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Pokemon Memory Link

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While there are several (I am tempted to say “many”) new game modes for Black 2 / White 2, the one that we are addressing here – which is a stand-out mode to be sure – is the new Memory Link Mode - and it is far more important thaN most Trainers realize because when it is used fully it can lead you to the ability to capture ALL of N's Pokemon Team from the previous games Black and White. More on this later in this section...

About Memory Link

If you are not aware Memory Link does something wicked cool: it links your copy of Pokemon Black and Black 2 or White and White 2 (or actually Black and White 2 and pretty much every other permutation you can manage) together as a pair or matched set of games, which has the effect of coordinating the historical information between the two so that you not only have the opportunity to touch base with characters from the previous games, but you actually get to see what happened to them in the two years since the end of Black/White and the start of the current Black 2 / White 2 era, in which Team Plasma has returned with a vengeance and anecdotally FOR vengeance!

Linking Your Games

Is it reasonable to expect that you not only still have your copy of Black/White, but the save on it reflects the measure of your accomplishments in tracking down and capturing the Pokemon in the game and for the National Dex? Absolutely!

After you power-on the game you get the Splash Screen and animation, and then you land on the “Start” Screen (it prompts you to hit “Start” basically). Hitting Start (or the 'A' Button will work too) takes you to what we call the “Main Menu” for the game, which contains the following choices:




Unova LINK





The choices above should be pretty obvious – and as we do not want to continue and transition to the world of Unova wherever it is that we last saved the game, nor do we want to begin a new game or connect to the Mystery Gift System (unless there is a gift being given out at the moment – is there? IF there is you should go get that!

The rest of the options save for Battle Competition (that is covered elsewhere) are basically utility items, with Mic Test doing what it says, allowing you to test the functionality of the Microphone that is built into your system, while the Nintendo WFC and Game Sync Settings are configuration menus.

What we are left with obviously is the automatic Chocolate Milk Dispenser and the Lemon Heads Candy dispenser... Wait... No, that's the machine next to my desk, sorry about that... Ah! Unova Link! Right!

Unova LINK

Selecting that item from the menu takes us to the Unova Link sub-menu, which contains the following selection options:





The Key System is the menu that allows us to set the active Key in the game or trade Keys with a mate who has the game opposite from our own, which in this case would be Pokemon Black 2, and which allows us to reconfigure a strategically important area in order to obtain a special Pokemon or three, but more on that elsewhere...

The Nintendo 3DS Link allows you to receive research data from the Nintendo 3DS Download software that is built into the sympathetic companion app and game called Pokemon Dream Radar (more on that elsewhere) that, in addition to transferring data, will also transfer any Pokemon you capture in the Dream Radar System (normal, normal+hidden move, special/rare, and special/alternate form Pokemon specifically) storing these Pokemon in your selected Incoming Box and items in your bag.

So that leaves us with the Memory Link – and selecting that reveals the following new sub-menu:





If you have not already completed this process previously, the Memory List will be empty, but if you have already done this then Memory List will contain a list of the memories obtained along with a somewhat cryptic and leading description that is very much like a clue...

Initiating the connection via the Wireless Communication option is for when you and the pair of consoles with their complementary game cartridges are in the same physical location, which allows the two consoles to use what amounts to their local (peer-to-peer) connectivity hardware, while in theory using the WFC allows you to link to a saved game file via the Pokemon Global Link.

The instructions for using the WFC System read:

“It's recommended that you link after tucking in a Pokemon in Pokemon Black Version or Pokemon White Version so it is the newest version of the saved game file.”

For a peer-to-peer connection, the process for linking your two games is actually very simple, and Begins with a minor bit of preparations – starting with grabbing your Dsi/DSiXL/3DS/3DSXL and your copies of Pokemon Black and Black 2, setting aside a user-friendly work space that lends itself towards comfortable organization, and then you get to it by completing the following steps:

(1) Insert Pokemon Black 2 in your preferred console (now known as DS-A) and turn it on;

(2) Insert Pokemon Black into your second console (now known as DS-B) and turn it on;

(3) Run Pokemon Black 2 on DS-A and open the Main Menu;

(4) Select “Unova Link” on DS-A and press 'A' then select Memory Link and press 'A';

(5) Select “Download and Play” on DS-B and confirm that you want it to run the program “Memory Link ID: 14880” (the actual ID Number will be different for yours but you get the idea);

