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Striaton City

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When you reach and enter Striation City, you should note for future reference that this happens to be the location of the Dreamyard, a factoid you will soon be making use of later.

When you actually enter the outer area of the town you will encounter some trainers in a garden-like park - so turn on your Dowser and work your way through here.

Using your Dowser you will find a Full Restore, and a PP Up.

In Treasure Balls you will find a Max Elixir and a Yellow Shard.

The trainer in the upper left corner will gift you with a Big Pearl when you chat them up.

After you get all that done head east into the city and chat up the trainers you meet there, hit the Pokemon Center to collect any Medals you have earned, heal your team, resupply and save your game.

You can chat up the trainers in the Center before heading outside to finish exploring the city. After you chat up all of the roaming trainers in the city, start exploring the buildings beginning with the one to the south of the gate/bridge we entered by.

A trainer in here will talk to you about the GTS - Global Trade Station - then tell you about the PWT in Driftveil City. A little girl will offer to play rock-scissors-paper with you if you like, and beating her will unlock the Funfest Mission “Rock-Paper-Scissors Competition” so you should do that.

To the north is the Trainer's School, and inside a trainer will talk about the Wide Lens and Zoom Lens, and another traine who will offer you a quiz - answer two random questions about berries to win a berry.

The blackboard has the basic descriptions for Status Changes including Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Burn, and Frozen. That pretty much covers what you can do here, so head back outside and to the southeast of the Pokemon Center and explore the two brownstone buildings on the south side of the street.

On the 2nd floor of the first building is the Pokemon Storage Development Lab, where you will find some basic Info about the system from the tech there, and a Treasure Ball with an Up-Grade in it you should be sure to grab.

In the second building there is a trainer who will gift you with a Great Ball, but that is pretty much all you can do here, so head back outside and north to the Restaurant entrance and chat up the bloke blocking the door.

Inside you can chat up the trainers and catch the famous Panpour Show, and if you can follow the Panpour that has the Big Mushroom you will receive it. Good luck with that. You can return tomorrow to do this again so keep that in mind.

The bloke by the bar on the back right will share one of the memories with you if you talk to him, and you learn about what happened at this now closed Pokemon Gym. Talking to the brother below on the right will spawn a doubles battle on stage that you can pick up some extra XP and money by.

The Dreamyard is in the northeast corner, but now is not the time to deal with what needs to be done there, so we will bypass that for now. There is another task we need to perform now - and that is making additional progress on collecting the non-Legendary Pokemon for your Unova Dex.

The Eevee Conditional Pokemon Set

You will recall that earlier in the game it was suggested that you use the park in the sewers of Castelia City to acquire EIGHT Eevee - if you did so, excellent! You are now ready to use them to complete a very special collection of Pokemon. If you did not, then you will need to do it now or backtrack to the Daycare Center and breed your Eevees.

Either way once you have the Pokemon collected, you need to complete the following evolutions USING SEVEN of those Eevee - the eighth should be placed in the Normal Box as your collected Eevee (un-evolved). If you did not collect the eight Eevee earlier you can alternatively use one plus your Ditto to BREED the Eevee you need for this, it is your call, but when you use Eevee you breed they will all be very low-level. Just saying.

The following seven evolutions are your goal:

092 Vaporeon

Use one of the Water Stones you have collected on your Eevee to initiate this Stone-based evolution.

093 Jolteon

Use one of the Thunder Stones you have collected on your Eevee to initiate this Stone-based evolution.

094 Flareon

Use one of the Fire Stones you have collected on your Eevee to initiate this Stone-based evolution.

095 Espeon

Raise your Eevee's Happiness above 220 and then Level it while it is daytine both in game and the real world.

096 Umbreon

Raise your Eevee's Happiness above 220 and then Level it while it is night both in game and the real world.

097 Leafeon

Level your Eevee while at Moss Rock in the Pinwheel Forest in order to complete this evolution. You will find Pinwheel Forest near Nacrene City on the new routes opened to the southeast of the map.

098 Glaceon

Level your Eevee while at Ice Rock in Twist Mountain, which is now open to you via the Clay Tunnel route at Driftveil City.

After you complete the final evolution you have completed this very special set of regular Pokemon and well done you! Good on ya!

Using the South Gate to exit the city, you will be following Route 2 to Accumula Town as the next leg of the journey to obtaining the Fishing Rod.

Route 2

As you make your way out onto Route 2, if you have been following this guide the only Wild Pokemon that you will need to collect is a Lickylicky that you can get in the Shaking Grass. That will complete the Habitat List for the Route, so you really should make the effort and take the time to grab it now.

Another of N's Pokemon

WheN you are working on getting the Lickylicky you should keep an eye out for N's Purrloin, which you should make an effort to collect as well.

After you grab the Lickylicky (and hopefully the Purrloin) there are a handful of trainer battles here as well:

Youngster Mikey has a Level 61 Beedrill, Level 61 Mothim, Level 61 Volbeat, Level 61 Scolipede, and Level 61 Dustox, and pays $976.

Veteran Rayne has a Level 66 Masquerain, Level 66 Magnezone, Level 66 Dragonair, and a Level 66 Dragonair, and pays $5280.

Youngster Jimmy has a Level 61 Rattata, Level 61 Sentret, Level 61 Bidoof, Level 61 Watchog, and Level 61 Zigzagoon, and pays you $976.

On the west side of the area is a tree you can use Cut on to access another small area.

Lass Henrietta has a Level 61 Butterfree, Level 61 Illumise, Level 61 Beautifly, Level 61 Wormadam, and a Level 61 Leavanny, and pays you $976.

Head back out of the area and south, then west to have a battle.

Lass Mali has a Level 61 Pidgey, Level 61 Starly, Level 61 Taillow, Level 61 Hoothoot, and Level 61 Unfezant, and pays you $976.

Veteran Oriana has a Level 66 Wormadam, Level 66 Magcargo, Level 66 Jumpluff, and Level 66 Exploud, and pays $5260.

Using your Dowser you will find a Max Revive, and PP Max.

In Treasure Balls you will find a Carbos, Calcium, Full Heal, Max Revive, Repeat Ball, and Ultra Ball.

Heading into the gate, you arrive in Accumula Town!

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