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Follow the dark path or use the light

47: Route 12, the Village Bridge, and Route 11

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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47: Route 12, the Village Bridge, and Route 11

After you rest up from your Legendary encounter, restock your kit, and save, exit the Center and head to the west out of town

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Route 12  Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#xxx/014   Kakuna      (R)        All        Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/015   Beedrill    (UR)       All        Shaking Grass
#xxx/078   Rapidash    (UR)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/084   Doduo       (C)        All        Swarm
#xxx/127   Pinsir      (UR)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/191   Sunkern     (U)        All        Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/192   Sunflora    (U)        All        Shaking Grass
#xxx/206   Dunsparce   (UR)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/214   Heracross   (UR)       All        Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/415   Combee      (R)        All        Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/416   Vespiquen   (UR)       All        Shaking Grass
#xxx/421   Cherrim     (R)        All        Grass/Dark Grass
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After you enter the Route take a few minutes to consult your Pokedex and see what you need to capture from what is available here.  To make this simple we are going to structure the guide from here on to cover the content in logical groups, and encourage you to complete each of the areas in constructive steps:

Step 1: Consult your Dex and capture the Pokemon you still need.
Step 2: Battle all of the Trainers here.
Step 3: Obtain all treasure ball contents
Step 4: Check the Dowser and get anything that it points to.

So to begin with, I have checked my Dex and it turns out that Vespiquen is the only one I am missing!  So I have to do a little Shaking Grass trolling -- but either way be sure you get all of the ones you do not have!

-- Trainer Battles --

There are a few battles for us to have here, starting with:

School Kid Ann, who has a Level 64 Paras, and a Level 64 Wormadam.

Pokemon Breeder Eustace has a Level 63 Makuhita, a Level 63 Riolu, and a Level 63 Tyrogue.  After the battle she gifts you with a Sitrus Berry -- which is mighty nice of her considering that she is not a Pokemon Ranger!

Backers Fey & Sue have Level 65 Swoobat.

School Kid Jem has a Level 63 Weedle, a Level 63 Beedrill, and a Level 63 Kakuna.

Pokemon Breeder Ethel has a Level 61 Shuppet, Level 61 Snorunt, Level 61 Phanpy, Level 61 Skitty, and a Level 61 Cacnea.  When the battle ends she gifts you with a Sitrus Berry.

-- Treasure Balls --

In the northeast section is a Revive, and in the north-center area you will find TM53, Energy Ball.  In the southwest corner is a Full Heal, and that wraps up the treasure balls for this Route!

-- Dowsing --

Follow the Dowser to pick up the following items:

Big Mushroom x1
TinyMushroom x3

Of all the Pokemon you may need here, the one that will present the biggest trouble for you is likely to be Vespiquen -- mostly due to the fact that it is a UR for Shaking Grass, which means it will be very very hard to find.  You have the option of getting a Combee and leveling it to evolve, but bear in mind that only around 10% of Combee are female, and it must be female to evolve into a Vespiquen.

You do have the option of taking a male Combee and one of your Ditto to the Day Care Center on Route 3 and making eggs until you get a female -- that is actually what I chose to do because it was way faster than the alternatives.  YMMV.

Assuming that you have captured all of the Pokemon that you need to here, head for the gatehouse to the west to continue our journey!

-- Village Bridge Area --

When you enter the gatehouse you will notice something odd -- the guard is not properly dressed!  When you ask them about it they confess that they forgot their uniform today!  The ticket gives you the message of the day, the weather, date and time, and Swarm Notice, as well as some trivia about the people who live in Lucanosa Town.

By the exit is a Trainer and his granddaughter -- they are trying to decide what Pokemon should be her first!

The Diapered Pokemon

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Village Bridge Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#xxx/055   Golduck     (U)         All       Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/131   Lapras      (UR)        All       Surf Spot
#xxx/318   Carvahna    (C)         All       Fish/Surf Spot
#xxx/319   Sharpedo    (R)         All       Surf Spot
#xxx/335   Zangoose    (R)         All       Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/336   Seviper     (R)         All       Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/400   Bibarel     (U)         All       Grass/Dark Grass
#136/630   Mandibuzz   (R)         All       Dark Grass
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Consult your Dex to determine which of the above you still need to catch -- all that I needed at this point was a Mandibuzz, so this will be a brief trolling session indeed!

