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Back on the Adventure Trail

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When we exit our home the first thing we do as we round the corner is run into our best mate Hugh and his little sister, who it appears have been waiting patiently for us outside in the street.

Hugh's little sister thanks you for finding her Pokemon, then she shares a dream that she had about a Pokemon called Zoroark...

She tells you that it is calling your name... And that it is now on Victory Road... Interesting!

With that noted, it is time to hit the local Pokemon Center, both to re-supply and make sure we have an adequate supply of Poke Balls, and to speak to the Medal Man so that we receive any medals that we have earned that are outstanding, as well as the remaining Hint Medals.

If you have received any Wonder Cards for Event Pokemon and you notice that the delivery guy is present in the Pokemon Center, clearing a spot in your team to collect them and store them is a good idea. Now would also be a good time to sort the captured Pokemon from your Incoming Box if you have not already done so, and of course, once you do that, you should also save your game, right?

When you access the PC to sort your Pokemon out you will get a notice that new Wallpaper has been awarded to honor your victory. Sweet!

A Number of Minor Tasks

It is now time to get some minor but very important side-stuff done, and so we shall address it now with our first task, setting out on the journey to obtain the Fishing Rod we desperately need in order to continue working on the Dex.

So Fly or make your way to Castelia City, and then head along the water street east like we were going to the sewers but instead enter the east gate and you will find that the route and Skyarrow Bridge that were previously closed are now open!

Pinwheel Forest

After you cross the Skyarrow Bridge and exit you will find yourself in Pinwheel Forest. That is good for several reasons, as first there are trainers here to battle and second some Pokemon you really want to capture, so battle the trainers to see the following Pokemon.

Remember that any Pokemon you encounter in battles that you have not seen previously will add a partial entry into the appropriate Pokedex, so for example those that are in the Unova Dex will add an entry into that Dex as well as the National Dex, while those that are only in the National Dex will not effect the Unova Dex. At the present time your focus is the Unova Dex completion project but you should be trying to see/capture the National Dex Pokemon as well, as you need them too.

In the First Area you will find the following Pokemon via their listed Trainers:

Dex No. Name Trainer
019 / N542 Leavanny Nursery Aide Rosalyn
045 / N545 Scolipede Youngster Henley
097 / N470 Leafeon Veteran Rosaline
148 / N523 Zebstrika Pokemon Ranger Melita
176 / N598 Ferrothorn Preschooler Ike
196 / N614 Beartic Pokemon Ranger Hillary
228 / N535 Tympole Preschooler JoJo
280 / N342 Crawduant Youngster Keita
N022 Fearow Youngster Nicholas
N029 Nidoran (Female) Lass Helia
N031 Nidoqueen Lass Helia
N032 Nidoran (Male) Lass Helia
N044 Gloom Pokemon Ranger Hillary
N046 Paras Preschooler Jose
N056 Mankey Youngster Keita
N070 Weepinbell Pokemon Ranger Dwayne
N078 Rapidash Pokemon Ranger Ralph
N083 Farfetch'd Pokemon Ranger Ralph
N084 Doduo Youngster Nicholas
N102 Exeggcute Nursery Aide Ethel
N113 Chansey Nursery Aide Rosalyn
N123 Scyther Preschooler Jose
N147 Dratini Preschooler Samantha
N169 Crobat Veteran Rosaline
N185 Sudowoodo Pokemon Ranger Hillary
N194 Wooper Preschooler JoJo
N204 Pineco Preschooler Ike
N205 Forretress Veteran Sinan
N209 Snubbull Youngster Keita
N217 Ursaring Pokemon Ranger Dwayne
N231 Phanpy Youngster Nicholas
N241 Miltank Nursery Aide Ethel
N266 Silcoon Youngster Henley
N268 Cascoon Youngster Henley
N272 Ludicolo Veteran Sinan
N309 Electrike Pokemon Ranger Ralph
N311 Plusle Twins Ally & Amy
N312 Minun Twins Ally & Amy
N371 Bagon Preschooler Samantha
N402 Kricketune Pokemon Ranger Melita
N405 Luxray Pokemon Ranger Dwayne
N412 Burmy Preschooler Jose
N443 Gible Preschooler Samantha
N446 Munchlax Pokemon Ranger Melita
N466 Electivire Veteran Sinan
N467 Magmortar Veteran Rosaline

In addition to adding a partial record for any Pokemon you have yet to see that you battle each of the trainers above, you also gain the XP and prize money for the battles, so hey, win-win!

Encountering Cheren

As you reach the entrance to the Pinwheel Forest Grass Areas on the left mid-way down, you will encounter Cheren who asks your help in dealing with remnants of Team Plasma. If you say yes he will join you, becoming your partner for dual battles.

Bear in mind that if you have any Wild Pokemon encounters, they will be doubles, and you can NOT throw a Pokeball until one of the pair is KO'd... In addition to the encounters that you are supposed to have in helping Cheren you will also have regular trainer encounters.

