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21: Driftveil City Gym Battle
Pokemon Black

21: Driftveil City Gym Battle

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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21: Driftveil City Gym Battle

When we arrive outside of the Gym there is still more drama in store for us – as Ghetsis is there with his Plasma lot, and they do not seem all that pleased.  Ghetsis intimidates Clay, who ends up giving up his prisoners without a fight.  We are not really surprised by that, after all he blackmailed you into doing his job for him, we are clearly not dealing with a Gym Leader of high moral character and bravery.

Really Clay is quite the jerk!  Cheren takes off to level his team up some more before facing Clay, but we just want to get this over with and put this town and its sleazy Gym Leader behind us, right?

– The AGL Battles --

As you step inside the counter girl directs you to the lifts, and of course there is the Greeter for you to chat up!  He gifts you with a Fresh Water and warns you that Clay uses Ground-type Pokemon, adding what you already know, that Water-types will do well here!

Step onto the lift and hit the down button to head to the next level, then step to the right to battle the first AGL.

Worker Felix has a Level 28 Palpitoad, and a Level 28 Drilbur – so while Clay may have Ground-types his AGL's have more a variety it seems!

Press the down button after beating him and then move forward and use the up button to return to the level above, where you have your next AGL battle.

Worker Sterling has a Level 28 Sandile, and a Level 28 Drilbur,

Head back down and use the catwalk to run around to the next AGL battle!

Worker Don has a Level 29 Krokorok.

Take the lift down here, and then make a decision – you can move to the right, and finish battling the AGL's, or you can move to the lift in front of you and take that up to battle the AGL we could not reach before, and thus gain access to the lift that will take you to the bottom of the Gym and the Leader.

I say we finish off the AGL's!  So head to the right and up!

Clerk Isaac has a Level 27 Sandile, and a Level 27 Palpitoad, followed by another Level 27 Sandile,

That wraps up the last AGL, so head down and left, then forward and up for the last AGL in your way!

Clerk Katie has a Level 29 Drilbur.

After you defeat her, step on to the special left and take it all the way down to the bottom, where you will face off against Clay!

Battling with Clay

– Gym Leader Clay Battle --

Vlay opens the battle with a Level 29 Krokorok, followed by a Level 31 Excadrill. Next he fields his Level 29 Palpitoad, and that is it!  Victory!

Clay gives you the Quake Badge that you earned fairly, making Pokemon up to Level 60 obey you, including those obtained in trades.  He then instructs you to go and wait in front of a cave at the end of Route 6, so after a quick detour to the Poke Center to heal and save, go ahead and run down Route 6!

As you approach the exit to Route 6 Bianca shows up, and yes, she wants a battle!

Bianca now has a Level 26 Herdier, Level 28 Servine, Level 26 Musharna, and a Level 26 Panpour, Fair warning – like a Gym  Leader she will use Hyper Potions whenever you violate the 25% rule so make sure you can KO before going below that level!

After you beat her she gifts you with HM02, Fly – woot!  At this point you can teach any Flying Pokemon this move – as long as their primary type is Flying – meaning that it is listed first.  If Flying is their secondary type, they cannot learn this move or fly you around.  You should have a primary Flying-type as part of your A-Team – likely a Tranquill if you have been leveling your swappers.  Teach it Fly then fly home and show the professor your dex now – you have more than 60 dex entries now so she will gift you with TM17, Protect!

Pop in to say hello to Mum, then Fly back to Driftveil now.  You will likely want to keep the Flying member of your team as a main rather than alternate at this point on.

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ID #69271 | Aug 22nd 2011 Guest
to get clay to go to his gym you have to go south of driftviel to the cold storage and down there is a house with ice on the floor. you have to get to the end and team plasma will be in a big metal thing. after that you can go battle clay
ID #57097 | Jul 12th 2011 Guest
thats what happens 2 me!
ID #54912 | Jul 5th 2011 Guest
where is clay because sombody says please wait clay is doing something please come later
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