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Follow the dark path or use the light

23: Mistralton City and Route 7

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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23: Mistralton City and Route 7

Exiting the cave drops you right in the middle of the city – and the first stop should be the Pokemon Center, where you can heal and save! 

In the building to the right of the Poke Center you can learn about collecting Sweet Hearts from IRL encounters, which you can trade for Heart Scales.  A Trainer here is also a Move Re-trainer – they will teach your Pokemon a move that it knows that it has forgotten – for a Heart Scale of course.  And to make this all convenient, directly across from her is the Move Deleter!

As you move north past the Poke Center a bloke stops you and demands to see your Dex – it turns out he is Cedric Juniper, the Prof's Da!  To celebrate your meeting him he upgrades your Dex to make it easier to search, and display alternate forms.  How cool is that?

You meet Skyla – the Gym Leader – and she invites you to come with her on an adventure to maybe help a sick Pokemon at the Celestial Tower on Route 7.  Thing is we have some things to do first, so she will have to start without us.

First head onto the runway and around the back of the plane, then to the front to grab TM58, Sky Drop, from the treasure ball on the ground here.  You can run around the runway if you like – there are greenhouses at the southern end, and the City Gym is at the north end, but we cannot do the Gym yet.

Inside the Air Freight Terminal you can learn a lot about Fly – and score yourself a free Sharp Beak held item – and if you have enough Sweet Hearts, trade them here as well.

That wraps up everything we can – and need to – do here, so head to Route 7 now!

– Route 7 --

The next stage of our adventure takes us to Route 7, where we can see something odd ahead – a series of raised plank walkways that run over the tall grass...  A nearby Trainer tips us that if we use them we need to keep moving at all times or risk falling off.  That means you can avoid the tall grass if you want, but here is the thing, there are some Pokemon here we actually want to capture!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Route 7 Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity    Season     Capture Note
#011/505   Watchog     (U)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
#026/520   Tranquill   (C)       SP/SU/AU   Grass/Dark Grass
#027/521   Unfezant    (UR)      SP/SU/AU   Shaking Grass
#029/523   Zebstrika   (U)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
#037/531   Audino      (C)       All        Shaking Grass
#091/585   Deerling    (U)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
#093/587   Emolga      (R)       All        Shaking Grass
#096/590   Foongus     (U)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
#119/613   Cubchoo     (C)       Winter     Grass/Dark Grass
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A quick check of the Dex reveals that all we really need to capture here are a Watchog (if you did not level your Patrat), and a Cubchoo as we already have the others...  So you better hope it is Winter – and if not, well, come back in the Winter?

In the process of capturing those, you may as well battle the battlers and grab some treasure balls in the tall grass the while, right?

Youngster Mikey has a Level 30 Dwebble, and a Level 30 Simisage.

The treasure ball has an Ultra Ball in it...

Youngster Parker has a Level 29 Palpitoad, a Level 29 Shelmet, and a Level 29 Scolipede.

After you capture the Pokemon and do the above, head up the stairs and chat the Trainer there to get TM57, Charge Beam, and follow the path for another battle!

Backpacker Terrance has a Level 31 Simisear.

In  the house ahead is a Backpacker who will trade his Emolga for your Boldore – but as you have these both anyway there really is no point.  Continue on the path for a Rotation Battle!

Ace Trainer Elmer has a Level 32 Swoobat, Level 32 Liepard, and Level 32 Watchog.

Backpacker Ruth has a Level 31 Minccino.

Pokemon Ranger Mary has a Level 30 Swadloon, Level 30 Simipour, and a Level 30 Tranquill.  After the battle she gives you an Aspear Berry.

The nearby treasure ball has a PP Up in it – nice one!

Pokemon Ranger Pedro has a Level 31 Solosis, and a Level 31 Axew, giving you an Aspear Berry as your reward.

A nearby treasure ball has a Max Ether in it – a really nice find!

The Celestial Tower is straight ahead, but before we go into that, double back to the raised walkway to the south heading east and run it, and pop into the Rest House, where you can get healed.  As you head up the nearby steps your XT rings, and it is your Mum just checking in...

Battle the clowns in the walkways and grab the treasure balls as well...

Harlequin Pat has a Level 30 Emolga, Level 30 Sigilyph, and a treasure ball on the ground behind them with TM81, X-Scissor.

Harlequin Ian has a Level 29 Tynamo, Level 29 Ducklett, and a Level 29 Tranquill.  After you finish the battle with Ian, backtrack to the Tower now, as the path beyond them leads to Twist Mountain, and we are not ready to go there yet...

– Celestial Tower --

Reaching the top of Celestial Tower

The Tower is the resting place for beloved Pokemon –  and also home to a pair of Pokemon that we do not have – so in the process of helping out Skyla with the sick Pokemon we need to capture these...  And do some battles!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Celestial Tower  Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#113/607   Litwick     (C)        All        Floor
#111/605   Elgyem      (U)        All        Floor
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Head upstairs where you will find Trainers to battle and treasure balls as well as some wild encounters.  You should be aware that on the 2nd Floor the only Pokemon you can capture is Litwick – to capture Elgyem you will need to be above the 2nd Floor.

– Second Floor --

Psychic Doreen has a Level 30 Elgyen, a Level 30 Solosis, and a Level 30 Sigilyph.

Lass Kara has a Level 30 Deerling, Level 30 Gothita.

Grab the Hyper Potion from the treasure ball on the right.

Pokefan Jude has a Level 30 Emolga, and a Level 30 Herdier.

Pokefan Georgia has a Level 30 Swadloon.

The treasure ball on the left contains TM61, Will-O-Wisp.

– Third Floor --

Psychic Belle has a Level 32 Musharma.

Psychic Lin has a Level 31 Litwick, and a Level 31 Woobat.

Psychic Micki has a Level 31 Yamask, and a Level 31 Golett,

Psychic Bryce has a Level 32 Duosion.

The treasure ball nearby contains a Spell Tag – handy for a Ghost-type Pokemon.

Nurse Sachiko has a Level 31 Gothita, and a Level 31 Alomomola.

In addition to being your opponent, the Nurse will also heal your team, which is pretty cool.

– Fourth Floor --

Trainer Beckett has a Level 33 Stoutland – another new Dex Entry!

The nearby treasure ball has a Revive, which is always good to have and bad to need.

Ace Trainer Kassandra has a Level 32 Swoobat, and a Level 32 Gothorita.

This is the last regular level of the Tower, so if you need to heal up before heading up to the top, that is OK, just visit the Nurse on the level below.

– Fifth Floor --

When you are ready hit the stairs and you will find Skyla on the roof – but it seems that she has already helped  the injured Pokemon.  She invites you to ring the bell since you came all this way anyway – and when you do you demonstrate what a great Trainer you are!

Skyla properly introduces herself and then invites you to battle her at the Gym, where she uses Flying-type Pokemon.  Speaking of that sort, I chose to Fly back to town rather than make my way through the Tower, where I would face countless battles I don't need to face...  Your choice mates!

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Nov 2nd 2013 Guest
You forgot TM65 Shadow Claw ,O_O,
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Jan 24th 2013 Guest
What about the TM65 Shadow Claw Ghost move on one of the floos?
ID #246081
Aug 1st 2012 Guest
You forgot to mention that the TM Shadow Claw can also be found on the fourth floor of the tower. It is behind one of the tombstones to the left.
ID #171123
Jul 11th 2012 Guest
i think pokemon is fun
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where does the woman go after
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