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Follow the dark path or use the light

27: Taking Care of Business Part III

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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27: Taking Care of Business Part III

First you have to take the boat back -- none of that flying here!  You bought a round-trip ticket and you should USE it!  Back in town now -- if you need to hit the Pokemon Center to correct your team load-out, do that, then save and head north to the Desert mates!

Hey, did you notice that the people on the street on the way to the gatehouse to the north talk like their lines were written by the bloke that comes up with the sayings on Love Heart candy??  Seriously!  Is that so?  I see!  What?  Hungry...  Bye-bye!  Eeep!  Jimminy!

As soon as you exit the gatehouse do not think about the water where the two Fishermen are to the west because there is nothing for you to get there -- we know because we looked!  There is nothing at the Construction Site either.  Ditto for the Relic Castle and Nimbasa City, so hit the east gatehouse now!

-- Back on Route 16 --

Head out onto Route 16 and take the first entrance into the park here, follow the path all the way to the right and zone into the next area, where you will Surf off the bridge to the waterfall and use Waterfall to climb it. 

As we already have the Pokemon that can be had here that is not a concern, so head north following the Dowse signal, grabbing the Protein, then cross the river and grab the Rare Candy from the treasure ball there, and we have wrapped up this area!

Now head back through town and then out the west gatehouse and leave the City as quick as you please.  Pop into the caravan and have a chat with the maid who is purchasing food items -- sell her whatever you like that you don't think you will need as far as food items go -- and in particular the BalmMushroom, which she will pay $25,000 -- this is a great place to raise some kit money!

The same cannot be said for Driftveil City however -- so when you arrive run down the road past the Pokemon Center onto the beach here and into the water!  Almost directly across from where you enter is a beach with sitars that lead to a treasure ball with a Water Stone in it -- we have quite the collection of these, and they will come in handy for evolutionary changes, believe it!

The treasure ball is at the foot of a lighthouse -- how cool is that?  That is all that there is to here, so head back to the City side and get out of the water, then hit the Pokemon Center...  If you have not already done so, get the three monkeys and use the Fire, Water, and Leaf Stones you have to evolve them now, then put back the ones that are not part of your team -- may as well get that out of the way as it is something that will be on the next checklist of full dex entries.

That brings the total seen count to 96 -- 4 more and we need to pay another visit to the Professor's Lab to get our third and last gift!

Check to see if you are low on Moo Milk and, if you are, now is a good time (and place) to grab a dozen from the Market.  As they replenish a cool 100HP that is a good idea.

-- Route 6 Again --

Exit the City via Route 6 and continue along to the bridge, then use Surf off of the north side and grab the treasure ball with TM84, Poison Jab in it.  Excellent! That is one more TM for our collection!

Surf north to the next bridge then walk to the one after that and Surf north again to the first landing on the right, getting out to grab the Silk Scarf from the treasure ball there.  Your Dowser will warn you that there is a prize nearby -- you cannot get that from here.  So  Surf west and then walk along the path to the short bridge past the building, then Surf north.

Go around the rocks by jumping on to land and walking then surf across and jump out to get the TinyMushroom, then a BigMushroom, then back in the water and east to land and another TinyMushroom just before the cave entrance!  You may want to save here.

Use Flash to light the cave, and then head south.  Push the boulder east and then south to fill the hole, and then continue south down the steps, where you should troll up a wild Pokemon!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Mistralton Cave Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#031/525   Boldore     (C)        All        Cave Floor
#033/527   Woobat      (U)        All        Cave Floor
#035/529   Drilbu      (C)        All        Shaking Dirt
#116/610   Axew        (R)        All        Cave Floor
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The only Pokemon you need here is Axew, and after you grab that one, explore the cave with your Dowser to get an Elixir from the rock just before the steps and then continue along the path for a battle!

Hiker Hugh has a Level 33 Drilbur, and a Level 33 Gurdurr. 

Push the boulder east to continue on the path to the next battle!

Hiker Clarke has a Level 34 Boldore.

Follow the Dowser to the north to get a Hyper Potion, then go down the stairs to the east to get the Max Repel from the treasure ball.  Now double back to Clarke and head west, then north above the stairs here to get another Hyper Potion from a treasure ball before pushing the rock down the stairs west into the hole.  That opens the way to the exit -- but we do not actually want to leave just now!

Turn around and go back east up the stairs and then south to a longer set of stairs going up to the next level. 

-- Mistralton Cave Level 2 --

First, follow the Dowser south to get the Ultra Ball from the rock, then north and  east, pushing the boulder into the hole there.  Follow the Dowser west to the rock to grab another Hyper Potion.  Head up the nearby stairs and then east, down and to the south before going up and west to follow the ledge and reach the treasure ball we could see but not reach before.  It has a Hard Stone in it -- so grab that and then backtrack to the path split and push the boulder west into the hole there.

