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Follow the dark path or use the light

36: Victory Road Part I

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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36: Victory Road Part I

If you have played some of the previous games you might be thinking that you know what to expect form this but the thing is, Victory Road has changed in the 5th Generation of the games.  It does not even remotely work the way it did before -- with the biggest difference being that it is a series of different areas that are inside and outside -- and each has its own group of wild Pokemon to be captured, so you will want to consult the Reports here!

We will organize this so that it makes sense -- we promise -- but there is one thing that should be said...  You have come a long way!  You have made great progress in the game, you have defeated every Trainer and Gym Leader that you have faced, caught a boatload of wild Pokemon, given long hours of your life, and yet the game is not even two-thirds complete yet!  Still, good on ya mates, well done!

-- The Pokemon Report --

To make things easier we are going to present all of the Victory Road Pokemon in a single report, because the only difference in the inside and outside encounters is the encounter rate -- so when you are outside take the Rarity listed here with a grain of salt, yeah?  It is only really accurate inside...  Any Pokemon that are exclusive to one of the areas have that fact noted in their listing!  As you have almost all of these already, only the ones you do NOT have have their floors listed in detail...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Victory Road Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#031/525   Boldore     (U)        All        Most Areas
#033/527   Woobat      (R)        All        Most Areas
#036/530   Excadrill   (C)        All        Shaking Dirt
#056/550   Basculin    (C)        All        Surf
#117/611   Fraxure     (R)        All        Outside
#125/619   Mienfoo     (R)        All        All Areas/Outside
#135/629   Vullaby     (U)        All        Outside
#137/631   Heatmor     (C)        All        Outside
#138/632   Durant      (C)        All        All Areas
#139/633   Deino       (R)        All        1 and 3
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Of the Pokemon found here, the ones that we need are Excadrill, Fraxure, Heatmor, Durant, and Deino -- though technically you may already have an Excadrill if you decided to use Drilbur in your party and ended up evolving it -- if you did, scratch him from the list. 

As you can see, you will have no trouble locating the ones that you need, so go ahead and start capturing them now.  Once you have all of the outstanding Pokemon in your Dex and collection come back and see me?  The suggested path to this end is:

-- First Area --

Step inside and begin trolling near the door to capture a Deino, a Durant, and an Excadrill, nicely wrapping up ALL of the inside Pokemon.  If you are having trouble with Excadrill buy a stack of Super Repel sprays and use them -- that way you can run around and all you will do is spawn Shaking Dirt, not wild encounters, and as they are the only Pokemon you will likely see in the Shaking Dirt, why then mischief managed!

Now just head in and up the stairs to the next area!

-- Second Area --

We will not be hunting any Pokemon here -- but we will be having a battle!

Ace Trainer Shanta has a Level 45 Whimsicott, and a Level 45 Zebstrika.

After the battle and as we can do nothing about the boulder in the back and are not meant to at this point, simply follow the path to the exit.

-- Outside Area --

When you exit you get a demonstration of cliff-sliding -- cool!  Slide down the cliff here and step into the broken stone area to the right -- which is a wild encounter area -- capturing a Heatmor and a Fraxur.  That is it, you have acquired all of the outstanding Pokemon for this area, and we can now concentrate upon moving through the areas to the end!

Head along the path to the east and enter the doorway in the cliff face.

-- Third Area --

Follow the path to the second pond and Surf across to grab the Rare Candy from the treasure ball.  Surf back and use the stairs.

-- Fourth Area --

Use the Dowser to locate the Ultra Ball on the raised area.  The exit to the outside leads to a narrow fenced corridor and cliff slide that you would use if you wanted to leave the area, as it lets you jump the ledge to get to the exit.  So ignore that, and instead use the stairs in the back of the area here.

-- Fifth Area --

When you come up the stairs you will see your next battle waiting for you!

Ace Trainer Dwayne has a Level 45 Stoutland, and a Level 45 Scolipede.

After the battle head for the exit!

