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The Relic Passage

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Now that we have done all of the different tasks that we needed to do here at PWT it is time to head to the entrance to the Relic Passage – but before you do that be sure to load your Dowser – then head inside. The bloke just inside the entrance will remind you that Shards are found in the Dust Clouds, and then he will unlock the Funfest Mission “Find Treasures!” for you.

Remember that this is a special zones in which just walking or running can cause you to encounter Wild Pokemon, and this end of the Passage actually has some additional Pokemon that were not present at the other end! So head on in!

Dex No. Name Type Location
69 Boldore Rock Both Areas
76 Drilbur Ground Both Areas, Dust Clouds Only
74 Gurdurr Fughting Both Areas
71 Onix Rock/Ground Both Areas
60 Raticate Normal Area Two
66 Woobat Psychic/Flying Both Areas

You will encounter Level 27 to 30 Boldore, Drilbur, Gurdurr, Onix, Raticate, Woobat, and assuming that you captured one of each of these you have now completed all of the available Pokemon in this zone. You may already have Drilbur, Onix, and Woobat, so you are basically looking for Boldore, Gurdurr, and Raticate, as well as any other you did not get earlier.

The Trainers you will encounter here include:

Backpacker Eileen who has a Level 32 Sandslash and pays $768.

Hiker Keith has a Level 31 Drilburr and a Level 31 Roggenrola and pays $992.

Backpacker Randall has a Level 32 Raticate and pays $768. At the end of the path where you found him is a Treasure Ball with a Protein in it. Be sure to grab that!

Hiker Tobias has a Level 31 Roggenrola and a Level 31 Timburr and pays $992.

Psychic Tully has a Level 33 Swoobat and pays $1056.

Psychic Ena has a Level 32 Baltoy and a Level 32 Yamask and pays $1024.

Backpacker Annie has a Level 32 Watchog and pays $768.

The Relic Passage offers XP and a few new Pokemon
The Relic Passage offers XP and a few new Pokemon

Ahead you will encounter a pit that you can use the HM Strength to push a boulder into and the passage to the next area just beyond. If you had Surf or a Fishing Pole in the next area you could make use of the water here... Using the Dowser you will find a Blue Shard, Green Shard, Red Shard, Yellow Shard, and a Max Repel.

After you work your way to the east and north you find the entrance to the Relic Castle! Heading to the south and east you will eventually reach the passage to the area that was blocked off from the Sewers – so do not head into the Castle just yet, but work your way in that direction, as there are some surprises there...

In a room north of the ledges to the Sewer area after you push the boulder into the pit you will find three Treasure Balls, one with an Ultra Ball, one with a Rare Candy, and one with a Rocky Helmet. In addition to that, using the Dowser you will find a Rock Gem! If you have been following the guide you should already have the other Pokemon from the Sewers, so there is no need to go down into that area, so backtrack to the north and the entrance to the Relic Castle and head in.

The Relic Castle

Dex No. Name Type Location
100 Krokorok Ground/Dark Just Walk
99 Sandile Ground/Dark Just Walk
114 Sandslash Ground Just Walk
124 Yamask Ghost Just Walk

In the Relic Castle you can encounter Level 28 to 29 Krokorok, Sandile, Sandslash, Yamask - you should already have a Sandile and Yamask, so really all that you should need to catch is a Krokorok and a Sandslash.

This is a well defined route and the rooms do not repeat as with the previous games... That is not the real concern here, the real concern is that you keep your Dowser armed, and you keep your eye out for a very rare Pokemon that dwells inside, which is called Volcarona. You really REALLY want to save your game before you battle this and you REALLY want to capture it, trust me on that.

The Relic Castle is home to a rare Pokemon so keep a look out
The Relic Castle is home to a rare Pokemon so keep a look out

Be sure to grab the Sun Stone in the center of the room (use your Dowser to find it) and then head north and SAVE YOUR GAME. Ahead is the aforementioned rare Pokemon and if you kill it, well then it is gone, so save first, THEN battle with it and capture it!

Volcorona is at Level 35 and it is a Bug-Fire Type that is also known as the Sun Pokemon. Volcarona is unique for a Number of reasons, being the last non-Legendary Pokemon in the National Pokedex, which makes it the last Pokemon that evolves from another Pokemon, as well as having the highest Special Attack of all Bug-type Pokemon.

There is a running argument as to whether or not you should name rare and Legendary Pokemon – one side says that since they are unique they should keep their type name, while the other says that they are a Pokemon that you captured, so you should be able to name them whatever you like – I think you should be able to name them whatever you like myself...

In the room all the way to the right after you leave the battle room is a Treasure Ball with an Ultra Ball, so be sure to grab that. If you still have Pokemon from here to capture you can do it in that room as well...

With that rare Pokemon now captured, assuming you have also captured the other common Pokemon that are available here, it is time to head back to town!

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