(6) Wait while the program is transferred from DS-A to DS-B, at which point it will run on DS-B and the two consoles exchange data. You do not actually need to do anything to cause this exchange to take place after this point, it will do so automatically. The display on DS-B will then read “Memory Link will close. Please turn off the power.” and you should then turn off the power on DS-B;

(7) On DS-A you get the message “Writing to the saved game file is complete.” DS-A is actually waiting for you to hit the 'A' button (suggested by the presence of the blinking “continue” downward-pointing arrow prompt in the lower right-hand corner of the top display;

(8) Wait while the games write to the save game file on each;

(9) Hit the 'A' button and you will receive the message on the top display of DS-A that reads “Memory Link was successful.” That means just what it sounds like it means – the memories have been written to the game save on DS-A and for all practical intents and purposes this part of the action is completed.

At this point the process has reverted to the clean state that it is at at the beginning – and you will have received the notification that “Something has changed” message on your screen and then you are instructed to check the Memory List on the menu that now opens up.

Well done you! Good on ya! You have now completed your very first foray into the new world of online interactive and in theory multi-player gaming that is part of the new modes for the Pokemon game series!

This New Memory Thingy

When you open the Memory List you will find a sequence of memories that are specific to your games – as an example I will use mine, but they will naturally be different than yours...

The list I received reads:

A Triple Team: Listen to Cress, Chili, and Cilan's story at Striaton City's Restaurant.

Different Bones and Dreams: Go to Nacrene City Museum to hear Lenora, the bone specialist, tell a story.

Hearts' Desire: Brycen is waiting in a place with a frozen floor in Icirrus City.

A New Light: After your entering of the Hall of Fame, Drayden starts thinking about the past in Opelucid City.

Taking it to the Next Level: After your visit to Lentimas Town, Skyla stares blankly while standing in front of the Mistralton City Gym. She wants to talk to someone about something that's worrying her.

White and Black: After participating in the PWT, someone is visiting the house in Driftveil City where the ex-Team Plasma members are. . .

Meeting Friends, Saying Good-Bye: At a Pokemon Center, a Pokemon Breeder is thinking about Pokemon.

You should grab a piece of scrap paper and write down the list in complete accuracy so that you can follow its clues to take you to the people noted for the events noted!

The nature of this system is such that even if you repeat the process, connecting the pair of games again, you will get the very same list of memories, the reason being that this is literally an extension of the events that played out in your previous adventures in Pokemon Black/White so it has to be the same, right? After all we are talking about history for events that took place two years ago!

Using the “Back” selection from the various sub-menus go all the way back to where the game resets to the Start Screen, then hit Start and then Continue – and the game now loads to wherever you were when last you saved.

Pursuing the Memories

After the game loads and you are in control of your character, read the first memory and its clue – for the purposes of this guide we will use the memories from my games – which reads:

“A Triple Team: Listen to Cress, Chili, and Cilan's story at Striaton City's Restaurant.”

Right then, so stepping outside of the Pokemon Center I open my team menu and select my Mandibuzz (a vulture-like Pokemon who happens to be the dual-type of Dark-Flying and who knows the HM for Fly), and triggering FLY on Stinky (my Pokemon is named “Stinky” mostly because just when I was capturing him and I was prompted for a name for him my wife's dog Charley broke loose with one of the nastiest and fully patented paint-removing silent-but-deadly dog farts you have ever had the misfortune to experience...

If my life were actually lived inside of an animated cartoon world, at this point in the story what you would have seen was an expression of happy joy on Charles’s face at the absolutely silent release of body gas that would do a skilled Ninja proud – while at that very moment a cloud of deadly-looking dark green gas escapes from his nether regions -- that area is strategically blocked by a pillow or some other object so that while you just know that the gaseous cloud originated from his anal orifice, you cannot not actually SEE the gas emerging from his anal orifice – since despite the fact that he is a dog and his anal orifice is on display pretty much any time you look at him from behind nonetheless it would be disguised or blocked since you know, if it was not we could not appear on Saturday morning TV, I am just saying...

While all of this is going on there are tiny images of skulls with crossed bones flitting around inside the folds of the roiling cloud as it slowly dissipated throughout the room, with larger cartoon-like forms of a cadre of cloaked figures bearing scythes quickly guiding the gas cloud around the room, so that it is now coating the walls causing the paint on them to slowly peel off in large visually pleasing chunks.

