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Follow the dark path or use the light

43: Undella Town

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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43: Undella Town

This seaside oasis of civility is also the next major Fly-spot on the map, and the second town in the post-story section of the region.  Before you head into the Center or do anything else, fire up your Dowser (if it is not already on and it should be) and follow it to obtain a Pearl and a Stardust, and then Surf to the east, following the Dowser for a battle and a Heart Scale.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Undella Town and Bay Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#xxx/090   Shellder    (U)        All        Fish
#xxx/090   Shellder    (C)        All        Fish Spots
#xxx/091   Cloyster    (UR)       All        Fish Spots
#xxx/098   Krabby      (C)        All        Fish
#xxx/099   Kingler     (UR)       All        Fish Spots
#xxx/222   Corsola     (U)        All        Surf Spots
#xxx/223   Remoraid    (C)        All        Fish
#xxx/226   Mantine     (R)        All        Surf Spots
#xxx/278   Wingull     (C)        All        Surf
#xxx/279   Pelipper    (R)        All        Surf
#xxx/320   Wailmer     (C)        All        Surf Spots
#xxx/321   Wailord     (UR)       All        Surf Spots
#xxx/363   Spheal      (U)        Winter     Surf
#xxx/364   Sealeo      (U)        Winter     Surf Spots
#xxx/365   Walrein     (UR)       Winter     Surf Spots
#xxx/370   Luvdisc     (R)        All        Fish
#xxx/370   Luvdisc     (U)        All        Fish Spots
#xxx/458   Mantyke     (U)        All        Surf
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Swimmer Tyra has a Level 63 Seel and a Level 64 Alomomola.

Swimmer Rebecca has a Level 63 Shellder, Level 63 Chinchou, and a Level 63 Jellicent.

Swimmer Matt has a Level 64 Wailmer, and a Level 64 Wailmer.

Swimmer Larissa has a Level 65 Corsola.

Swimmer Tim has a Level 64 Quagsire and a Level 64 Golduck.

Swimmer Bart has a Level 63 Staryu, a Level 63 Wingull, and a Level 63 Jellicent.

That nicely wraps up our action in the Bay -- and should have provided you with ample opportunities to capture all of the Pokemon for this area that we still need!  Now head to the Pokemon Center to heal, restock kit, and save the game!

Inside the Center is a Trainer who will give you a Prism Scale held item -- very nice! 

-- Cynthia Battle --

To the west is a girl in a white dress who will gift you with HM06, Dive, which is handy right about now, as you will recall that there were some large dark areas on the Bay, right?  Well, this is what you use in those! 

Before we do that though, head into the house above to meet Cynthia -- the Sinnoh League Pokemon Champion who is a legend in her own right.  She is here in Undella Town to research their Ruins, and staying with a mate who owns this house.

As the granddaughter of the scientist (her grandmother) who runs the Pokemon Research Lab in Celestic Town, she is no stranger to either advanced Pokemon Tactics or Pokemon Anthropology -- in fact she has spent the better part of her young life in the study of ruins from past civilizations and the artifacts that relate to human and  Pokemon relationships that are found there. 

Her first intense area of study was the ruins in Solaceon Town, and it seems that the ruins of Undella are her next major project.  She first became a champion -- and member of the Elite Four in Sinnoh -- at the age of 16, and if you played Diamond/Pearl/Platinum you have a very good idea of who she is and what she believes in! 

You understood that there would be a battle here right?  She thinks you look a lot like Ash Ketchum, which is reason enough for her to test your strength!  Fair warning mate, she is tough and she has fairly high-level Pokemon, so if you feel you are not up for this, do not go in.

Personally I waited to do this one until I had my team in the high-80's, and even then it was no cake walk -- so you may want to wait on this one until you have finished leveling them up a bit, that is all I am saying...

