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Follow the dark path or use the light

29: Icirrus City Gym

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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29: Icirrus City Gym

This is the battle for your seventh badge, so first, shine up all your existing badges, and reflect on everything that you went through to get you to this place, at this time.  It is quite an accomplishment!  Be proud!  Are you proud?  Really?  Well good on ya mate!  Now it is time to go in and kick some AGL butt!

As we step inside there is our ever-present Gym Greeter, and he lays a free Fresh Water on us!  Gotta love that guy!  He also points out that Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel-type Pokemon will work really well here...  Good advice!

As this is the designated Ice Gym for the 5th Generation, we will have to work our way through it carefully -- starting by following the arrow on the floor to be spun off of the thing in the center and end up on one of the rest spots to the left.

Now all we need to do is slide to the right all the way to a bare patch, and battle the AGL here!

Black Belt Grant has a pair of Level 35 Cubchoo, followed by a Level 35 Cryogonal -- which is a trio of one-hit-kills if you play this right!

Now you see the red switch behind him?  Trigger it to change the direction of the thing in the middle of the Gym, then slide to it to get spun to the next AGL battle!

Battle Girl Miriam has a Level 37 Cryogonal.

Now head up the stairs and make the ice ramp jump to the next area, and battle your next AGL!

Black Belt Kendrew has a Level 37 Cubchoo.

As you can see things are a bit more complicated here -- so just do the following:

(1) Slide east from the middle of the bare spot we are on.
(2) Slide north to the rock.
(3) Slide east to the thing.
(4) Slide north to the bare spot.
(5) Step east.

Battle Girl Mikiko has a Level 36 Cubchoo and a Level 36 Vanillish.

(1) Slide south to the thing.
(2) Slide east to the bare spot.
(3) Walk to the arrow and then west to get spun.
(4) Slide north to the switch.
(5) Slide north to the rock.
(6) Slide west to the bare spot.
(7) Use the arrow to slide to the thingy.

Now head up the stairs and do the ice jump and you find yourself on the next level of the Gym!  Battle the AGL here next...

Battle Girl Chandra has a pair of Level 36 Vanillish.

(1) Slide west to the arrow spot.
(2) Slide north to the thing to get spun.
(3) Slide east to the rock.
(4) Slide north to the arrow spot.
(5) Slide east to the thing to get spun.
(6) Slide north to the bare spot.
(7) Walk north then slide north to the next bare spot to have a battle!

Black Belt Thomas has a Level 36 Vanillish and a Level 36 Cubchoo.

(1) Step on the switch.
(2) Slide east to the arrow.
(3) Slide south to the thing to get spun.
(4) Slide west to the rock.
(5) Slide south to the arrow.
(6) Slide West to the thing to get spun again.
(7) Slide north to the path.

This is it!  You have reached the Gym Leader and it is time for a Gym Leader Battle!  Woot!

The Icirrus City Gym Leader Brycen

-- The Icirrus City Gym Leader Battle --

As you step up to face Brycen he brings out his Level 37 Vanillish and you make very short work of it!   He follows with is Level 39 Beartic -- a new Dex entry for us -- and then his Level 37 Cryogonal in the hopes of finishing you off!  But you do not let that happen -- and Victory is Yours!

In addition to the $4680 he gives you, you get the Freeze Badge -- your 7th -- and the gift of TM79, Frost Breath!  Now Pokemon up to Level 80 -- including those obtained by trades -- will properly obey you!

That wraps up another Gym Battle, so head to the west and a quick if fun slide to the exit!  Well done mates!

As we exit the Gym we find our best mates Bianca and Cheren outside, and Cheren is still as confused as ever about his fate...  Brycen exits the Gym and reveals some Plasma Triad Soldiers!  They have a message for you -- Ghetsis wants you to come to the Dragonspiral Tower... Now.

Brycen and Cheren take off for the Tower -- you head to Pokemon Center to heal and save -- and replace any kit you think you need to replace.  Keep an eye on your Poke Ball inventory as you would not want to run low on those!  Once you have all that managed, it is time to head north to the Tower!

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Comments for 29: Icirrus City Gym

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Jan 24th 2013 Guest
all gyms including this one were a piece of yummy cake; i hope that the next one is one too. I AM NOT LYING!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #246092
Mar 5th 2012 Guest
What level should u be
ID #120736
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