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Follow the dark path or use the light

04: Accumula Town

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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04: Accumula Town

If the scenery change was not indication enough, the change in background music should tell you that you have entered a town.  There is a sign on the raised area to the right as you head north that says 'Accumula Town -- The Fast-Growing Town!' and just past that is the Pokemon Center and Professor Juniper.

She takes you inside for a tour of the Pokemon Center -- and man does the inside of this place look different from those of the previous games or what?!  I was really surprised at the change of perspective, but then I remembered that this game is 3DS enhanced, so it only makes sense to give some depth to the interiors, right?

Bianca joins you at the counter where Professor Juniper introduces you to Nurse Joy, and you learn that you can have your team healed here.  The Prof has you hand your team over to be healed as part of the tour -- you do that and then you get the nickel tour of the Pokemon Center PC.

Part of the PC orientation includes the fact that at the moment you do not know who invented the Pokemon Storage System -- traditionally that is something you discover in the game as part of your adventure, and it is nice to see that the old traditions are being maintained in the new game.

The next stop is the counter on the right -- and shock!  It is the Poke Mart Counter?!  In the new game the Pokemon Center is also the Poke Mart?!  Well heck I guess that is cool, it will save us time I suppose.

The Prof tells you that you can sell any unneeded items to the clerk, and of course you can purchase kit and supplies as well.  She tells you to look up an inventor named Fennel when you make it to Striaton City -- make a mental note of that, right?

That concludes the tour, and Professor Juniper departs.  Now on to a special item...

If you received the Wonder Card called the Liberty Pass -- or you have  a different Wonder Card in your case, you will see on the left a bloke in a special uniform, holding a package.  That is the delivery bloke -- and you should step over and chat him up now!  Watch the video for this section of the guide to see what I am talking about!


The Five Cent Tour


-- The Poke Mart Counter --

As with the previous games there can be more than one clerk, and when there is, they each sell a different stock of items.  In this case the bloke closest to the entrance sells a variety of mail items, while the other bloke sells regular Poke Ball and Potions. 

Obviously we can use gobs gobs of both -- but right now we do not have the scratch to buy gobs, we only have enough to buy a few.  You should have around $4000 on you now if you have been following the guide -- that is enough to purchase 10 Poke Balls ($2000) and 6 Potions ($1800) leaving $200 left over for just in case money!

Note that I suggest that you buy 10 Poke Balls -- as with the previous games, if you buy your regular Poke Balls ten at a go, you get a free Premier Ball as a bonus.  The Premier ball is somewhat rare ball that has been specially made to commemorate an event of some sort according to its description -- it pretty much functions the same as a regular Poke Ball, so look at it as buy 10 get 1 free!

So we now have 13 Poke Balls, 1 Premier Ball, and 7 Potions.  Good for us! That is a great start on building up our kit!

If you have the Liberty Pass you will notice that its description makes clear that it is a pass for access to a ship that will take you to Liberty Garden -- a special area you can only reach by ship from Castelia City -- but to use it you also need to have two Gym Badges and a load of Poke Balls, because the Legendary Pokemon it will take you to is not going to be caught easily!  More on that later...

-- The Pokemon Center PC --

Now that we have finished with our shopping why not take a better look at the PC?

Switching it on gives us the main menu -- Someone's PC, Our PC, the Professor's PC, Help, and the Off Button are our options.  Let's go with selection one -- Someone's PC.

– Someone's PC --

This is where we will store our extra Pokemon -- basically every one but the six we have on our party.   It has its own menu -- Deposit, Withdraw, Move, Battle Box, and Move Items.

Whenever I am manipulating my Pokemon I tend to use the Move Pokemon selection since it pretty much allows you to do both deposit and withdraw at the same time.  Move Items is just what it sounds like, the means for taking and giving items to the Pokemon stored in the boxes.  And speaking of the boxes...

If you select Move you will go into Box view and see that there are presently 8 boxes here named Box # -- for now we should better organize this by designating the box functions -- so first thing you may want to do is select Box 1 and change its name to 'A-Team' (minus the quotes).  You can change its wallpaper if you like, but strictly speaking that is not really required.

