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Lentimas Town

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The plane lands and we find ourselves outside on the runway with the Professor and Bianca, and the Prof tells us why we are here...

She explains what Cheren told her, telling you about Zekrom and Reshiram, and how they were tamed by trainers. In simple terms Team Plasma should not be able to pull off this plan, so she wants to consult the Opelucid City Gym Leader, who is a Dragon expert, to see if he can shed any light on the matter. She asks if you will help her if anything happens – of course the answer is YES!

Bianca tells you both that she will be doing research at the nearby volcano, and if you chat up the flight attendant standing nearby you will discover that you can use the flight service to fly back if you need to, but with Fly you should not need to... Consulting the Town Map will show you just how far you have come, and the new path you have to walk! So what do you say? Let's get started!

We can start by exploring the area, heading north and talking the trainer at the end of the runway, then to the east and up the stairs to find a Treasure Ball with a Fire Stone in it.

Back on the runway we can head into town, checking out the first building to learn about moves from the bloke on the right, and to discover that the bloke on the left is a Move Tutor who will teach your Pokemon new moves in exchange for Blue Shards.

The Move Tutor will teach the following moves:

Last Resort (2 Shards) Can only be used after using all other moves known.

Iron Defense (2 Shards) Hardens your Pokemon's body raising Defense stat.

Magnet Rise (4 Shards) Levitates for five turns.

Magic Coat (4 Shards) Reflects back status damaging moves and Leech Seed.

Block (6 Shards) Blocks target and prevents escape.

Hyper Voice (6 Shards) Attacks with a horrible echoing shout.

Electroweb (6 Shards) Captures and attacks with an electric net.

Icy Wind (6 Shards) Attacks with a gust of chilled air.

Iron Tail (6 Shards) Your Pokemon swings its iron-hard tail.

Aqua Tail (8 Shards) Your Pokemon swings its tail like a wave.

Earth Power (8 Shards) Causes the ground under target to errupt.

Zen Headbutt (8 Shards) Focuses willpower to head and attacks. May cause target to flinch.

Foul Play (8 Shards) Turns target's power against it.

Superpower (10 Shards) Attacks with great power but lowers your Attack and Defense.

Gravity (10 Shards) Gravity is intensified for five turns.

Dragon Pulse (10 Shards) Generates a shock wave.

Dark Pulse (10 Shards) Releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts.

In the house to the south you obtain TM57 Charge Beam as a gift.

In the Pokemon Center one of the trainers there will gift you with a Spell Tag, and the Medal Man will be there if you have earned any new Medals. Heal up and save, re-supply if you need to, and then exit the town to Reversal Mountain!

Teaming with Bianca offers nearly unlimited leveling and XP
Teaming with Bianca offers nearly unlimited leveling and XP

Reversal Mountain

First of all this is a route as well as a destination, so you will want to go ahead and check the grass here as there are more than just a few new Pokemon to be had here! In fact you will be able to obtain Level 32 to 38 Drifblim, Camerupt, Skarmory, Skorupi, Numel, Trapinch, Vibrava, and Audino!

The following are found in the outside area of Reversal Mountain:

Dex No. Name Type Location
36 Audino Normal Shaking Grass
205 Camerupt Fire/Ground Tall/Dark Grass
209 Drifblim Ghost/Flying Tall/Dark Grass
204 Numel Fire/Ground Tall Grass
203 Skarmory Steel/Flying Tall/Dark Grass
201 Skorupi Poison/Bug Tall/Dark Grass
121 Trapinch Ground Tall Grass
122 Vibrava Ground/Dragon Dark Grass / Double Battles

You will already have Audino, so basically you need to get all of the rest. Once you have done that, start working through the trainers and items as you make your way towards the inside entrance.

On the path you will encounter Cyclist Jeremiah who has a level 37 Zebstrika and pays $1184.

Cyclist Adelaide has a Level 37 Unfezant and pays $1184.

The Strange House contains a special item you need for the bridge
The Strange House contains a special item you need for the bridge

The Strange House

Follow the dark grass path along the cut and you will arrive at the Strange House – move through the brush on the left side of the area and then up to the top and face east at the top corner of the house and press the action button to obtain TM30 Shadow Ball from a hidden Treasure Ball.