When the cloud reaches a baited mousetrap in the corner by an upside-down U-shaped hole in the baseboard the cheese in the trap instantly turns to blackened ash and a cartoon mouse emerges from the hole wearing a World War I vintage gas mask, makes a knowing gesture at you, and then holds up a sign that says “Stinky!” And THAT is how my Level 76 Mandibuzz got his name!

@ Striaton City's Restaurant

When we arrive in Striaton City there is a man-in-white (the spiritual opposite of the man-in-black) blocking the door and, when you talk to him he tells you that this is the Striaton City Restaurant and there can always be battles found inside – then he goes in and we follow him!

A girl with purple hair on the left just past the counter is walking around and, when you talk to her, she tells you: “Striation City's triplets make a fantastic combination!

“The user of Grass-type Pokemon, Cilan can pick the finest leaves.

“The user of Water-type Pokemon, Cress, can bring the finest water.

“The user of Fire-type Pokemon, Chili, can heat the water to the perfect temperature.

“Now I get it! They can make the perfect tea!”

The trainer with red-hair (the Red Headed Boy or RHB for now) in the top left table will offer to tell you why the restaurant is no longer a Pokemon Gym after you talk with her several times – showing you a CS that depicts this event from the past, which is a conversation between the famed Triplets of the town! You know it is a vision from the past as it is sepia-toned...

Cilan: “Chili, are you listening to me? We have to study hard and become full-fledged Gym Leaders as soon as possible...”

Chili: “About that. If we had gone to N's Castle a year ago, the Seven Sages and the Shadow Triad wouldn't have escaped! Then, nobody would say something like 'Three of you together make. . .'”

Cress: “I guess you're right.”

Cilan: “You think so? But it isn't that big a deal. We may not have made it in time, but Team Plasma is still gone.”

Chili: “Argh! It's because you say things like that. That's why people treat us like a joke! Like it takes all three of us together to make one great Trainer!”

Cress: “You're overthinking it, but I can't say the possibility is zero.”

Cilan: Come on, you two. . . Don't you think it's a but strange to get recognition and respect as Gym Leaders just for beating bad guys?”

Chili: “I understand what you're saying. But if things go on like this, nothing will ever change. Even if we train, the other Gym Leaders will become that much more stronger as well.”

(The Shadow Triad now appear out of thin air in the corner)

Shadow Triad: Then. . . We'll battle you.

Cress:” Based on your appearance, you must be the Shadow Triad. But why are you here?”

Shadow Triad: “We came on a whim. . . To vent. . . To pass time. . . It doesn't matter.”

Chili: “Three on three! The first one to beat them is the strongest among us!”

(A battle ensues)

Shadow Triad: “Too easy. . .”

Shadow Triad: These three aren't worth worrying about. We must focus on the other Gym Leaders so that next time they won't get in our way.”

Shadow Triad: Well. . . Lord Ghetsis is waiting. We must catch that Pokemon.”

(The Shadow Triad teleport away together)

Chili: “C'mon! What was that? Come back here and say that again!”

Cilan: “I mean. . . They were overwhelmingly strong.”

Cress: “We have to admit it. The three Leaders of Striaton City make one full-fledged Trainer.”

Cilan: “You're right. Chili, Cress. I think that as long as the three of us act like the Gym Leaders we are now, nothing will ever change.”

Chili: “I didn't think you would be the first to say that.”

Cress: Of course, I, Cress, was thiking about that too.”

Cilan: “All right. Let's resign as Gym Leaders and start our training over from the ground up. Then, I'm sure one of us will become a Trainer everyone recognizes as great.”

Chili: We're triplets. What we think is the same. So we just have to become as strong as each other, and then we can be Gym Leaders together again!”

Cress: OK. So as for the replacement Gym Leader. . .

(Back in the Restaurant and the red-headed boy is telling the story again...)

RHB: The unobtainable Trio Badge. . . No, one day we will make the Trio Badge shine again!”

Talk to the RHB one more time and..

RHB: I'm Chili! My Fire-type Pokemon are too hot to handle! What it boils down to is I want you to be my partner!

(You must now choose YES or NO?)

When you choose YES he tells you that he is the strongest of the brothers, and then you find yourself on the stage of the restaurant standing beside Chili, while across from you are blue-haired Cilan and green-haired Cress...

