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Pokemon Black Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pokemon Black

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide
Pokemon Black Guide
Complete guide to Pokemon Black, tot he Elite 4, N and way beyond! A must see/read for all trainers. Includes video talkthrough content.

We have 249 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon Black please send them in here.

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Get the Mystery Gift (the Liberty Pass) from the 'Main' menu (before April 10, 2011) by using the Nintendo WiFi connection. The Liberty Pass can then be used to catch Victini in the dungeon of the tower at Liberty Garden. Victini is a dual-type Psychic/Fire Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon to level 100 with no action replay!

1. Put two Pokemon in daycare on route 3.
2. As you may already know, every step you take is one exp. Point for your Pokemon so, go to the battle subway in Nimbasa city and find something to hold down the down button and the b button. (You could use tape or some books).
3. Make sure you are not in the outer lane or you will hit a machine go in the second outer lane.
4. Make sure your DS is plugged in so it wont run out of battery.
5. Leave on all night (and day if you want).
6. Collect Pokemon from daycare and thrash other trainers!
Hope this is a good cheat!

The Relocator Option

On the second floor of the Name-Rater Services Building in Castelia City talk to the scienctist who will tell you about a special machine called a Relocater that needs a password. If you say 'Everyone Happy' then 'Simple Connection' and save the game you will be able to use the 'Relocator' option at the 'Main' menu to transfer the Legendary Trio (Raikou, Suicune and Entei) and Celebi. It also allows you get the final TM - TM95 Snarl.

Quck way to level up

In the games Pokemon Black and White theres a new way to level Pokemon up quickly. There is a wild Pokemon called an Audino. This Pokemon gives you ton of experience, and can be encountered just about anywhere. Often when you see some patches of grass shaking that means an Audino is there, though other Pokemon do show up in the shaking grass. Now just imagined if you traded over a Pokemon and had it hold a Lucky Egg. You could easily do some speed training and level up your Pokemon quickly. At the start of the game you'll have to settle for just battling Audino. Though thats not so bad considering it can cause your Pokemon to go up a couple of levels.

No Fog on Birthday

Set the system date to your birthday and go to Routes 14 or 15. These routes which normally have fog will now be clear and you will be able to view the beautiful scenery.

Getting Celebi and the Three legendary dogs

Alright so you want to put your shiny digs and Celebi on your game? Well you need a few things first. A Copy of Pokemon Black or White and a copy of Pokemon Soul Silver, Heart Gold, Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. You'll also need two Nintendo DS game systems.
Pokemon Black and White cannot trade with any of the past DS Pokemon games. In order to get Celebi and the three dogs on your game go to Castelia City. You have to go talk to a guy in one of the buildings there. He'll ask for a phrase, answer him with. "Everyone Happy" "Simple Connection". This unlocks a feature on the main menu of the game. When you click on this option it will send out a DS download play. Now get the other DS with your Pokemon Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum game in the slot. Don't go to t..

Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon Black

Victini - Victini can be found on Liberty Island. It will be at Level 15. To get to Liberty Island, you must have done the Liberty Pass Event.
Reshiram - It can be found at the end of N's Castle, before you battle N. It will be at Level 50.
Tornadus - It can be found roaming the grasses of the Unova Region, after your first encounter with it. It will be at Level 40.
Cobalion - Cobalion can be found deep inside Mistralton Cave. It will be at Level 42.
Virizion - Can be found deep inside Pinwheel Forest. It will be at Level 42.
Terrakion - Can be found deep inside Victory Road. It will be at Level 42.
Landorus - Can be found at the end of the Abundant Shrine. You must have both Tornadus and Thundurus in your Party in order ..

Find certain Pokemon in certain places

Find a shiny level 75 shiny Raquaza on top of celestial tower. Find a boy level 5 Charmander at route 1. Find a level 99 shiny Arceus at Nuvema Town.

