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Follow the dark path or use the light

07: The Dreamyard

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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07: The Dreamyard

Before we head over to the Dreamyard there is a short side-trip we are going to take.  You should have already visited the Pokemon Center to heal and save and stock up on some kit – so your team should be rested and ready!  You should have five members on your team now – and now that you have obtained your first Gym Badge, you have unlocked the ability to spawn special tiles like shaking grass, shadow tiles, and the like.

These spawn randomly as the result of you running in or near the areas that they can spawn in – and for use, at the moment, that means tall grass!  So head south back to the top of Route 2, where as you can see there is plenty of tall grass, and run along the edge of it back and forth until you spawn a shaking grass tile.  This tile will only disappear if you end up in a battle, so try to approach it by the shortest route to it as possible to limit the possibility of a wild battle on the way to it – and walk, don't run.

When you step on to the shaking grass tile you will automatically trigger the encounter with a special Pokemon!  In this case at the top of Route 2 that will be a Audino – what looks like a cross between a teddy bear and a pig to me.  Our goal here is to catch it – so battle to weaken it and then capture it!

That completes all of the wild Pokemon that we can have captured up to this point, so there will be no backtracking to Route 1 as it is not necessary.

Collecting Treasure Balls

– On to the Dreamyard --

When we were here before all that we could do was battle one Trainer, and get the free Monkey Pokemon from the other, but now that we have Cut we can actually enter the back and main sections of the yard!  So if you have not already done so, teach Cut to your designated HM Mule. 

A Note on HM Mule Use:  Because HM's have so poor an impact compared to other moves, it is generally a good idea to stick as many of the most-often used ones as you can on a single party member, like Cut, Strength, etc., so that you are not mucking up the move sets of your battling members.  Surf and the other Water-type HM's are the exception to this rule, as they are actually useful in battle, so just teach those to your Water-type.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dreamyard Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.     Pokemon      Rarity     Season    Capture Note
#010/504    Patrat       (U)        All       Grass
#015/509    Purrloin     (C)        All       Grass
#023/517    Munna        (R)        All       Grass
#024.518    Musharna     (R)        All       Shaking Grass
#037/531    Audino       (C)        All       Shaking Grass
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After you enter the Dreamyard and use Cut on the tree your mate Bianca appears, asking you if you are looking for mysterious Pokemon as well?  She heads through the hole in the wall that you just cleared open,   As you walk past her she hears a sound – and suggests that you two investigate it.

This is something of an area on a rail as there are not a lot of options for pathing here – head inside the broken down warehouse and you will see a pink Pokemon ahead – that is a Munna – and as you approach it starts to run away and is accosted by some baddies – you know that they are baddies because baddie music starts playing!

They want the Munna to produce Dream Mist – and as you watch Bianca asks who they are, and you learn that the are goons from Team Plasma.  Of course they are!  They reveal all of the details of their nefarious plan to use the Dream Mist to convince Trainers to release their Pokemon, and then comes the battle – you knew there was going to be one right?  Oh, and Team Plasma steals Pokemon from Trainers they defeat, I am just saying.

– Team Plasma Goon Battle --

The first goon leads with their Level 10 Patrat – the second with their Level 10 Purrloin – really?  One Pokemon each and it is low level?  Umkay.

If you lost to them I am no longer speaking to you, are we clear on that?

After the battle their leader Ghetsis appears, the two grunts panic and run away, and then Ghetsis disappears.  At which point a Musharna appears, and Dr. Fennel runs up!  Man this place is really Grand Central Station today!

The two Pokemon drop Dream Mist in a treasure ball, the Doc takes the ball, tells you to drop by later and leaves, and you are no worse off than you were before and likely a Pokemon Level up, so cheers!

Now you can see that there are treasure balls around here, and several directions that you can go in, so first head west (left) and grab the ball on the ground that contains a Poke Ball, then head back to the east (right) and up the stairs on to the shattered roof, to grab the treasure ball with the Potion in it.  Now head past the stairs staying on the roof to the east and gran the treasure ball with the Repel in it, and then back to the ground and directly south to the wall where there is a treasure ball with a Paralyze Heal in it.