Next change to Box 8 and change its name to 'Incoming' and then Box 7 to 'Outgoing' so you now have the three important boxes defined.  You can name the others as you like -- I just leave them as is myself, as they are where my extras and collection will go.

A-Team is where the Pokemon will go that represent my active team and its alternates, while Incoming is the box I always exit the PC on, so that any Pokemon that are sent to the PC are in that box, and I know they are new.  Outgoing is where I put the Pokemon I plan to trade with other trainers or other game versions that I own.

The other selection from the main menu is Battle Box -- if you select that you will get the view of the main boxes but with the Battle Box Tab in the lower left corner.  Selecting that gives you six slots to place your Battle Team -- the team of Pokemon that you will use to battle other real life Trainers.

Since we do not have a team to put there, this is fur future reference -- but it is good to know, right?

When you exit the boxes be sure that you were on the Incoming Box so that any new Pokemon beyond the six in your party go there!

-- Pokemon Center Second Level --

Up here are the desks for the Union Room, the Arena and the Lobby, as well as the globe that allows you to interact with the Nintendo Global Trade Station -- but none of these actually work at the moment.  There are a few things you have to do before they will work -- but we will return to this subject later in the guide to cover it in working detail, alright then?

Now would be a great time to save your game mate!

-- The City Proper --

Now that we are done in the Pokemon Center, head outside and you will overhear two Trainers commenting that something is happening in the Plaza -- go ahead and follow them!

You hook up with Cheren there -- and you see a group of costumed people are lined up in the Plaza!  Their leader -- Ghetsis -- begins to talk to the crowd: he tells you he is from Team Plasma and that he is there to speak with you about Pokemon Liberation.

As you watch he begins to spout his rhetoric about the Liberation of Pokemon, about how they are the same as humans, and that Trainers are enslaving them.  After he delivers his message they gather into ranks and march off, banners in hand.

After the crowd disperses a bloke names N comes to you to ask if you can hear the Pokemon talking -- you give him the bug eye, and he introduces himself.  N seems to be slightly bent mate, and before you know it, he has forced you into a battle!

He has a Level 7 Purrloin, and he knows how to use it.  Still you should be able to beat him anyway mate, plus you have potions now.  If you win that is around 100XP and $700 reward, so not too bad.

Cheren tells you he is going to go on ahead, as he aims to battle the Gym Leader in the next town as soon as he can.  His plan is to become the League Champion -- but then that is our plan too so he has some competition...

Head back to the Pokemon Center to heal and save, and then explore the rest of the town.

-- The Rest of Town --

Back near where we entered the town there is a set of stairs leading down to a building - inside there are a bunch of Trainers you can talk to, and upstairs there is a pair of newlyweds you can say hello to.  Check out the program on their TV before you leave and head back up the stairs to the street.

Just past the Pokemon Center is a set of stairs leading up to a scenic overlook, and in the distance you can see what looks like a pair of treasure balls!  Up here is a Trainer you can chat with, and another building, this one has some musicians who will play music for you.

Back down in the street you can chat up the old man -- who shares his wisdom -- then check out the next building, which has Trainers who will give you pointers and advice.  Next door is another building, and the other Trainer out front will tell you about Love and Affection.  Inside this building is more of the same, except upstairs is a bloke who will give you a Poke Ball!

There is also a little girl up there who will play Rock-Paper-Scissors with you... Except this is a game that teaches you which Pokemon types are strong and weak in relation to each other -- and if you do not know what those are, this is a good game for you to spend some time playing so you can learn it!

-- Accumula Gate --

At the end of the road is the city gate, and inside is a large information board that you should spend some time gawking at now!  It will tell you things like:

-- Striation City is nestled in the forest and the breeze smells like trees.
-- Next to the City is a Day Care, which many Trainers visit.

You will get other information like the weather and news, and the suggestion that the Pokemon School is a good place to learn the basics -- and it is!

The exit on the other side leads to Route 2 -- if you are ready to go there (and you are) why, go ahead!  It is a great chance for us to catch some new Pokemon!

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Nov 23rd 2012 Guest
I did not recieve a Mystery gift nor did I recieve a Card of some sort. Nor was there a delivery guy on the left in the PC. Still I am playing Pokémon Black. What must I do to still recieve that card?

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