As you work your way into the inner areas of the Forest you encounter Gorm, who tells you that he was previously one of Team Plasma's Seven Sages. He sets you straight on his position on the matter of Team Plasma, then Cheren thanks you and gives you an Up-Grade as your reward for helping him.

First Pinwheel Area Wild Pokemon

Then step into the grass to grab the following Pokemon - note that numbers beginning with “N” are National Pokedex not Unova... Note that the area that they are to be found in is included in the table list, and the First Area is the first area you encounter, while the Second Area is the one that is on the other side of the route you zone to when heading to Nacrene City.

Dex No. Name Type Location
018 / N541 Swadloon Bug/Grass Grass/Dark Grass - First Area
031 / N183 Marill Water Surf/Water Holes - First Area
032 / N184 Azumarill Water Water Holes - First Area
036 / N531 Audino Normal Shaking Grass - Both Areas
037 / N511 Pansage Grass Shaking Grass - First Area
039 / N513 Pansear Fire Shaking Grass - First Area
041 / N515 Panpour Water Shaking Grass - First Area
044 / N544 Whirlipede Bug/Poison Grass/Dark Grass - First Area
045 / N545 Scolipede Bug/Poison Shaking Grass - First Area
084 / N548 Petilil Grass Grass/Dark Grass - First Area
085 / N549 Lilligant Grass Shaking Grass - First Area
104 / N550 Basculin Water Surf/Water Holes - First Area
277 / N288 Vigoroth Normal Grass/Dark Grass - First Area
278 / N289 Slaking Normal Shaking Grass - First Area

N's Pokemon

Special Note: In addition to the Wild Pokemon above there is also a chance (assuming you have viewed the Memory Links) for you to encounter the following PokemoN that previously belonged to N, and are thus Special Pokemon with a Rare Classification:

014 Pidove

073 Timburr

228 Tympole

Each of these Pokemon wheN captured will have N as their OT, and when encountered will make the special sound and graphical splash that is associated with encountering N's former Pokemon.

Pinwheel Forest Continued

Among the trainer battles, wild captures, and other activities you will also have the opportunity to collect or do the following in the First Area of the Forest:

Read the Trainer Tips Sign at the entrance to the Forest (there is a Rally Medal for doing that x Number of times).

Treasure Ball collecting items that include: Max Repel, Max Revive, Net Ball, PP Max, Sun Stone, Ultra Ball, TM22 SolarBeam, and TM86 Grass Knot.

Dowsing Machine collecting items that include: BalmMushroom, Bug Gem, Green Shard, Rare Candy, and an Ultra Ball.

In the Second Area of the Forest you will find the following Pokemon via their listed Trainers:

Dex No. Name Trainer
110 /N628 Braviary Ace Trainer Kelsey
112 / N630 Mandibuzz Ace Trainer Kathrine
118 / N560 Scrafty Black Belt Kentaro
217 / N114 Tangela School Kid Millie
230 / N537 Seismitoad Ace Trainer Kelsey
286 / N193 Yanma School Kid Keston
291 / N454 Toxicroak Ace Trainer Kathrine
N043 Oddish School Kid Millie
N048 Venonat School Kid Keston
N049 Venomoth School Kid Keston
N062 Poliwrath Battle Girl Lee
N066 Machop Battle Girl Lee
N162 Furret Ace Trainer Kelsey
N182 Bellossom School Kid Millie
N236 Tyrogue Black Belt Kentaro & Battle Girl Lee
N264 Linoone Ace Trainer Kathrine
N296 Makuhita Black Belt Kentaro

Second Pinwheel Area Wild Pokemon

After you finish working through the trainers (or while you do that) step into the grass to grab the following Wild Pokemon - note that numbers beginning with “N” are National Pokedex not Unova...

Dex No. Name Type Location
036 / N531 Audino Normal Shaking Grass - Both Areas
074 / N533 Gurdurr Fight Grass/Dark Grass - Second Area
229 / N536 Palpitoad Water/Ground Grass/Dark Grass - Second Area
230 / N537 Seismitoad Water/Ground Shaking Grass - Second Area
267 / N538 Throh Fight Grass/Dark Grass - Second Area
268 / N539 Sawk Fight Shaking Grass - Second Area
286 / N193 Yanma Bug/Flying Grass/Dark Grass - Second Area
287 / N469 Yanmega Bug/Flying Shaking Grass - Second Area
291 / N454 Toxicroak Poison/Fight Grass/Dark Grass - Second Area

This area also offers a few more items you can find...

Treasure Ball collecting items that include: Full Heal, HP Up, Nugget, PP Max, and a Protein.

Dowsing Machine collecting items include: Fighting Gem, Max Elixir, and an Ultra Ball.

After you collect the items and the Wild Pokemon you need - plus see the Pokemon that you encounter in trainer battles, you should head into the next city, Nacrene.

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