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Follow the dark path or use the light

24: Mistralton City Gym

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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24: Mistralton City Gym

As we approach the hanger that the Gym occupies you will note that the entrance is no longer blocked by the Gym Greeter!  Heading inside we find that he is in the expected place – standing just inside and to the right of the lobby –  and gives us the customary Fresh Water we have come to love and expect!

He whispers a bit of advice to you – 'Rock, Electric, Ice . . . Flying types have more weaknesses than people know about.  If you use Pokemon and moves of those types, victory is practically yours!' he tells you.

To progress in this Gym we shoot ourselves from canons – really.  So follow this path:

(01) Step into the cannon ahead to be shot north.
(02) Step into the cannon to the west and get shot west.
(03) Step back into the same cannon to be shot east.
(04) AGL Battle

Worker Cliff has a pair of Level 32 Tranquill.

(05) Up the stairs and around the corner for the next AGL Battle.

Worker Brady has a Level 32 Ducklett. and a Level 32 Woobat.

(06) Take the next cannon for a shot west, to the next AGL Battle.

Pilot Ted has a Level 32 Ducklett, and a Level 32 Sigilyph.

(07) Take the next cannon for a shot north.
(08) And the next cannon for a shot east and an AGL Battle.

Pilot Chase has a Level 33 Unfezant.

(09) Take the next cannon shot west placing you on the landing by the stairs, and head up for the next AGL Battle.

Worker Arnold has a Level 33 Swoobat.

(10) Take a cannon shot south through the green ring!
(11) Take a cannon shot east through a purple and white ring!
(12) Take a long cannon shot north to face-plant against the wall!
(13) Take the final cannon shot west to reach the Gym Leader!

Considering what you went through to get here, your smart move is to immediately take the cannon behind her to the south without battling her, and hit the Pokemon Center to heal and save now!  Do that so you have full PP and health without having to pay for it, right?  And then head back for a quick return:

-- North > West > East > West > North > East > West > South > East > North > West

Reaching and Battling Gym Leader Skylar

-- Mistralton Gym Leader Skylar Battle --

Now that you have recovered your team's PP and health, and made it through the cannons, all that is left is to battle a Gym Leader for another Gym Badge!  Woohoo!

Skylar opens with her Level 33 Swoobat, Level 35 Swanna, and Level 33 Unfezant, all of which you can one-hit-kill with your Archeops (Rock/Flying Type) using Crunch first, and then Ancient Power once on each of the next two opponents!  Sweet!

Skyla gives you the Jet Badge that you just earned, and TM62, Acrobatics.  All Pokemon up to Level 70 will now obey us, including those acquired in trades.  She now warns you that Team Plasma are headed over Twist Mountain for the next city -- and that is all we need to hear to know that we need to make our way over the Mountain after them!

As we exit the Gym though, we find ourselves once again being accosted by N -- that misguided King of Team Plasma!

This time though the meeting does not quite go as we might have thought it would -- for one thing N wants to talk, for another it appears that he is not quite 100% in agreement with the plan that the Sages have cooked up!

He starts by bringing up the same issues he has raised before -- that Trainers are abusing Pokemon -- and then admits that having lived with Pokemon his entire life, he is more comfortable talking to them and, it seems, CAN talk to them!

He then talks to the Pokemon in the number one slot of your party, and learns that you are you, from Nuvema Town, and live with your Mum.  You have a Pokdex, and you are on a journey of discovery.  He is mildly surprised that your Pokemon likes and trusts you -- but also pleased by that. 

He then warns you that Ghetsis is using Team Plasma to search for some special stones -- the Light Stone and the Dark Stone -- which hold the essence of a Legendary Pokemon.  N plans to use one of the stones to revive a Dragon Legendary in the hopes that that will prove that he is the Chosen One.

He regrets the need to take your Pokemon away, but he believes that it is for the best -- and with that observation he departs without a battle.

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Nov 10th 2012 Guest
Skyla gives you acrobatics but only Swoobat know's it. Both Unfezant and Swanna can't learn acrobatics
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