– Musharna and Munna --

You now have all of the treasure balls in this area of the Dreamyard.  If you run around in the tall grass here you can capture a Munna, then run next to the grass to trigger a shaking grass in order to get a Mushama as well, nicely wrapping up the wild captures for this area!  Good on ya mate!  It may take way more than a few tries though, as Audino is the more common spawn.  I counted my troll and I ended up battling 18 Audino before I got my first Musharna

I should note that the Audino you face while looking for Musharna are worth fighting as they give substantial amounts of XP and you can level off of those alone pretty well!   Bearing in mind that the next Gym includes Pokemon that push our limit of control – there are Level 18 and 20 Pokemon in it – so we will need to get our entire team close to Level 20 before we arrive there and now is as good a time to begin training as any.

Once you have trolled up your Musharna from the shaking grass it is time to troll up a Munna from the tall grass.  There is no need to train your team to close to 20 right here, as there are other Routes we have to travel down to get to the next Gym so don't look at it as a pressure point – anything around Level 15 as you leave is perfectly acceptable.

– Dr. Fennel --

Right then, you've captured the pair of rare dream Pokemon so at this point there is nothing left to keep you in the Dreamyard for now – you cannot get to the other area of it, so now it is time to head back to town, hit the Pokemon Center to heal and save, and then pay another visit to Dr. Fennel's Lab!

While you are at the Center, if you used up a lot of kit and particularly Poke Balls, go ahead and replace them now.

When you talk to the Doc she is very happy – the Dream Mist you got for her allowed her to complete her experiment and as she can now collect save files from other Trainers (really?) she rewards you with a set of C-Gear, which finally enables all of the WiFi and Communications functions of the game. 

Note: C-Gear is active WiFi, which means that it does have a hit on the battery in your console and should be treated like any active cellular and wireless connection – meaning that in hospitals and  on airplanes it should be disabled.  They do tell you that in the game...

The Doc explains Game Sync to you – an interesting feature – and then Amanita gifts you with a Pal Pad, so not only does the WiFi link now function, you can actually add your mates and trade and battle with them as well!

You may as well try out the Game Sync feature by tapping the Online section and following the instructions now. Next time you visit the Pokemon Center the Union Room, WiFi Club, Global Terminal, and Geonet will now be available and functioning!  Next time you start the game you'll notice that two new options are present on the Start Menu: Battle Competition and Game Sync Settings.

– Quick Side-Trip --

From Dr. Fennels Lab head south around the bed and you will see that tree that blocked the side path that we could do nothing about before – but now we can Cut it!  So why not? 

Head in and grab the Super Potion from the treasure ball in the first area to the south, then continue west to grab a Great Ball from the treasure ball there – and you are done for now!  How cool is that?  Two free balls just for cutting down a tree!  Wait, was this a union job?  Oh man, we don't have a union card, we better get outta here!

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May 20th 2013 Guest
How do you get to the area on the other side of the dream yard after you get strength? I think i've gotten over to it before but now I can't remember how to get back there.... Help please?
ID #284153
Jan 9th 2013 Guest
Dude seriously, I came here to know is there a legendary Pokemon in the dreamyard and you didn't say a thing about any of that?! Seriously I am gonna blow my head off any second if this thing continues
ID #240810
Aug 3rd 2012 Guest
I really like purrloin she make win competitons! But She's Weak *_* WHY ME WHY!! Least She's Cute! Got 4 pokemon now!

ID #171555
Jul 20th 2012 Guest
how do you get celebi at the dreamyard with the relic items
ID #166470
Mar 8th 2012 Guest
srry but when u write ur titles could you be more detailed what its about
ID #121455
Mar 3rd 2012 Guest
took me 1 try :P luck day!
ID #120062
Jan 22nd 2012 Guest
What's the bit after . I have completed the whole gamer pretty much beaten the e4 etc and I went back to train my weaker pokemon and I went down some stairs and i don't know how to access some on the over places? You should explain that too
ID #108200
Oct 27th 2011 Guest
did not help rubbish
ID #83282
Jul 27th 2011 Guest
it took me a full day
ID #61645
Jun 11th 2011 Guest
it took me 7
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May 30th 2011 Guest
I'm sorry but this isnt as much help as I thought it would be... You dont show the whole layout of the area your in and thats definitly not helpful...
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Apr 24th 2011 Guest
rubbish as james gordon
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