To the west is the bridge, which is actually a village -- hence the name -- while south you will find the Village Bridge Restaurant along with a bunch of Trainers to chat up!  Head down there now, and do this in an orderly manner!

First get the battles out of the way, starting with the cook by the combie...

Baker Chris has a Level 64 Combee, and a Level 64 Ursaring.

After you beat Baker Chris they offer you the job of Waiter -- go ahead and take it!  When they ask if you know what to do say no so you can learn what to do.  Take the orders of all four customers, and then tell them to Chris, who will go inside the combie and make them.  Then you just need to give the correct sandie to the correct patron!

Your reward for so excellent a job is a Lum Berry!  Good on ya!  You can return each day to do this and get a reward...

Head under the bridge for your next battle...

Scientist Shannon has a Level 62 Amoonguss, Level 62 Ekans, Level 62 Grimer, and a Level 62 Seviper.

Using the Dowser you can find an HP Up, and a Full Restore north of the bridge in the grass.

Head up on to the bridge now and visit the different houses.  The first house is a Rest House, with a girl Trainer inside who will heal your team.  In the second house is a Trainer with lots of Patrats who is looking for a new start -- she takes off, and they chase after her!

In the third house is the President of the Hip Waders Pokemon Fishing Club -- and when you join it (you should) it now has two members!  He will tell you what the Fish-O-the-Day is, so go and capture one and show it to him to win a prize!  The FotD for me was a Cloyster, and when I caught one and showed it to him, he gave me a Dive Ball -- and said I can come back each day to do this again!

You will find Trainers in the next few houses who will fill you in on the history of the bridge, and when you reach the other side, more opportunities for XP!

School Kid Serena has a Level 60 Zubat, Level 60 Slugma, Level 60 Doduo, Level 60 Poochyena, Level 60 Nosepass. and a Level 60 Electrike.

Following the Dowser will take you to a barrel with the Leftovers held item -- a really useful one so be sure to grab it!  Speak to the bloke next to the barrel and he will sing to you!

Head under the bridge and surf out to the island to grab the Calcium from the treasure ball, then hit the vending machine in the north corner to stock up on your drinks.

Once you have all of the Pokemon you need from here, head into the west gatehouse.

-- Route 11 --

This area is a little complicated -- so we will run through it by the numbers...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Route 11 Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity          Season          Capture Note
#xxx/055   Golduck     (R)              All            Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/118   Goldeen     (C)              All            Fish
#xxx/207   Gligar      (R)              All            Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/335   Zangoose    (R)              All            Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/336   Seviper     (R)              All            Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/418   Buizel      (U)              All            Surf
#xxx/472   Gliscor     (R)              All            Shaking Grass
#131/625   Bisharp     (R)              All            Dark Grass
#136/630   Mandibuzz   (U)              All            Dark Grass
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On the bridge after you enter is your first battle...

Backpacker has a Level 65 Snover.

Pokemon Ranger Thalia has a Level 64 Rapidash, Level 64 Cacturne, Level 64 Mantine.  After the battle she gifts you with a Leppa Berry.

Backpacker Talon has a Level 65 Croagunk.

Grab the Hyper Potion from the treasure ball near the gatehouse entrance, and then Surf to the south and east down the falls, where you will find a battle!

Pokemon Ranger Crofton has a Level 64 Dewgong, Level 64 Pelipper, and Level 64 Pinsir.  Your gift for this battle is a nice juicy Leppa Berry!

Head under the bridge to the far corner where you will find a treasure ball with a Protector in it.  Grab that and then double back, capturing any Pokemon that are on your outstanding list now.

Head back up to the main route and Surf north off of the bridge, climbing the waterfall here and grab TM50, Overheat, from the treasure ball here.  Surf west to the other side, following the Dowser to the Max Revive.  Return to the route and use the Dowser to obtain the Hyper Potion.

At this point we have accomplished everything that we need to do here, so head back to the route and continue west to the gatehouse, checking the ticker for any new news before exiting west and hitting the Pokemon Center to heal, restock, and save.

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