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Follow the dark path or use the light

30: Dragonspiral Tower

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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30: Dragonspiral Tower

Heading north along the road you reach the zone point and Bianca catches up to you -- where the Professor's father chats you both up.  He fills you in on the details -- Plasma broke in, Cheren and Bryce pursued,  Legendary Dragon at the top of the Tower, etc...  Cedric then gives you the Old Gateau, and you notice the treasure ball on the level above to the left.

Before we head inside, double back and head into the dark grass here to get the Nugget from the treasure ball AND capture some interesting Pokemon!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Outer Dragonspiral Tower Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#026.520   Tranquill   (U)        SP/SU/AU   Grass/Dark Grass
#027/521   Unfezant    (UR)       SP/SU/AU   Shaking Grass
#037/531   Audino      (C)        All        Shaking Grass
#056/550   Basculin    (C)        All        Surf
#088/582   Vanillite   (C)        Winter     Grass
#089/583   Vanillish   (C)        Winter     Dark Grass
#091/585   Deerling    (C)        All        Grass
#092/586   Sawsbuck    (U)        All        Dark Grass
#093/587   Emolga      (UR)       All        Shaking Grass
#119/613   Cubchoo     (R)        Winter     Grass
#120/614   Beartic     (R)        Winter     Dark Grass
#125/619   Mienfoo     (U)        All        Grass/Dark Grass
#127/621   Druddigon   (R)        SP/SU/AU   Grass/Dark Grass
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A quick consult of the Dex tells us that we need to capture a Vanillish, Sawsbuck, Beartic, Mienfoo, and Druddigon!  So before we head into the Tower -- and being perfectly aware that this will take a while -- we should capture ALL of these Pokemon...  Even if that means fiddling with the season by resetting the month if you arrived outside of Winter, right?

If you arrived in Winter you do NOT have to fiddle the season to get Druddigon -- as he is available year-round INSIDE the Tower, so do not bother trying to capture that outside unless it is the right season...
So once you have those caught, heal and save then head inside the Tower!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Inner Dragonspiral Tower Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#125/619   Mienfoo    (U)         All         Floor
#127/621   Druddigon  (U)         All         Floor
#128/622   Golett     (C)         All         Floor
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Enter the outer entrance and walk past the Grunt here as he does not want to battle you -- cross the bridge and enter the Tower proper, where you will see that the floor is a wild encounter area.  Now, before we begin this Tower Adventure, why don't we capture the two Pokemon we need here?  A Golett and a Druddigon -- we should have already captured a Mienfoo outside, but if not, get one of those as well! 

Now that this is out of the way, head along the path with your Dowser turned on by the time you reach the second level. 

-- Level 2 --

When you climb the stairs to this level Cheren calls to you -- head over to him and on the way grab the  Hyper Potion from the treasure ball on the floor, then climb the columns to get to the raised area on the left, grabbing the Stardust from the treasure ball on the broken column.

Head through the door to the left and up the spiral stairs to what is clearly intended to be a puzzle level.

(1) Jump south.
(2) Go to the last jump and jump west.
(3) Follow this all the way around to the other side.
(4) Grab the Shiny Stone from the treasure ball.
(5) repeat the path but use the stairs up instead!
(6) Exit through the door at the top of the stairs.

-- Level 3 --

Climb the stairs to find Cheren and Bryce confronting Team Plasma -- make your way past the main group and then prepare to battle your way along the path ahead!

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 34 Watchog.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 34 Liepard.

Head up the stairs and around the corner.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 34 Scraggy.

Up another flight of stairs and around the corner!

Team Plasma Grunt has a pair of Level 33 Liepard.

Up yet another flight of stairs and around another corner!

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 32 Watchog, Level 32 Scraggy, and a Level 32 Krokorok.

Head down the stairs to the east and grab the Dragon Fang from the treasure ball then back west and north up the stairs here and  through the door.

-- Level 4 --

Head to the right and cross over to the next ring in, then right and cross back to get the Stardust from the treasure ball.  Backtrack and head left to the next gap and cross over to get the Star Piece from the treasure ball here!  Now jump the ramp and go to the inner ring, run around and jump the next ramp to get to the next treasure ball with its Revive.  After you secure that, head back left and up the stairs here to the next level!

-- Level 5 --

Follow the path around, pausing to grab the Max Elixir from the treasure ball -- nice one!  Now continue along and you will encounter Giallo -- one of the Seven Sages -- who sets the four Grunts on to you in the name of N. 

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 33 Watchog and a Level 33 Krokorok.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 34 Krokorok.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 33 Trubbish and a Level 33 Liepard.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 34 Watchog.

Nice one!  That is a four-in-a-row battle mate -- that does not happen all that often!

A quick chat with Giallo just evokes more of the brainwashed drivel of their sect, so do not even bother, instead of wasting your time with him continue on the path south and up the stairs to next level.

Meeting N's Dragon

-- Level 6 --

As you arrive you get a cutscene of one very nasty, very large, very Legendary Pokemon!  Yeah baby!  The King of All the Dragons!

N is here, and he is in control of Zekrom!  Not good!  He tells you to go capture Reshiram so that you are his equal and then come see him after he woops on the Elite Four and the Champion! 

At this point N flies off with his dragon, and Cheren and Bryce show up and then take you outside, where you meet up with Bianca and the Professor's Da, and you have a conversation that is interrupted by Alder -- the League Champion, who has come to share his insight.  Alder has a plan, and everyone gets dispatched to do their part in it!

You are expected to head to the Relic Castle it seems -- but remember that this is not a rail game, you have free will, and there is no timer ticking in the corner, that is all I wanted to remind you about...

That being the case, go ahead and visit the Pokemon Center and heal and save -- and then spend a few minutes reviewing the next section because yes, it is time for Status Check Two!

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