Cynthia has a Level 75 Spiritomb that is very fond of Double Team, so you need to blitz attack it and KO it as fast as you can -- if you fail to do that, this one Pokemon alone will turn into a nasty battle -- and it is NOT her only one!

Next up is her Level 75 Milotic, followed by her Level 77 Garchomp, then her.  That is half of her team, and she opens the second half of the battle with her Level 75 Elektross, followed by her Level 75 Braviary, and finally her Level 75 Lucario to wrap it up!  I don't know about you but I thought that was a pretty good fight!

-- Back on the Town --

If you skipped the battle above to train your team higher do not feel bad -- it is not as if that was part of the story line and that you were intended to battle at a disadvantage, right?

Depending upon the season you may encounter different Trainers in the other houses -- or none at all -- but if it is Summer be sure to bring an extra Cinccino and duck in if you want to trade for a Munchlax (assuming you do not have one of those).

There is a treasure ball with a Big Nugget in it along the side of the ledge up the stairs, and after you grab that, head inside the mansion to score some easy money in the  mansion here, specifically if you have any of the artifacts that the Collector in the left-hand room is looking for, including:

Ancient Bracelet ($100,000)
Ancient Bronze Coin ($1,000)
Ancient Crown ($300,000)
Ancient Gold Coin ($10,000)
Ancient Silver Coin ($5,000)
Ancient Vase ($50,000)
Relic Copper ($1,000)
Relic Gold ($10,000)
Relic Silver ($5,000)
Relic Statue ($200,000)
Relic Vase ($50,000)

If you were wondering how you were ever going to make enough money to purchase all of the TM's at the different Poke Mart Counters, well, now you know!  When you acquire the Ancient-tagged items you now know where to take them to sell them!

Outside of the Mansion across from the door you will find

The Riches Draco has a Level 60 Buizel, and defeating it wins you a whopping $12,000.

After the battle follow him back inside the Mansion and then invite you to return once a day to battle him again.  Each day a new family member will appear, and each battle pays progressively more money, and gets a bit more challenging -- but if you need money (and who does not?) -- it would be an idea to pay this place a visit each day!

The Abyssal Ruins Entrance

-- The Abyssal Ruins --

Head east out into the Bay to the first shadow spot and use Dive to reach the Abyssal Ruins -- you can only stay down for a limited amount of time -- 500 steps -- and you will need to have the moves Flash and Strength so be sure you have your HM Mule with you!

There are four dark spots in the Bay, and each leads to a different entrance -- exploring the Ruins is how you acquire the artifacts that you can sell to the Collector in the Mansion, as well as other items.  Explore, see what you can find, and have fun with this!

Note that you need to enter the Ruins right away -- otherwise Dive will expire and you will find yourself back on the surface.  You enter by swimming to the right in a wide circle -- and then going in the doorway here.   Once you are inside, remember that you have a limited number of steps, and you are here to get treasures -- there are no Trainers or wild encounters to deal with here...

Try really hard not to need to double back too much; as you progress through the corridors you will find shaded panels with strange writing on them.  Scattered throughout the area are treasure balls with special items in them, including items like:

-- Ancient: Bracelet, Copper Coin, Gold Coin, Silver Coin, Statue, and Vase.
-- Plates: Dread, Earth, Fist, Flame, Icicle, Insect, Iron, Meadow, Mind, Sky, Spooky, Stone, Toxic, and Zap
-- Relic Copper, Crown, Gold, Silver, Statue, and Vase.

That is not a complete list -- just what I was able to find -- and I am sure that there is more and doubles of the items as well --

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[quote][/quote] like what circles? the deep parts in the ocean? all u gave do do to go down in them is click on them, dive down and press to the left to swimm down. if tht dosnt answer your ?
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what do you press to go in the circle cause whenever i do it it stops like 2 steps PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
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thats all wrog
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There's a total of 46 item balls; 26 on the first floor, 11 on the second floor, 8 on the third floor, and 1 on the fourth floor.
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