Catch certain Pokemon in certain places

Able to catch alevel 75 Shiny Rayquza at the top of Celestial Tower, A boy level 5 Charmander at route one, and catch a level 99 shiny Arcues in Nuvema Town

Unlock National Dex

Defeat the Elite Four and then leave your house when the credits have completed. Professor Juniper's father will then upgrade your Pokedex to the National Dex.

Unlock Wallpapers

Defeat the Elite Four to unlock a new set of wallpapers. If you then defeat them again another set of wallpapers will become unlocked.

Pokemon Storage System

The basic PC Storage System that was created by Dr. Fennel's assistant Amanita starts out as a total of 8 Storage Boxes, each of which can hold 30 Pokemon, which gives a starting total of 240 Pokemon. As there are 17 types of Pokemon, and as most Trainers prefer to create a box for each type, properly labeled and with a suitable wallpaper, this makes things a bit awkward.
The trick to expanding the PC Storage System is to place a Pokemon into each of the current 8 boxes, and then exit the PC, and reload it. Once you do that, you now have 16 Storage Boxes that hold a total of 480 Pokemon!
Obviously 16 boxes is not sufficient to create a box for each type, so you will need to place a Pokemon into each of the open 16 boxes, and again quit the PC, and re-open it, and no..


A feature of Pokemon Black is Seasonal change. The seasons are not what they are in the real world, being a different season every month.
January - Spring
February - Summer
March - Autumn
April - Winter
May - Spring
June - Summer
July - Autumn
August - Winter
September - Spring
October - Summer
November - Autumn
December - Winter
You are able to do certain things during certain seasons. Some Pokemon change their form from season to season.

Ultra Experience/Levels

Once you get your bicycle you can put 2 Pokemon in the daycare.Make sure you have some money with you so you can get them back.
1)Put Pokemon in daycare
2)Go to Battle Subway in Nimbasa(spelling) City
3)Go to around the middle
4)Get something to hold down the down+a key(a rubber band works awesome)
5)Plug in your DS and you can go afk for however long you want.The longer you go afk the more you level
;)Happy Glitching

Royal Unova

After you have beaten the game, you can ride the Royal Unova. It costs 1,000 dollars to ride it. The times your are allow to ride the Royal Unova depends on the season.
Winter - 4PM-7PM
Summer - 7PM-9PM
Autumn - 5PM-8PM
Spring - 5PM-8PM
Depending on what day it is, you can get a certain item from defeating a certain number of trainers on the Royal Unova.

Obtaining Zorua

To obtain Zorua you will need to have previously obtained the Fateful Encounter Celebi at an event for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum held prior to the release of Black & White. Using the Relocator Machine, transfer the Celebi you received into the game.
With the Fateful Encounter Celebi in your party, go to Castelia City gate, where you will talk to the people there until you trigger an event that will progress on it's own after you start it, and conclude with you receiving Zorua!
Tip by CMBF for
Check out our free Gen V Pokemon Game Guides for more tips and a complete walkthrough:
Pokemon Black Game Guide

Stone Lover

There is person in the Icirrus City Pokemon Center that will buy your stones. They will gladly purchase Nuggets, Pearls, and stones used to evolve Pokemon.

Best Location To HP EV Train

The Best Location to EV Train is by surfing on Route 8. There is a 100% of Stunfisk appearing. The Stunfisk are between the Levels 15-35. Your Pokemon will receive 2 EV HP Points for every Stunfisk it defeats. That's 4 EV HP Points for every Stunfisk if your Pokemon has Pokerus!

The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Lower the Legendary Pokemon's HP to barely any (into the red).
2. Make the Legendary Pokemon Fall Asleep.
3. Throw Ultra Balls at the Legendary Pokemon.
4. If the Legendary Pokemon wakes up, make it fall back asleep and continue to through Ultra Balls. Repeat this process anytime the Legendary Pokemon wakes up.

Free Heart Scales!

In one of the houses in Drifveil City is a woman. She will ask if you could show her a Pokemon with a specific move. If you show her a Pokemon that knows the specific move, she will give you a Heart Scale.
You can do this daily.

