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40: Home Again
Pokemon Black

40: Home Again

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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40: Home Again

You resume the game in your bedroom at home in Nuvema Town -- and when you come downstairs you find your Mum with her twin sister -- who turns out to be an International Police Investigator and master of disguise, who goes by the codename Looker. 

He has been tracking Team Plasma it seems, and he seems very pleased that you helped to smash them to bits!  He has a mission for you -- to keep an eye out for the Seven Sages, who he clearly does not believe are done...  To show his appreciation of your willingness to help, he gifts you with a Super Rod -- excellent!  Now we can capture Pokemon you can only get through fishing!

Looker is something of a goof it seems, but hey, free is free, so after he leaves you should save, and then head outside to chat up Bianca and Cheren -- and you will learn a bit more about what happened that you did not see.

They talk about Black City, and then Cedric appears, and upgrades all three of your Pokedex with the National Dex data!  Very nice one!

Bianca goes home, and Cheren is off to wander the lands again -- leaving you once again at loose ends!  So before we do anything else, why not have a look at our updated Dex?  To switch from the Unova to the National Dex just hit the Select Button on the bottom of the screen, and there you are!

As you examine the Dex you cannot help but thinking about how much adventure you have before you as well as that you have put behind you -- and while the challenge of completing the dex may seem a very daunting one, you can do it!  There are a few Pokemon from other regions here to be caught now that you have the National Dex, and of course you can do trades for any that you have seen but not caught as you have partial Dex entries for them.

To make things easier for you, here is a list of the Pokemon you have not caught in the areas that we have already covered so you can recover those areas and pick them up now.  Remember this is only the Pokemon you do not have.

-- The Dream Yard Again --

Starting with the Dream Yard - so Fly to Striaton City and head into the Yard to discover that the traffic cones that previously prevented us from going in -- really now, traffic cones that we could have simply stepped over!  Anyway yes, they are now gone and so we can walk past the barrels now and into the read area of the Yard, and so why not?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dream Yard Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#xxx/020   Raticate    (R)         All       Dark Grass
#xxx/049   Venomoth    (R)         All       Dark Grass
#xxx/166   Ledian      (R)         All       Dark Grass
#xxx/168   Ariados     (R)         All       Dark Grass
#xxx/402   Kricketune  (R)         All       Dark Grass
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To reach the area where the new Pokemon are we first have to head to the back and down the stairs to the sub-level, where we can find some of them and some more Trainer battles!  Be warned that a lot of the Pokemon on their teams will be a higher level than yours, and you are likely to encounter many you have not seen before -- which is good as it adds partial Dex entries which means you can then trade for them on the GTS!

Scientist Markus has a Level 63 Drowzee, a Level 63 Hypno, and a Level 63 Musarna.

Chances are good that your team was pretty hard done by in that battle -- if so head back to the Pokemon Center to heal and save.  With the Pokemon you are facing being above your level you are going to have to proceed one Trainer at a time until you get them leveled, but the good news is that you can do that via the Trainers for the most part, so no Audino leveling session is needed...

Scientist Chan has a Level 63 Poliwhirl, Level 63 Musharna, and a Level 53 Parasect.

Psychic Tommy has a Level 63 Beldun, a Level 63 Metang, Level 63 Beheetem, and a Level 63 Reuniclus.

Scientist Kathrine has a Level 64 Jigglypuff, a Level 64 Musharna.

Psychic Future has a Level 64 Natu, Level 64 Banette, and a Level 64 Xatu.

Scientist Luke has a Level 64 Musharna, and a Level 64 Stantler.

Psychic Rudolf has a Level 65 Starmie, and a Level 65 Wobbuffet.

Grab the TwistedSpoon from the treasure ball, then head up the stairs at the opposite end of the room -- head to the west and grab the Revive from the treasure ball near the furnace, and then head south to have an encounter with Sage Gorm -- who explains a little more about the plan, and then gifts you with TM75, Swords Dance!

Looker than appears, thanks you, and arrests Gorm.

We have now arrived at the grass where we can capture the new Pokemon -- so do that now!

Once you have those, Fly to Nimbasa City, heal and save, and head to the Relic Castle!

The Cannon Pokemon

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Relic Castle Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.     Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#xxx/028    Sandslash   (C)        All        Floor
#xxx/095    Onix        (R)        All        Floor
#xxx/344    Claydol     (C)        All        Floor in Ryoku's Room
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you arrive and try to enter the Professor pops out and starts telling you about the statues outside -- she has discovered that the 'statues' are actually Pokemon called Darmanitan -- and she has also learned that you can awaken them with a Rage Candy Bar!  Amazing!

Well, we already have one -- but the Prof gives us another -- and then she departs.  Think about it right?  We are here, they are here, we have what it takes to wake them -- we have to do it, right?  Right!

Just approach the one you have chosen and feed it the candy (hit the action-button) and it will wake and attack you!  Just weaken them into the yellow -- not the red -- as they will take damage from the sandstorm and you do not want them to die before you can capture them!  Excellent!  Another unusual Pokemon for the dex and our collection!

All that is left is to go in and grab the three Pokemon and this bit is dead simple -- just duck in and capture these three, then duck out!  OK it is not really that simple -- but still, work your way through the Castle and go all the way to the bottom, then instead of heading to the stairs out, head up the sand mountain instead, and through the door at the top.

You will know you are in the right place when you see the Plasma Grunt!  At that point, troll up and capture a Sandslash, then an Onix -- after which you step through the door to the next area and have you a battle!

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 64 Krookodile.

You are now in a sort of maze -- the secret here is to start from where you battled the grunt and then head south and west, then south and west, then west again and you will find Sage Roiku -- chat him up to get TM04, Calm Mind, and a bit more detail behind the story of the Sages.  Looker will then come in and arrest Ryoku, and take him away.

Before you leave this room, troll up and capture a Claydol -- and then head through the north door and walk all the way to the end of this long room, where you will find a Volcarona.  This is not a Legendary I am sad to say, but it is a strong end-evolution regular, and it is worth capture, so save your game BEFORE you engage it, then take your time and put this one in the bag!  Save following the capture just to be on the safe side -- no need to have to do this again if you mess up later, right?

Now exit back south and then work your way NASCAR style through the doors (basically go left a lot) until you get to stairs up and head north through the door above to the next room, taking the stairs up and up until you reach the top, grabbing the treasure ball with TM26, Earthquake in it!

That is it for this part of the game -- so Fly to Nimbasa City, and open a spot in your party by putting one of your Pokemon into the A-Team box for now...  Heal and save!

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ID #171698 | Aug 3rd 2012 Guest
Make sure to keep your dowser on, especially in relic castle. On your way out going up the stairs there is a PP max.
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