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Follow the dark path or use the light

50: The Road Ahead

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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50: The Road Ahead

We have reached the end of the guide but not the end of your adventures in the world of Pokemon and the Unova Region!

Ahead of you is the Battle Subway, a visit to Anville Town, the Entralink and Dream World, and of course moving your other region Pokemon into your game at the Poke Transfer Lab.  If you have yet to completely explore the Ruins beneath Undella Bay there is that -- and when you are ready there is the battle with Master Trainer Cynthia in Undella as well.

You might return to the Pokemon League for the rematch with the Elite Four that is waiting there and, once you have leveled your best B-Teams up, seek battles in the WiFi side of the Battle Subway and via Random Match over the GTS Network. 

Spending some time on the Global Link Website ( where eventually there will be some special events, and of course you should play in Dream World both to obtain special Pokemon and items like Berries.

Game Freak and Nintendo have a lot of Mystery Gift events planned, and there will be other special Pokemon distributions as well -- as I write this Toys 'R Us is giving away eggs with special Pokemon from the Black and White season of the TV show -- so what I am saying is that there is still a lot to do and see in the game beyond the story, which you have completed, and the challenge of completing your Pokedex, which I hope you will work towards.

Very few Trainers actually ever complete the Pokedex, and it would be great if you were one that did.

In the near future you can expect to start hearing about the special bridging-game that will link Black and White.  There is a battle-based game for the Wii in the works that is said to be a mixture of Pokemon Stadium and Gales of Darkness that will make having Black and White a good thing.  Rumor has it that there will be a new Ranger title as well, so there is a lot to look forward to over the course of the Summer and the next two years!

This guide was a monster to write, mostly because these games get more complex with each generation and the 5th generation was no exception.  We hope that you find it useful!


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Comments for 50: The Road Ahead

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Sep 25th 2013 Guest
I've got 4 level 100s so I can prabably can beat devin
ID #311083
Aug 3rd 2013 Guest
devin is a cheater
ID #302231
Mar 12th 2013 Guest
Where are the seven sages at the end of the game
ID #263013
Jan 31st 2013 Guest
you said that we can take the plane in pokemon black how
ID #248286
Nov 26th 2012 Guest
i have no cleu what happened to n and honestly i'm extemely curious. if anyone could just post and tell me that would be awesome
ID #212689
Nov 21st 2012 Guest

ID #210991
Jun 10th 2012 Guest
you know what post dates to battle and dont lie or say how good you are just battle and show it
ID #151267
Mar 11th 2012 Guest
omg devin i will beat you
ID #122364
Feb 25th 2012 Guest
only zubats, that must stink, it fun navigating caves, they can be tricky, i playing heart gold and having trouble with mt. moon.
ID #118202
Dec 23rd 2011 Guest
I think the end of that was in Diamond.
ID #97825
Oct 16th 2011 knowitall23701
hmmm....i remember in the older versions when the only pokemon you can get in caves are STUPID ZUBATS!
ID #80655
Sep 28th 2011 Guest
[b][/b] Where is N because I have found the last sixth sage and IDK where to find him
ID #77184
Sep 15th 2011 hydreigonlover
my hydreigon has draco meteor outrage dragon rush crunch lv 100 max stats
ID #74630
Sep 14th 2011 Guest
how do you get an evee on black and white?
ID #74552
Sep 12th 2011 Guest
OMG SHUT UP AND BATTLE BOYS ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS BATTLE I GOT A LV 100 GLACEON shes a great wife to my jolton and mother to her eggs and a strong pokemon who never gives up ive been playing pokemon since as far back as i remember my sister taught me how an he gameboy before the ds was invented and all of my pokemon are raised with love and care rather then battles
ID #74193
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