-- Outside Area --

There are two doors to the left, and a wild encounter area to the right -- and this is going to be a bit complicated, sorry.  First, head right to the edge and slide down the cliff, grabbing TM12, Taunt, from the treasure ball.  Now slide down the cliff and work your way back to the exit we were at before we slid down to get Taunt -- see what I mean by complicated?

The Trainer by the cliff edge is the one that could not slide earlier during the demo -- and they still cannot!  Sheesh!  Anyway, head into the first door to the left now.

-- Sixth Area --

Veteran Tiffany has a Level 44 Beheeyem, a Level 45 Lilligant, and a Level Heatmor.

After the battle head down the stairs behind her and move the boulder into the hole, then head back up the stairs and use the stairs going up.

-- Seventh Area --

Ace Trainer Cathy has a Level 44 Simisage, a Level 44 Simipour, and a Level 44 Simisear.

After the battle head to the south and exit outside.

-- Outside Area --

Grab the Full Restore from the treasure ball here, and then head back inside and go down and exit back outside, go left, and into the second door.

-- Eighth Area --

Black Belt Tyrone has a Level 43 Scrafty, a Level 43 Mienfoo, and a Level 43 Conkeldurr.

After the battle head around the rocks and use the stairs to go up to the next area.

-- Ninth Area --

Doctor Logan has a Level 43 Gothorita, and a Level 43 Leavanny.

The Doctor heals you after the battle, then you should follow the Dowser to the Revive in the rock below.  Push the boulder into the hole, and then head up the stairs.

-- Tenth Area --

The outside exit takes you to a ledge that you can only slide down from -- no point in that right now -- so head up the stairs in the back.

-- Eleventh Area --

Ace Trainer David has a Level 44 Klang, a Level 44 Darmanitan, and a Level 44 Seismitoad.

The exit on the left leads to a ledge with a broken bridge and a treasure ball that has a Full Heal in it.  Grab that and then head out the right exit where you have a choice of two slide-points.  The one on the left will take you down to the next ledge down, while the one on the right will take you to two levels to an isolated ledge.

Drop down to the isolated ledge and enter the door here.

-- Twelfth Area --

Follow the Dowser up to have a battle.

Veteran Martell has a Level 45 Gigalith, and a Level 46 Elektross.

Follow the Dowser between the two rocks to grab the Full Heal, and then follow the Dowser to the next hidden item, a Carbos between two rocks near the exit stairs in the back.  After you grab that, use the stairs behind you!

The Trial Chamber and Terrakion

-- Trial Chamber --

Walk across the area and down the nearby stairs, then push the boulder into the hole here and head to the left and through the door into the Trial Chamber!

Inside you find a Level 42 Terrakion -- the second of the trio of Legendary Pokemon that we unleashed with the capture of Cobalion.  Obviously the point here is to capture and not kill this Pokemon, so weaken him and capture him, right?

Capturing Terrakion is almost the last thing that we need to do in this section of the guide -- so exit the chamber, and head back to the stairs leading up, and when you are back on the Thirteenth Level, exit to the outside!

If you chat up the Pokemon Ranger near the edge they point out that there is an item down there and wonder do we have the courage to get it?  We do, but not just now, thank you very much!  No, instead we ignore that for now, and follow the narrow path to the north, which takes us to the entrance of the Pokemon League!

In addition to completing this part of the journey, zoning in here also adds the League as a destination on the map that we can now Fly to!  Excellent!  Now after we save, the answer is yes, we are in fact interested in the item down that cliff!

So backtrack to the Ranger and slide down the cliff, slide down, then slide down again, and to the right is a treasure ball that contains TM93, Wild Charge.  Excellent!  And now that we have that, just Fly back to the League and enter the building on the left.

This is the Pokemon Center at the League -- so head inside to heal and save, and restock your kit at the Poke Mart Counter!

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I can't find fraxure :*(
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it dose not work.
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theres a boulder how to get rid of it?
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how can u get through that door there is a small boulder in the way and it wont bugde and i pressed a and did nothing what do i do
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