemon - you only have to have an entry for and collect the regular ones. Though of course wanting to collect them all is not something we would hold against you!

Completing the Pokedex Versions

As previously noted, if you took the time and made the effort to battle every trainer, you already have a pretty good handle on the Unova Dex, and now that you have completed unlocking the National Dex and you have defeated the Regional Champion, you now have nearly complete access to all of the areas in the region - including the three towns and special areas that were blocked off up until now and that were the starting point for the original Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

What that means is that once you “clear” that last section of the map, capturing the Pokemon that are available in each of the many sections that make up that final area, and having battles with the many trainers who are waiting there to battle you, save for a very small Number of youngster Pokemon you will need to use the now accessible and useable Pokemon Daycare Center that is off that new route, if you apply yourself and your Dittos you should quickly complete the Unova Dex at least with basic entries.

Once you do that, you are eligible for a special reward for collecting all of the Unova and National Dex Pokemon, but for the moment we want to look at the steps and efforts you will need to take and make to complete that collection process.

These can be uniformly organized in a Number of fixed stages.

Stage One: Collecting the rest of the Pokemon in Unova.

You complete this stage by fully clearing the remaining routes and areas, collecting the remaining Pokemon for this version, so that you have generated a listing (not complete listing) for every Pokemon in the Unova Dex.

You will want to battle every trainer on these last few routes and areas as you can because that way you get to see the Pokemon you still have yet to see for the Unova Dex.

After that all that remains is for you to either (A) find a mate with Pokemon Black 2 so that you can trade for the version-exclusive Pokemon from it and thus fully complete the Unova Collection; or (B) make use of the Global Trade System to acquire the Pokemon you need that way.

Stage Two: Collecting the National Dex Pokemon

This bit is a lot more complicated in that to do it you are going to need - in addition to a mate with Pokemon Black 2 - access to some Gen IV games that have been played through to the end for their versions, and that ideally have a full collection of their Pokemon as well.

With access to several (or if you are a serious Pokefan ALL) of the Gen IV titles and, assuming you have a second Nintendo DS-based system, you can easily complete this by either transferring the Pokemon via the Generation IV to Generation V transfer mechanism, or if you want to retain the substance of your Gen IV games, you can breed the first evolution forms for each Pokemon type and then transfer the newly bred babes to your Gen V game.

Either way this gets you what you need, and if there are gaps or your do not have all of the Gen IV titles you can combine this method with using the Global Trade System for the ones you do not have as long as you have the basic entry for them in your Dex.

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you complete a Pokedex, and I hope that you have the opportunity to experience that feeling in Pokemon White 2, even if you cannot get all of the Legendary Pokemon.

So with that minor bit of foreshadowing out of the way, it is time to begin the continuation of our adventures in Pokemon White 2!

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