The Best Place To Special Attack EV Train

The Best Place to Special Attack EV Train is outside Victory Road. There is a 45% chance that a Heatmor will appear. Heatmor will be between the Levels 37-40, so be prepared. Your Pokemon will receive 2 Special Attack EV Points for every Heatmor it defeats. That's 4 Special Attack EV Points if your Pokemon has Pokerus!

The Move House

In the house right of the Pokemon Center in Mistralton City is home to both the Move Relearner and Move Deleter. It will cost 1 Heart Scale for every move to be relearned.

The Best Locations To Defense EV Train

If you Pokemon is at a Low Level, the best location to Defense EV Train is in Wellspring Cave. There is a 50% chance that Roggenrola appears. The Roggenrola will be between Levels 10-13. Your Pokemon will receive 1 Defense EV Point for every Roggenrola it defeats. That's 2 Defense EV Points if your Pokemon has Pokerus!
If you Pokemon is at a Higher Level, the best location to Defense EV Train is Victory Road. There is a 40% chance that Durant will appear. They will be between Levels 37-40. Your Pokemon will 2 Defense EV Points for every Durant it defeats. That's 4 Defense EV Points if your Pokemon has Pokerus!

How to get a extra master ball

If you'v traded with at least 50 people talk to the guy in the black at castellia citys Pokemon center and he will give you a extra master ball! Note: It's a lot easier to trade with so many people if you have nintendo wifi) I did this myself and it works! He will give you many other items to.

GTS - Victini

If you deposit Victini in GTS, the odds are in your favor to get the Pokemon you are asking for (Except for Legends under Level 9). Many people will give up a lot for a Victini.

Passing Down Dream World Ability

If you obtain a Female Pokemon in the Dream World, there is a very good chance that it's offspring will have the Dream World Ability.
This is great when building the perfect Pokemon Team.

Team Plasma Sage Locations

After you defeat N and Ghetsis in N's Castle, Looker will ask for your help in locating the Six Sages. They can be found in any order. Once you find them, they will give some information about Team Plasma.
Sage Rood can be found on Route 18. He can be found in the sand area near HM05 (Waterfall). He will give you TM32 (Double Team).
Sage Giallo can be found on Route 14. He can be found by one of the Waterfalls. He will give you TM08 (Bulk Up).
Sage Zinzolin can be found in the Cold Storage. He can be found in the exact area where you had to face Team Plasma in the Cold Storage earlier in the game. He will give you TM01 (Hone Claws).
Sage Bronius can be found in Chargestone Cave. Once you find him, you'll have to face Team Plasma Members. He wil..

Trainers You Can Battle Everyday

1. Cheren in Victory Road
2. GameFreak in Castelia City
3. People at the Ferris Wheel in Nimbasa City
4. People in the Small Stadium in Nimbasa City
5. The Elite Four / Champion
6. People in the Big Stadium in Nimbasa City
7. Cynthia in Undella Town (Spring Only)
8. Bianca in Nuvema Town (Weekends Only)

Birthday Specials

On your birthday (the date you entered into your DS for your birthday) there are several special events you can look forward to:
(1) Birthday Weather: Routes 14 and 15 are normally weather-engaged, but on your birthday they will have clear and sunny weather.
(2) Nurse Joy wishes you joy on your birthday: Just speak with the nurse in the Pokemon Center for your special birthday greetings.
(3) The Cake is NOT a Lie: Visit the Pokemon Musical and talk to the owner to receive your birthday cake.
Tip by CMBF for
Check out our free Gen V Pokemon Game Guides for more tips and a complete walkthrough:
Pokemon B..

Best Place To Speed EV Train

The best place to Speed EV Train is by surfing on Route 1, Route 3, Striaton City, and Lostlorn Forest. There is a 100% of a Basculin showing up in these areas. Your Pokemon will receive 2 Speed EVs for every Basculin it defeats. That's 4 Speed EVs if you Pokemon has Pokerus! The Basculin aren't really a threat; Levels 5-15 for Route, Route 3, and Striaton City and Levels 5-20 for Lostlorn Forest.