As the battle Begins you face their Level 65 Maractus and Basculin, followed by their Level 65 Slowking and Level 67 Simisage, and finally their Level 67 Simipore and Level 65 Ferrothorn.

At the end of the battle you collect an impressive $16080 in addition to the large chunk of XP you gathered from each of their Pokemon when you defeated it. At the final resolution of the battle Chili tries to convince his brothers to admit that he is the strongest and the best but they appear not to be willing to go that far...

Resolution of the Memories

The resolution of the battle signals the end of the resolution of the memory and the story – which in turn has revealed the story of Chili, Cilan, and Cress, and what happened to them in the two years since your Adventure in Black or White.

You have other memories to view and resolutions to obtain, and if you made different choices in your game, they may take a different path and present a different story to you, perhaps a happier set of memories or, maybe, a sad one?

The point to this is not which, or how, or even where, but rather that you have now seen how your actions in the previous story impacted the lives of these other people and, perhaps of more interest and importance, you get to experience events that suggest that the developers are taking a much fuller and more meaningful approach to the story and how it impacts the future in the game. I don't know about you, but I am all for that!

Anyway that is one sample memory from the Memory Link – there are plenty more where that came from!

Obtaining N's Pokemon Black / White Teams

Hopefully you played the previous game or even both of Pokemon Black and White, and hopefully you retained your game cards and their invaluable saves - because through one or both you have the opportunity to recover some or all of the PokemoN from N's Team in those games!

Upon your arrival in Driftveil City, after a bit of exploring as we cover iN that section of the walkthrough, you eventually end up confronting the splintered elements of the ex-Team Plasma and through them you are given one of N's special Pokemon from his Black/White Team, Zorua, to keep and to raise and, if you accept the charge from these reformed Plasma members, to care for it.

IN addition to gifting you with Zorua the Sage also reveals that, using Memory Link if is possible, if you have linked to a save from one of the previous games that is fully played, that there are more of N's Black/White Team out there in the wilds for you to reclaim!

You are not reading this wrong - the Memory Link caN provide you with not just the thoughts that N was having when he released them, but the Locations and thus the general area to which you must go in order to reclaim them!

WheN you make use of the Memory Link you are treated to flashbacks of when N started releasing his Pokemon - and these flashbacks activate events which can enable you to not only locate all of these Pokemon, but capture them - though with certain restrictions.

You know N but not well, to you he is really just a historical character who played a major role in the events that unfolded two years before in Unova (remember that the Trainer you are playing now is NOT the Trainer from the previous games!).

Because you did not have the close interactioN or develop a relationship with N, you are both under no obligation to honor the sentiments and desires that he revealed during the events in the past, or really should be aware of them at all! So those issues do not play into the decision to seek out and reclaim these Pokemon, but as noted above, there are some restrictions...

Accessing the Memories

The process by which you access these Memories Begins with making a list of the Memory Locations after you complete the importing of them, which gives you clues as to where you need to go to find the special trainers who have those memories. These are sailor-type trainers wearing red scarf-caps and for the most part can be found in Pokemon Centers by the desk when there is a memory to be had there.

The team that belonged to N was released just prior to the end of the game and the adventures in Pokemon Black & White, and while the memories are found in cities and towns, the Pokemon themselves are to be found in the wild.

WheN you encounter one of N's old team members, you will be warned when your capture battle with them Begins that they “may not be wild” which is the game's way of telling you that you have found one of the Pokemon you are seeking. Obviously you will want to take great care and make considerable efforts to capture and not kill them! I have some Observations to make in that regard at the end of this section, but for now we will remain on topic...

Another of the restrictions that you will encounter upoN capturing one of the infamous N-Team is that the capture and recording system in your Pokedex and Gear will NOT allow you to rename those Pokemon after you capture them. Normally you can rename any Pokemon you collect in the Wilds, but not so with these.

To help you iN realizing that you are having a special encounter the battle start animation is slightly different for N's old team members - being similar (but not identical) to the animation that is used for Shiny Pokemon. That is intended to serve as a head's up to you that something is different or unique about the Pokemon you are about to battle.

Should you have any doubt that you have collected one of N's Pokemon that doubt will be extinguished when you access their record in your Pokegear and Pokedex, as the Original Trainer entry for each will not list your name and ID Number, but rather will list N's!