Dex No. Name Type Location
211 Banette Ghost Just Walk
140 Duosion Psychic Just Walk
62 Golbat Poison/Flying Just Walk
190 Litwick Ghost/Fire Just Walk
60 Raticate Normal Just Walk
139 Solosis Psychic Just Walk

Head back out front and inside you will encounter Level 31 to 34 Banette, Duosion, Golbat, Litwick, Solosis, and Raticate. You should already have collected a Golbat, Litwick, Raticate, and Solosis, so all that you should need to collect here is a Banette and a Duosion.

To begin our trip through the Strange House head down the stairs to the Basement and collect the Spell Tag from the Treasure Ball here, then continue east to the side of the room and take the stairs there up to the First Floor, heading into the open door directly in front of you.

Inside this room is Backpacker Boone, who has a Level 36 Numel and Level 36 Sigilyph, and pays you $864 for the lesson.

After you beat him and look around you exit the room to discover that the furnishing on the First Floor have been arranged. That is actually the point to this puzzle of a house - we need to basically work our way through each area in order to open the next!

You can still gain access via the stairs on the far right, which lead up to the next level, and as you walk along the path up there a ghost-like form appears out of nowhere, looking for her family, and then disappears! Spoooookkky! Continue all the way to the left and down the stairs and you will notice an unblocked door to enter.

Inside you find a Treasure Ball with a Full Heal.

Exit the room and head down to the basement again and the furniture is rearranged! Work your way through this new maze and grab the Dusk Stone from the Treasure Ball you could not reach before. Now backtrack and then work your way all the way to the right and up the stairs to find again that the furniture has been moved yet again.

The Strange House ghost wants you to do her a favor
The Strange House ghost wants you to do her a favor

Go up the right-hand stairs and into the now accessible room and you will find a Rare Candy in a Treasure Ball there.

Backtrack down and then use the center stairs to encounter another ghost, then you can enter the center room and in a Treasure Ball in the center of the room you will find a Lunar Wing – just what the ghost was talking about! The ghost appears, asking you to return the Lunar Wing to the Pokemon...

Using the left-hand stairs head up and into the left-hand room, and in the center of the room you will encounter a figure – they turn out to be Psychic Lynette who has a Level 36 Drifloon, a Level 36 Spoink, and a Level 36 Drifblim, paying you $1152.

That wraps up what you need to do in the house, so head for the exit then work your way back to the main route and head north along it and ahead on the path is a Treasure Ball with a Full Heal in it, and then you head down the stairs and into the Mountain.

Inside the Mountain

As soon as you enter head to the left and grab the Max Repel from the Treasure Ball there, then you will want to consider collecting the Pokemon here that you still need.

Dex No. Name Type Location
69 Boldore Rock Just Walk
205 Camerupt Fire/Ground Just Walk
77 Excadrill Ground/Steel Dust Clouds
204 Numel Fire/Ground Just Walk
201 Skorupi Poison/Bug Just Walk
66 Woobat Psychic/Flying Just Walk

Inside you will encounter Level 32 to 35 Boldore, Excadrill, Camerupt, Skorupi, Numel, Woobat - and as you should have already captured and collected a Boldore, Camerupt, Numel, Skorupi, and Woobat, all that you need to worry about collecting here is the Excadrill!

It can be a bit tricky when you need to target a Pokemon that only appears in Dust Clouds, since you are much more likely to have a wild encounter if you try running to spawn them... The trick to this is to use a Repel so that you do NOT have regular encounters - using a Repel will NOT prevent Dust Clouds from forming, and this way you will very quickly obtain the Pokemon you are seeking without having to deal with a plethora of other battles...

With that managed you have now completed the Habitat List for this zone - and as you pass into the next area you will encounter Bianca, who says hello and then asks you to help her with the Wild Pokemon here.

She wants you to escort her through the area and she follows you... That does not change the way we play however, so just pretend she wants to tag along while we clear the zone! :)

You should really make the most of this opportunity since Bianca healing you after each battle means you can pretty much grind as many levels as you want in here...

