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39: Wrapping things up in the Plasma Castle
Pokemon Black

39: Wrapping things up in the Plasma Castle

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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39: Wrapping things up in the Plasma Castle

Enter the Dragons

-- The Final N Battle --

There are a total of six Pokemon in N's Team and we have to beat them all...

L52 Zekrom         (Dragon/Electric-type)     Fusion Bolt / Giga Impact / Light Screen / Zen Headbutt
L50 Carracosta     (Water/Rock-type)           Aqua Jet / Crunch / Stone Edge / Waterfall
L50 Vanilluxe       (Ice-type)                         Blizzard / Flash Cannon / Hail / Ice Breath
L50 Archeops       (Rock/Flying-type)          Acrobatics / Crunch / Dragon Claw / Stone Edge
L50 Zoroark         (Dark-type)                      Flamethrower / Focus Blast / Night Slash / Retaliate
L50 Klinklang       (Steel-type)                      Flash Cannon / Hyper Beam / Metal Sound / Thunderbolt

We have beaten this guy in the past, and we will beat him again!  Taking his Dragon out with ours was wicked easy!  Actually, that was something of a disappointment really...

Next he brings out his Carracosta -- a Water-type -- and that means we switch to our Grass-type now and easily KO it!  N goes for his Vanilluxe next, and our Fire-type eviscerates it!  Klinklang is next, another easy KO for our Fire-type, but then he sends out one I was not expecting!  Zoroark!

Zoroark's Focus Blast nearly one-hits Spiderpig, but Flamethrower KO's it in one go!  N next sends out his Archeops, as he must, and we counter it with our Water-type as we must, and it is a very short battle with a one-hit-kill from Hydro Pump!

The reward is a cool $10,000 and the satisfaction of seeing N very confused, but just when you think you have hashed it out, Ghetsis appear, and boy he is not happy.  In his rage he reveals all of the details of the plan -- and it turns out he was not so much a nutter but an evil genius!

Ghetsis says you have to die -- but Cheren and Alder show up, and then Ghetsis forces you into a battle with him!

-- Ghetsis Battle --

Your team is fully healed -- it looked like N did that just before Ghetsis attacked -- and you will likely start out the battle with your Reshiram... 

L52 Cofagrigus      (Ghost-type)                   Protect / Psychic / Shadow Ball / Toxic
L52 Bouffalant       (Normal-type)                Earthquake / Head Charge Poison Jab / Wild Charge
L52 Seismitoad      (Water/Ground-type)      Earthquake / Muddy Water / Rain Dance / Sludge Wave
L52 Bisharp           (Dark/Steel-type)            Metal Burst / Night Slash / Stone Edge / X-Scissor
L52 Eelektross       (Electric-type)                Acrobatics / Crunch / Flamethrower / Wild Charge
L52 Hydreigon       (Dark/Dragon-type)       Dragon Pulse / Fire Blast / Focus Blast / Surf

He pulls out his Cofagrigus which is easily taken out with Fusion Flare.  Next comes Bouffalant, which is a Normal-type so you can continue to use your Dragon if you like...  But I would recommend a Pokemon immune to Earthquake if it was me.

Bisharp comes next, and this is a natural for our Fire-type to handle, using Flamethrower to one-hit-kill it.  Seismitoad comes next, and we bring in our Grass-type to counter that one!  A single Seed Bomb will KO him, and bring out Hydreigon!

Clearly the best-suited Pokemon to deal with this Dragon-type is our own Dragon!  He makes short work of this one, and Ghetsis sends out his Eelektross, and we send out our Water-type!  Two Hydro Pumps later and no more Eelektross -- and no more Ghetsis!

Alder has a long talk with N, and then he and Cheren take Ghetsis into custody and remove him.

N has a heartfelt chat with you in which much is revealed, and then he departs and the closing credits roll!  The end?  Heck no!  We still have a LOT to do, and a lot to accomplish!

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Comments for 39: Wrapping things up in the Plasma Castle

11 comments, latest first.
ID #217436 | Dec 9th 2012 Guest
people i recomend training to at least level 52 or higher before fighting the eleite four and N also you find a deino at victory road and axew at milistartoin cave so you know where to get the strong dragon types i caught my deino yesterday :D
ID #207364 | Nov 10th 2012 Guest
Hydreigon, will use a superefective move. If it doesn't have one it will use dragon pulse, which is it's strongest move because it matches Hydreigon's type
ID #178578 | Aug 21st 2012 Guest
i can't beat and i have 5 lengendaries
ID #122613 | Mar 12th 2012 Guest
i kick their asses
ID #99121 | Dec 27th 2011 Guest
I'm using your guide to help me defeat the Elite four, N and Ghetsis. Thank you for making this!

ID #70724 | Aug 28th 2011 Guest
My team to defeat N:

It was easy with all of them level 59
ID #70721 | Aug 28th 2011 Guest
N and Ghetsis are easy to beat for me, I defeated both of them with my own level 59 Haxorus only.
ID #54838 | Jul 5th 2011 Guest
its a nice game. i like the story.
ID #46652 | Jun 3rd 2011 Guest
My pokemon are in the same level as N and Ghetsis except that my has more powerful attacks than their.
ID #46650 | Jun 3rd 2011 Guest
N and Ghetsis are maybe tough to beat, but I wish they can be more than a challenge.
ID #45405 | May 28th 2011 Guest
my level one 100s rock

I bet know can beat me
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