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Follow the dark path or use the light

48: Challenger's Cave

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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48: Challenger's Cave

Right then, it is time to manage the Challenger's Cave -- and while it may sound like a major area of the Unova Region, it really is not...  In fact other than having a handful of Pokemon that we still may need, there really is not that much to do here!  Still, we do need to cover it -- and exploring is part of what we do and what makes this game fun -- so let us have at it!

Exit the City by the west gatehouse and move south into the grass patch, following that west until you reach the stairs leading down to the entrance!  If you recall, the entrance was blocked by some guards last time that we were here.  But that was before we battled and beat the Elite Four -- and now that we have done that, the entrance is no longer blocked, so why not head inside?

Like the other caves this is an unrestricted trolling zone -- so begin our visit by consulting our Dex to see what we need to get that is here, right?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Challenger's Cave Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon    Rarity       Season      Capture Note
#xxx/060   Poliwag     (C)            All            Fish
#xxx/061   Poliwhirl   (UR)/(C)       All            Fish/Spots
#xxx/062   Poliwrath   (UR)           All            Spots
#xxx/075   Graveler    (R)            All            Cave Floor
#xxx/108   Lickitung   (R)            All            Cave Floor
#xxx/302   Sableye     (R)            All            Cave Floor
#xxx/303   Mawile      (R)            All            Cave Floor
#xxx/447   Riolu       (UR)           All            Cave Floor
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now use Flash to light the place up, and then gave yourself a battle!

Backpacker Toru a Level 65 Golbat.

Ace Trainer Terry has a Level 63 Dratini, a Level 63 Manectric, a Level 63 Sudowoodo, and a Level 63 Scyther.

Follow the Dowser to the Ether, and then further into the cave to the Max Potion.  Before you head down that flight of stairs, double back to the main hall and continue north.

Ace Trainer Beverly has a Level 64 Furret, a Level 64 Gabite, and a Level 64  Grumpig. 

Go all the way north and follow the north wall west to get the PP Up from the treasure ball there, then head up the stairs and over the bridge to get the Nugget from the treasure ball there.  Head back to the stairs down and zone to the next level.

Check to see whether you need any of these Pokemon -- this is the last area in the game where we will be finding Pokemon to add to our Dex...  Congratulations by the way/  No joke, you have managed to obtain every single Pokemon in the game that you can obtain in this version!   There is more to do, to be sure, but right now your plan is to battle the rest of the Trainers here so that you add the last few partial Dex Entries.  You will need those to trade via GTS for the ones you can trade for...

-- Back on the Trail --

Using the Dowser you will obtain a Full Restore, Max Ether, Star Piece, Rare Candy,  Heart Scale, and there are treasure balls with a Timer Ball, and a Black Belt.

Cross the bridges and head down the stairs, turn east, and chat up the Trainer here.

Veteran Shaun has a Level 62 Gyrados, Level 62 Gigalith, Level 62 Druddigon, a Level 62 Excadrill, a Level 62 Crobat, and a Level 62 Snorlax.

Veteran Julia has a Level 64 Wormadam, a Level 64 Cloyster, a Level 64 Ninetales, and a Level 64 Leavanny.

Right then, that is the final Trainer -- you can continue through the area to get any remaining items or not, it is your call...  Once you have all of the Pokemon you need here and you have explored to your heart's content, either use Dig or an Escape Rope to exit the cave, Fly back to the Pokemon Center, heal and save.

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Comments for 48: Challenger's Cave

6 comments, latest first.
Mar 10th 2013 Guest
Isn't challenger's cave where we find Coballion?
ID #262448
Jan 25th 2013 Guest
How the heck do you get tm71Stone Edge???????????????
ID #246365
Jul 28th 2012 Guest
I want to find a rare pokemon in there
ID #169483
Jul 12th 2012 Guest
no even
ID #163406
Jan 22nd 2012 Guest
I found and caught Keldeo!!!
ID #108336
May 27th 2011 Guest
There's nothing in here now, but some of the trainers talk about a legendary with the clue "Pokemon training Pokemon" and "Pupil surpassing the teachers". My guess: There's gonna be a future event in here for the pokemon Keldeo, who was trained in the past by Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, became more powerful than all three, and left to be on its own.
ID #45188
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