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Nacrene City

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When you arrive in the city your first destination is the Pokemon Center, where you should resupply your kit, including Poke Balls, Potions, and the lot, and then sort out the newly collected Pokemon in your In Box before healing up your team and saving the game.

Make a space in your party by placing one of your team in to your A-Team box temporarily, as you will need an open slot for a while both to obtain a Fossil Pokemon and an Egg...

With that managed, take a few moments to explore the town and talk to its citizens - in the building to the left of the Pokemon Center is the Move Tutor, who will tutor for Green Shards - and in the same place is a merchant who sells battle items. You can wander through the town and the rest of its buildings to chat up the residents, and once you have finished doing that, head for the Museum.

The Fossil Pokemon

Inside the Necrene City Museum chat up Lenora, who will offer you a choice between two fossils - the Cover Fossil, and the Plume Fossil, the first one being for Tirtouga, the second for Archen.

You need to decide which of these you want to choose - and then you will either need to obtain the other via the Global Trade or by trading with a mate. Either way, once you have selected the Fossil you want (and Hawes finishes the tour) take it to the reception counter on the right near the entrance and talk to the receptionist to have the Fossil restored to a living Pokemon while you wait.

Other Fossil Pokemon

In addition to the above Pokemon there is also an entire set of Fossil Pokemon from other regions that you will be collecting in the game for the National Dex, which are obtained in the Twist Mountain Cave, where you will find a trainer who will give you one fossil, once each real-world day, starting after you have obtained the National Pokedex.

Each of these fossils are the fossils of the Hoenn, Kanto & Sinnoh Fossil Pokemon, and you will get them in a random order, again, one fossil each day. In theory that means that you have an unlimited supply of Fossils to convert at the museum! But in any event you will want to collect the following set of fossils to obtain these National Pokedex Pokemon:

138 Omanyte

140 Kabuto

142 Aerodactyl

345 Lileep

347 Anorith

408 Cranidos

410 Shieldon

Remember that you are going to need to find a partner to trade with that chose whichever fossil you did not, so you may want to go ahead and hatch an egg for the one you did so you have it to trade now, just to get that out of the way, and stick it in your Outgoing Storage Box so you know where it is!

After you take your new Pokemon and stash it in Storage, head for the east gate and enter, pausing to chat up the girl here who will gift you with a Pokemon Egg - which you will now hatch.

Hatching Your First Egg

With the Egg in your Party, head back into town and run back and forth until you have taken the Number of steps required to hatch this Pokemon Egg, revealing it to be a very desirable Pokemon called Happiny.

After you store your new Happiny in the PC at the Pokemon Center, head back through the east gate and you will find yourself on Route 3 - which is actually a special Route for more than one reason...

Route 3

Exploring Route 3 should be done in a systematic way, starting with the trainer battles and then the Wild Pokemon you can encounter.

While Route 3 has a selection of Wild Pokemon, if you have been following this guide you will quickly discover that you already have collected the land-based ones that are to be had here... That's OK though because there are a few to be had in the water.

Start out by following the path to the bridge and running back and forth on it to spawn Water Holes, in which you will easily find a Crawdaunt and a Corphish to add to your collection (Corphish can also be found by Surfing). Once you have those two you will have completed both Habitat lists, and you can then turn your attention to the trainer battles and collecting items on the Route.

Dex No. Name Trainer
033 / N447 Riolu Preschooler Buster
094 / N136 Flareon Lass Shannon
144 / N587 Emolga Backers May & Mal
248 / N037 Vulpix Lass Shannon
262 / N374 Beldum Preschooler Tyrone
273 / N633 Deino Preschooler Tyrone
282 / N039 Jigglypuff Nursery Aide Autumn
284 / N108 Lickitung Nursery Aide Autumn
N022 Fearow School Kid Edgar
N025 Pikachu Preschooler Eva
N079 Slowpoke Fisherman Bruce
N118 Goldeen Fisherman Bruce
N119 Seaking Fisherman Bruce
N166 Ledian Preschooler Buster
N177 Natu School Kid Edgar
N178 Xatu School Kid Edgar
N182 Bellossom School Kid Marsha
N188 Skiploom School Kid Marsha
N189 Jumpluff School Kid Marsha
N281 Kirlia Preschooler Eva
N417 Pachirisu Backers May & Mal
N432 Purugly Nursery Aide Autumn

Using your Dowser you will find: Nugget and Rare Candy.

