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Follow the dark path or use the light

32: Relic Castle Part II and Beyond

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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32: Relic Castle Part II and Beyond

Fly to Nimbasa and run south to the gatehouse, running south to the Desert and west to the road leading to the Relic Castle area.  Make your way to the entrance to the Ruins and go down inside, where you will be stopped by Cheren, who tells you that Alder went ahead into the Ruins and he suggests that you two join him now.

Inside head west to the stairs that were previously blocked by the guard, but that you can now go down! 

At the bottom of the stairs you run into Ryoku, one of the Seven Sages -- and he tells you that Ghetsis still wants them to test you... 

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 34 Watchog, and a pair of Level 34 Krokorok.

Step into the quicksand pit to drop to the level below, and grab the Max Potion from the treasure ball before heading north for another battle!

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 35 Scraggy and a Level 35 Watchog.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lower Level Relic Castle Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#069/563   Cofagrigus  (C)        All         Sand
#058/552   Krokorok    (C)        All         Sand
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Before we continue along the path go ahead and troll up and capture these two Pokemon now, just to get it out of the way...  Once you have done that continue along the path west and south for another battle...

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 36 Garbodor.

Grab TM30, Shadow Ball, from the corner, and then drop down into the quicksand pit to reach the next level down. 

Team Rocket Grunt has a Level 36 Krokorok.

Grab the Max Revive from the nearby treasure ball, then continue west to battle the next Grunt.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 34 Liepard, and a pair of Level 34 Trubbish.

Just past the Grunt is a treasure ball with a PP Up in it -- so grab that and then drop down the pit here to the next level down.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 35 Watchog, and a Level 35 Scraggy.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 35 Trubbish, and a Level 35 Liepard

Follow the Dowser to the Super Potion, then grab the Sun Stone from the nearby treasure ball and then use the stairs to return to the surface and backtrack all the way to where we were before we jumped the ledge to get those last two items...

Drop down the pit here and you end up right where you want to be, standing near Cheren, Alder, and Ghetsis!   The Sage delivers the message that N wanted delivered -- insufferably -- and then departs.  The Light Stone is missing -- and you get an XT call from the Professor ordering you to the Museum in Nacrene City immediately...

Alder flies off to his destiny, Cheren vows to continue searching the area, and you?  Well, you are on your way to the museum with a short detour to the Pokemon Center to heal and save!

The meeting at the museum

-- Nacrene City --

When you arrive head into the Center to heal and save, then make your way to the Museum, where you find Alder and the Professor along with Bianca and Cedric,  Lenora comes out with the stone, and gives it to you!  You are now the OTHER chosen one!

After a brief conversation, Alder tells you to journey to Opelucid City -- where the Gym Leader uses Dragon-type Pokemon and may well know something that can help you...  Everyone leaves and you are once again on your own!

So at this point we want to Fly to Icirrus City, where we will head directly to Route 8 to the east and north of the Pokemon Center.

-- Route 8 --

We begin by sliding across the frozen ponds at the start of the Route only to find that we have a battle already!

Pokemon Ranger Lewis has a Level 34 Cubchoo, a Level 34 Palpitoad, and a Level 34 Maractus, gifting you a Pecha Berry when the battle is done.

You know, when you consider that we are on a mission to save the world, you would think that the Trainers we encountered would want to help us, bit battle and weaken us!  Ah but by making us battle they ARE helping us... Right?

Grab the Poison Barb from the nearby treasure ball, then follow the Dowser to the treasure spot -- unless it is Winter which means you cannot get there form here.  Grab TM36, Sludge Bomb, from the treasure ball at the top of the pond, then double back and grab a Full Heal from another treasure ball on the far shore before you have another battle!

Parasol Lady Melita has a Level 34 Frillish, and a Level 34 Ducklett.

Chat up the next Parasol Lady to obtain TM42, Facade, then slide over to battle the next one!

Parasol Lady Anne has a Level 35 Alomomola,

Between the automatic confusion and protect, and you hurting yourself you are likely going to relish KO'ing her Pokemon and, perhaps, wish you had killed it...

Drop down and take on the Fisherman below for some more XP...

Fisherman Bruce has a pair of Level 34 Basculin.

Do not worry too much about getting every Dowse item -- our main interest at the moment is getting to the next city, not clearing the Route of every item...  But take what you can.  Note that we are not bothering to list the Pokemon from Route 8 or the Moore of Iccirus because you already have them all.

Talk to the last Parasol Lady to get an Icy Rock, and then enter the entrance across from her and -- but no.  Just as you reach the door Bianca shows up and forces you into another battle!

-- Bianca Battle --

She opens with her level 38 Stoutland, followed by her Level 38 Simipour, Level 38 Musharna, and finishes with her Level 40 Serperior.

In addition to paying you $4000 she gifts you a Full Restore for beating her, along with honest and enthusiastic assurances that you will do OK.  Well, her heart is in the right place anyway.

-- Tubeline Bridge --

Inside the lobby are a few Trainers you can chat up, but really you should just move through and cross the bridge, chatting up the Trainers you meet on it.

One of them gives you TM43, Flame Charge, and then you get kidnapped again and taken to Ghetsis at the far end of the bridge, where he pontificates some more about The Plan -- and this time it looks like he reveals the entire plan to you!  Not only that, but he repeats what he has been saying -- you do not have a chance so give up!

-- Route 9 --

As you exit on to the Route you are accosted by a Trainer who gifts you with TM56, Fling, and man is this turning out to be a great trip or what?!  The name of the game here is speed, so just do these battles as you encounter them and work your way to the end of the Route!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Route 9 Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.   Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#016/510   Liepard     (C)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
#037/531   Audino      (C)       All        Shaking Grass
#075/569   Garbodor    (R)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
#078/572   Minccino    (R)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
#079/573   Cinccino    (UR)      All        Shaking Grass
#081/575   Gothorita   (C)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
#082/576   Gothitelle  (UR)      All        Shaking Grass
#093/587   Emolga      (R)       All        Shaking Grass
#130/624   Pawniard    (U)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Biker Philip has a Level 36 Krokorok and a Level 36 Scraggy.

Roughneck Reese has a Level 36 Krokorok and a Level 36 Garbordor.

Hooligans Jim & Cas have two Level 37 Scraggy

-- Shopping Mall Nine --

OK, pop in here to have some battles and do some shopping because almost everything is for sale here!  In addition to the battles there are treasure ball with a PP Up, and a Trainer who gifts you a Thunder Stone.

Waitress Flo has a Level 36 Minccino, and a Level 36 Lilligant.

Rich Boy Manuel has a Level 36 Liepard.

Lady Isabel has a Level 36 Stoutland.

Waiter Bert has a Level 36 Minccino and a Level 36 Lampent.

-- Back on Route 9 --

Biker Zeke has a Level 37 Pawniard.

Roughneck Chance has a Level 37 Scraggy.

In addition to the mall and the battles there are vending machines and some Pokemon you need to capture, so prior to exiting via the gatehouse go ahead and troll up the Pokemon you do not have from the Route now. 

As you work through the grass grab the HP Up and a Full Restore from the treasure balls in the dark grass and be sure to pay a visit to the lower area where there is a blocked cave entrance to see if you measure up and will be admitted... Probably not.

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