Now continue north and up the stairs, following the ledge all the way west to a treasure ball with TM80, Rock Slide, in it.  Once you have that retreat east and then down the stairs and double back along the lower channel here, grabbing the Iron from the treasure ball and the PP Up from the Dowser spot nearby.

By the way, this is a really good place to level your Grass and Water types so if you need some levels I would do that now, here.  Heck, take them both to Level 50 -- it certainly will not be hard or take long!  I am serious about that -- the mistake I made was in not doing it, so I ended up at Victory Road needing to level my entire team which took much longer than it should have because I did not take these opportunities when presented with them.  Don't make the same mistake, right?

Double back up the channel to the stairs and then down and west along the next wider channel where you already pushed the boulder.  Push the other boulder west then cut back and up the stairs here to the next level!

-- Mistralton Cave Level 3 --

First head east and up the stairs to meet the old man and listen to his story.

'In the distant past, when Pokemon and people lived in different worlds, a war between people started an intense fire in a forest where many Pokemon lived.
'The Pokemon were surrounded by smoke and flames.  They were in big trouble.  And then, the legends Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion appeared! 

'Terrakion used its amazing strength to destroy rocks blocking the escape route.  Virizion used its quick movements to protect Pokemon from looming flames.  And Cobalion led the frightened Pokemon out of the burning woods.

'The people who started the war were routed by the power of the legends.  Because of Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, the war ended. 

'When people fight, there's no peace for Pokemon either.  The three legends learned that the deeds of humans could lead to dire consequences for their world.

'They cut themselves off from people and disappeared.  No one saw much of them after that, and the three faded into myth...  I've been searching for them for decades, and I finally figured out that one of them was deep in this cave.

But the legendary three do not trust people.  If people approach, they bare their fangs and attack.  It can't be helped, because they only know the old world...

'They still don't know the world has become a place where people and Pokemon try to understand and help each other.   You seem like you might be able to show them that people and Pokemon can trust each other and live together.

'If they take another look at people, I think they will stop hiding from us...'

Well, that is quite a story -- and if it is true that means that there is a legendary Pokemon somewhere here to be found -- and captured!

First though follow the path to the right and use your Dowser to grab an Ultra Ball and then from the nearby treasure ball, a Dusk Stone.  Double back and then past the old man and down the stairs, grabbing the Rare Candy form the treasure ball -- and catching sight of that Legendary Pokemon!

The Dowser indicates that the rock past the treasure ball has an item -- so grab the Carbos from that and then head back and south to push another boulder into a hole!  Push the second boulder into the other hole, and then grab the Revive from the nearby treasure ball before you double back and up the stairs, heading for the main event!

Capturing Cobalion

-- The Legendary Cobalion --

He certainly does look majestic!  Wow!

At Level 42 you may have something of a battle on your hands, but do the best you can to weaken it, and capture it!  As you can see I lead with my Starter and, though I did do good damage against it, this is a very strong Legendary!

I wish I did not have to point out that having a skill element to these captures rather than pure luck would be so much better, but capturing a Legendary Pokemon is very different than capturing a regular one, that is just the way that it is.

After the battle the old man comes to congratulate you -- and tells you that the other two are out there, somewhere, waiting for you to find them -- if you choose to follow that path...  Choose to?  Mate, we gotta catch 'em all!

In theory all that is left for us to do now is make our way out -- which we can do several ways.  We can either walk out, dig to escape, or use an Escape Rope.  If you are leveling up your Grass and Water types walking out is the option.  If you are not, the other two are the quicker way out!

If you do decide to use the cave for leveling your Grass and Water Pokemon, stick with the Boldores avoiding the other two Pokemon and to maximize your XP gain, give the Pokemon you are leveling the Lucky Egg to hold.  I would seriously take both of them to 50 here -- there are other areas in the game that are choice for leveling your other types as well, so give it some thought.

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Comments for 27: Taking Care of Business Part III

5 comments, latest first.
Nov 2nd 2013 Guest
I caught Cobalion using 4 or 5 Ultra Balls o_e I seriously have no idea how, but I got him down to the amber level of HP or whatever you call it using various moves, and then just kept on throwing Ultra Balls at him until he was caught.
ID #317571
Nov 29th 2012 Guest
I used a Hexorus or any other Pokemon with the move "false swipe" to take the Cobalion straight to 1 HP. This significantly reduced the number of pokeballs that I had to use to catch him.
ID #213642
Feb 11th 2012 Guest
you get a lucky egg from prof in chargestone cave
ID #113844
Sep 8th 2011 Guest
where can i get the lucky egg??????
ID #73268
May 19th 2011 Guest
Lvl 50 on anyone's first playthrough is asking alot...Lvl 40-43 will do just fine here if you use strategy in your battles and type advantages.
ID #43890
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