Your Dowser will lead you to a pile of items and loot
Your Dowser will lead you to a pile of items and loot

First thing first, head all the way east to the end of the path and grab the Hyper Potion from the Treasure Ball here, then backtrack and head south and you will come to some stairs on the east side of the path. Head up those for a trainer battle!

Battle Girl Chan has a Level 37 Riolu, Gurdurr, and Riolu, which she deploys as a triple-battle, and when you beat her she pays you $1184.

Using your Dowser find and collect the Elixir that is at the end of the north and east path here, then head back to the stairs and west down them and continue south for a double-trainer battle!

Backpacker Kiyo and Hiker Marcus trot out their Level 37 Golbat and Gurdurr, then their Level 37 Swanna and Crustle, and you and Bianca easily beat them for a reward of $2102!

Now continue south all the way down to the bottom of the cave and use the exit here to enter a smaller cave, then ignore the east exit (there is nothing there for you) and use the south exit to reach a ledge you saw before on which there are two Treasure Balls - one contains an Escape Rope, the other a Smoke Ball.

With those now obtained, backtrack to the main cave and you will see a trainer to the right to battle!

You then battle Pokemon Ranger Lewis who has a Level 38 Watchog and a Level 38 Camerupt and pays $2280. They gift you a Rawst Berry as well by way of thanks.

Continue east a little ways and Bianca will tell you that this is it! This is the spot she was looking for! Before you head down the stairs battle the nearby Trainer...

Doctor Derek who has a Level 38 Swoobat and pays $2280. Even though Bianca is there to heal you the Doc does it anyway. Nice Doc!

Down inside Bianca observes that this could be the lair of the rare Pokemon Heatran - but as it is not present at the moment, you backtrack to the main cave path to continue clearing the Mountain...

Follow the path all the way to the east and, using your Dowser, collect the Red Shard, then backtrack west and north at the first turn you reach, and you will have some more trainer battles.

Backpacker Kumiko, has a Level 37 Golbat, followed by Level 37 Darmanitan, and pays $888.

Hiker Jared has a Level 37 Boldore and a Level 37 Excadrill, and pays out $1184.

Behind him is a Treasure Ball containing a Revive that you should be sure to grab.

Follow the path all the way north and then through the cut and you will find a double-trainer battle waiting for you!

Ace Trainer Cora and Ace Trainer Ray have Level 39 Grumpig and Vibrava, and Level 39 Camerupt and Drifblim and pay $4680.

After the battle head east and down to talk to a trainer below who gifts you with TM54 False Swipe, and then head south down the short path to find a Treasure Ball containing a Nugget.

Ignoring the exit to the east, backtrack west and continue in that direction, and your Dowser will go off near the turn south - grab the Calcium it reveals here - then head south and grab the Yellow Shard that it also reveals, before backtracking to the stairs where you had the double-trainer battle and heading back south there.

At the bottom head all the way west and grab the PP Up from the Treasure Ball there, then backtrack and head south at the first turn, follow your Dowser to the rock with the Star Piece and claim that, then battle the trainer here.

Black Belt Corey who has a Level 37 Scraggy, Gurdurr and another Scraggy who he deploys in a Rotation Battle, and pays you $1184.

Head down the nearby stairs in the east wall and collect the Flame Orb from the Treasure Ball here, and further to the north and then west down here you encounter Pokemon Ranger Eliza.

Pokemon Ranger Eliza has a Level 38 Krokorok and a Level 38 Arcanine, and pays you $2280. After the battle she gifts you a Rawst Berry.

Follow the Dowser up to the rock in the corner and claim the Fire Gem hidden there, then backtrack all the way to the stairs and up and out. Go all the way south here then west at the bottom of the path and continue all the way to end, take a short jog north then east, following the flaming path here to obtain TM69 Rock Polish from the Treasure Ball here.

At this point you have pretty much done all that there is to do here, and since you have already taken Bianca to the lower area that may or may not be where Heatran lived, you have completed helping her with her research as well. What that means is that you can leave by the top right exit we saw before, which leads to Undella Town whenever you like. But if you want to continue grinding levels with Bianca's help, by all means do so!

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