To illustrate what you can expect to find, simply examine the record for the Zorua that the Sage gave you previously when you cleared Driftveil City - I copy that below for your edification:

Dex No.: 151

Name: Zorua

Type: Dark


ID No.: 00002

Pokemon Info:

Hasty nature (your individual Zorua may have a different nature)

4/29/2013 (that is the date I received it, yours will likely be a different date)

Driftveil City (that is the location you received the Pokemon at)

This Pokemon was apparently friends with a certain Trainer.

Proud of its power.

Ability: Illusion - comes out disguised as the Pokemon in back.

Each of the team members that formerly belonged to N that you reclaim in the wild, using the Memory Link clues, will mirror the Zorua above with respect to their OT and OT ID Number, as well as the notations in the Pokemon Info Page 2 of their record, specifically “This Pokemon was apparently friends with a certain Trainer.” That should serve as adequate proof that you have reclaimed one of N's old buddies.

N's Pokemon Released Teams

You may encounter the following Pokemon, depending upon the clues that you receive in the Memory Link - and you do need to complete the viewing of the memories to fully engage this system in order to be able to capture them. The Locations listed below with respect to each of the Pokemon are the locations from the Hints that I and some of the real-world Trainers who helped me with gathering details and strategy obtained. Yours could be slightly different - or not - I am not certain about that.

Each of these Pokemon will have a unique combinatioN of either stats and ability or moves, and though they are for the most part regular Pokemon since they were N's most players treat them as Rare Sub-Legendaries...

You may wish to do so as well, or at the very least mark them with a special mark so that you do not accidentally trade them or dismiss them if you have them in sorted storage. I used a combination of the Diamond and Star myself - you can add those markings by accessing the Summary Page and tapping on the marking you want to use, just saying.

N's Pokemon Potentially Available to You

This listing does includes the Zorua that you were given by the Sage in Driftveil City.

The Locations listed here for capture may be different for you depending on the memory, or maybe not. We do not have enough empirical information to be able to say with any reliability.

Pokemon Name: Purrloin

Unova Dex No: 012

National Dex No: 509

Location it was Reclaimed: Route 2

Pokemon Name: Pidove

Unova Dex No: 014

National Dex No: 519

Location it was Reclaimed: Pinwheel Forest

Pokemon Name: Woobat

Unova Dex No: 066

National Dex No: 527

Location it was Reclaimed: Wellspring Cave

Pokemon Name: Boldore

Unova Dex No: 060

National Dex No: 525

Location it was Reclaimed: Chargestone Cave

Pokemon Name: Timburr

Unova Dex No: 073

National Dex No: 532

Location it was Reclaimed: Pinwheel Forest

Pokemon Name: Sandile

Unova Dex No: 099

National Dex No: 551

Location it was Reclaimed: Desert Resort

Pokemon Name: Darumaka

Unova Dex No: 102

National Dex No: 554

Location it was Reclaimed: Desert Resort

Pokemon Name: Darmanitan

Unova Dex No: 103

National Dex No: 555

Location it was Reclaimed: Desert Resort

Pokemon Name: Scraggy

Unova Dex No: 117

National Dex No: 559

Location it was Reclaimed: Desert Resort

Pokemon Name: Sigilyph

Unova Dex No: 120

National Dex No: 561

Location it was Reclaimed: Desert Resort

Pokemon Name: Klink

Unova Dex No: 130

National Dex No: 599

Location it was Reclaimed: Chargestone Cave

Pokemon Name: Zorua

Unova Dex No: 151

National Dex No: 570

Location it was Reclaimed: Driftveil City

Pokemon Name: Joltik

Unova Dex No: 173

National Dex No: 595

Location it was Reclaimed: Chargestone Cave

Pokemon Name: Ferroseed

Unova Dex No: 175

National Dex No: 597

Location it was Reclaimed: Chargestone Cave

Pokemon Name: Tympole

Unova Dex No: 228

National Dex No: 535

Location it was Reclaimed: Pinwheel Forest

Of the sets the one that is the most valuable is Zorua of course, since it is the only way in Black 2 and White 2 for you to obtain Zoroark (by evolving Zorua). Previously obtaining the pair involved considerable effort, and so being literally handed the Zorua must be a vast relief to Trainers who do not already possess them from a previous title in the series.

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