Best Locations to EV Attack Train

The best place to EV Attack Train would be on Route 1. If you walk through the grass, there is a 100% of a Lillipup or Patrat appearing. They aren't any threat, being Levels 2-4. You will receive 1 EV Attack Point for every Lillipup or Patrat you defeat. That's 2 EV Attack Points if your Pokemon has Pokerus.
If you Pokemon is at higher level, try training in Basement Floor 2 of Relic Castle. There is a 50% of Krokorok appearing. These Krokoroks will be between Level 34-37. You will receive 2 EV Attack Points for every Krokorok you defeat. That's 4 EV Attack Points if your Pokemon has Pokerus.

Battling Champion Alder/Hall of Fame

WARNING: Contains Spoilers.
click to reveal

Easy egg hatch

Ok first things first put two Pokemon of opposite genders in the daycare together.
Ride your bike up and down Route 3 until the man outside the daycare calls to you.(Keep doing this until you have the desired number of eggs.)
Now go to the Battle Subway in Nimbasa City.
Now put a rubber band and a coin or something to hold it down the down button.
Then just wait until a message pops up saying "Oh."
Ten press A and watch as your egg hatches!


How to level Pokemon while not playing

Go to the daycare on route 3,and deposit the Pokemon you wish to level up. Now find a place where you can walk in place infinitely, because every step you take your Pokemon gain 1xp point. And keep your DS charging for at least 24 hours for awesome experience

Obtaining Zoroark

To obtain Zoroark you will need one of the Fateful Encounter Pokemon that were distributed to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum at special events prior to the release of Black and White. You know if you have those, as you had to go to the events to get them!
Use the Relocator to transfer any ONE of the following into your game:
RAIKOU (#243)
ENTEI (#244)
SUICUNE (#245)
After the transfer visit the Lostlorn Forest (Accessed through Route 16) to find and capture this new Legendary Pokemon!
Tip by CMBF for
Check out our free Gen V Pokemon Game Guides for more tips and a complete walkthrough:
Pokemon Black ..

Pokemon Type Match-ups

Okay, this chart will display what type of Pokemon moves are super effective and not very effective on Pokemon types.
Bug - Super Effective against: Dark, Grass, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Steel
Dark - Super Effective against: Ghost, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Dark, Fighting, Steel.
Dragon - Super Effective against: Dragon. Not Very Effective against: Steel.
Electric - Super Effective against: Flying, Water. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Electric, Grass. No Effect against: Ground.
Fighting - Super Effective against: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel. Not Very Effective against: Bug, Flying, Poison, Psychic. No Effect against: Ghost.
Fire - Super Effective again..

Seeing the affect a nature has on stats

Heres something that might be useful if you want a Pokemon that strong in one stat. In Pokemon Black and White, like in Heart Gold and Soul Silver when you look at your Pokemon's stats, you'll notice that a couple of the stats seem to have a different color. Its a very slight difference and you may be able to see it only under certain light. One stat will be a red color while the other will be a bluish color. If your Pokemon has a neutral nature you won't see this at all. This color difference tells you how your Pokemon nature affects it's stats as it levels up. The red means that stat will grow stronger, while the blue means your Pokemon will not grow as quickly in that stat as it normally would.

Hidden Power Man

The Hidden Power Checker can be found within the Mistralton City Pokemon Center. This is very important to know if you are going to teach your Pokemon Hidden Power.

Register Multiple Key Items

If you go into the Key Items section of your Bag, you can register multiple key items. All you must do is click on any key item that has a box next to it, and then click on register. This is an upgrade from Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Platinum that only allowed you to register one key item.
During Gameplay, click the Y Button to see your registered key items. You can click the A Button or the Y Button to use any of those items.
Your also able to register the front or back of your Trainer Card.

Effort Value Girl

There is a girl in Opelucid City that will tell you if you have or haven't maxed one of your Pokemon's EVs. This is very important when EV Training a Pokemon.

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