In Treasure Balls you will find: Big Nugget, Quick Ball, Ultra Ball, and Zinc.

At the crossroads ahead there is a young trainer who, when you show him your completed Habitat Lists for Route 3 gifts you with some Dive Balls. Very nice of him... To the far left is the entrance to Wellspring Cave but we will ignore that for the moment, head up past it and then loop back around for that trainer battle and the Hidden Item.

Now backtrack east and you discover the Daycare Center - a very important resource in the Unova Region - and you should chat up the trainers here and grab the Hidden Item.

The road south from here leads to Striation City - but we are not quite ready to go there just yet. No, we have some things to do here at the Daycare Center.

The Daycare Center

The Daycare Center is a unique place where you can leave a pair of Pokemon who are compatible and of opposite genders - or a Pokemon you want to breed along with a compatible Ditto to equal the other side of that breeding pair (which is Ditto's special gift), and after a certain Number of steps in the world (it is different depending on the egg group of the Pokemon you are trying to breed) you will return to the Daycare Center to find that the keeper there has an egg for you!

Inside you will find the Daycare woman at the counter, who you can leave your breeding pair with, and a PC conveniently placed here to provide access to your stored Pokemon.

If you have been following this guide then you should just need to repeat that process for the following Pokemon from the Unova Dex:

133 Budew (Breed from Roselia or Roserade while holding Rose Incense)

147 Blitzle (Breed from a pair of Zebstrika or a Zebstrika and Ditto)

171 Larvesta (Breed from Volcarona and Ditto)

208 Drifloon (Breed from a pair of Drifblim or a Drifblim and Ditto)

212 Wingull (Breed from a pair of Pelipper or a Ditto and Pelliper)

250 Bronzor (Breed from a Ditto and a Bronzong)

258 Swinub (Breed from a pair of Piloswine or Mamoswine or a Ditto and one)

262 Beldum (Breed a Metang or Metagross with a Ditto)

276 Slakoth (Breed a pair of Vigoroth or Slaking or one with a Ditto)

292 Larvitar (Breed a Tyranitar pair or with Ditto)

To make your life - and breeding Pokemon - a LOT easier, you will want to get a Ditto with Gentle Nature, and one with Rash Nature - as those are the far left and far right of the spectrum for Natures, which means that with those two Ditto you can breed any Pokemon, as if one does not get a long the other will.

Once you hatch the egg for that (and the others above) you are done with the Daycare Center for the Unova Pokedex and are ready to move on to the next stage.

Wellspring Cave

As long as you have been following the guide you already have completed the Habitat Lists for the Cave, so you do not need to collect any Pokemon there. That does not mean you can or should ignore the area - since there are a few things you can do there. So head to the Cave now...

The Wild Pokemon population on land includes Excadrill, Boldore, and Woobat, and in the water there are Basculin.

Hiker Zaiem has a Level 61 Hippowdon, a Level 61 Rhydon, and a Level 61 Marowak, and pays you $1952 for the lesson.

Battle Girl Maggie has a Level 62 Medicham, a Level 62 Mienshao, and a Level 62 Hitmonlee, and pays you $1984.

Continue along the path south and east and then down the stairs to the lower level, where you will need to use Flash to light the cave up.

Heading north and using Surf, turn on your Dowser so you can grab the Hidden Items as you make your way through the cave.

Veteran Shaun has a Level 62 Gyrados, Level 62 Druddigon, Level 62 Gigalith, Level 62 Excadrill, Level 62 Snorlax, and a Level 62 Crobat, paying you $4960.

Black Belt Edward has a Level 62 Throh, Level 62 Hitmontop, and a Level 62 Machamp, and pays you $1984.

Battle Girl Xiao has a Level 62 Primeape, Level 62 Hitmonchan, and a Level 62 Scrafty, and pays you $1984.

Black Belt Thomas has a Level 62 Sawk, Level 62 Conkeldurr, and Level 62 Breloom, and pays you $1984.

Using your Dowser you will find the following Hidden Items: Carbos, Max Revive, and an Ultra Ball.

As you work your way through the cave you will find Treasure Balls with an Escape Rope, Max Repel, Max Revive, Protector, TM47 Low Sweep, and TM52 Focus Blast.

Once you cover all of this head back out, return to town and hit the Pokemon Center to heal and save, then head to the Daycare Center and take the south road to Striaton City.

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