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Follow the dark path or use the light

Appendix C: TM List and Locations

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Appendix C: TM List and Locations

Unlike the previous generation of the games TM's in Black can be reused as many times as you like, making them a much more useful resource.  This list shows where each of the TM's can be found in the game.

Listing Key: TM  Name  (Type) Location
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
TM01 Hone Claws  Cold Storage -- From the Plasma Sage
TM02 Dragon Claw Victory Road
TM03 Psyshock  Giant Chasm
TM04 Calm Mind Relic Castle -- From the Plasma Sage
TM05 Roar  Route 10
TM06 Toxic  Route 17
TM07 Hail  Mistralton City $50,000
TM08 Bulk Up  Route 14 - From the Plasma Sage
TM09 Venoshock Route 15
TM10 Hidden Power   Nuvema Town - From Professor Juniper after seeing 101 Pokemon
TM11 Sunny Day   Mistralton City $50,000
TM12 Taunt   Victory Road
TM13 Ice Beam   Giant Chasm
TM14 Blizzard   Icirrus City $70,000
TM15 Hyper Beam  Mall Nine $90,000
TM16 Light Screen  Nimbasa City $30,000
TM17 Protect  Nuvema Town - From Professor Juniper after seeing 60 Pokemon
TM18 Rain Dance  Mistralton City $50,000
TM19 Telekinesis  Route 18
TM20 Safeguard  Nimbasa City $30,000
TM21 Frustration Nimbasa City $10,000
TM22 Solarbeam  Pinwheel Forest
TM23 Smack Down  Battle Subway 36 BP
TM24 Thunderbolt  P2 Laboratory
TM25 Thunder  Icirrus City $70,000
TM26 Earthquake  Relic Castle
TM27 Return  Nimbasa City Pokemon Center $10,000
TM28 Dig Route 4
TM29 Psychic  Route 13
TM30 Shadow Ball  Relic Castle
TM31 Brick Break Icirrus City
TM32 Double Team  Route 18 -- From the Plasma Sage
TM33 Reflect  Nimbasa City 30,000
TM34 Sludge Wave Battle Subway 48 BP
TM35 Flamethrower  Abundant Shrine
TM36 Sludge Bomb  Route 8
TM37 Sandstorm  Mistralton City $50,000
TM38 Fire Blast  Icirrus City $70,000
TM39 Rock Tomb  Desert Resort
TM40 Aerial Ace  Mistralton City House
TM41 Torment  Route 4
TM42 Facade   Route 8
TM43 Flame Charge Tubeline Bridge
TM44 Rest  Castelia City
TM45 Attract   Castelia City
TM46 Thief  Wellspring Cave
TM47 Low Sweep  Wellspring Cave
TM48 Round  Battle Subway 36 BP
TM49 Echoed Voice  Nimbasa City Musical Hall
TM50 Overheat  Route 11
TM51 Ally Switch  Battle Subway 48 BP
TM52 Focus Blast  Wellspring Cave
TM53 Energy Ball  Route 12
TM54 False Swipe  Nuvema Town -- From Professor Juniper after seeing 30 Pokemon
TM55 Scald  Cold Storage
TM56 Fling  Route 9
TM57 Charge Beam Route 7
TM58 Sky Drop  Mistralton City
TM59 Incinerate   Battle Subway 48 BP
TM60 Quash Battle Subway 48 BP
TM61 Will-O-Wisp  Celestial Tower
TM62 Acrobatics  Mistralton Gym Prize
TM63 Embargo  Dragonspiral Tower
TM64 Explosion  Battle Subway 48 BP
TM65 Shadow Claw  Celestial Tower
TM66 Payback  Route 16
TM67 Retaliate  Nacrene Gym Prize
TM68 Giga Impact  Mall Nine $90,000
TM69 Rock Polish  Chargestone Cave -- From the Plasma Sage
TM70 Flash  Castelia City
TM71 Stone Edge  Challenger's Cave
TM72 Volt Switch  Nimbasa Gym Prize
TM73 Thunder Wave   Nimbasa City $10,000
TM74 Gyro Ball  Nimbasa City $10,000
TM75 Swords Dance  Dreamyard  From the Plasma Sage
TM76 Struggle Bug Castelia Gym Prize
TM77 Psych Up  Battle Subway 48 BP
TM78 Bulldoze Chargestone Cave  Prize from Clay
TM79 Frost Breath   Icirrus Gym Prize
TM80 Rock Slide  Mistralton Cave
TM81 X-Scissor   Route 7
TM82 Dragon Tail  Opelucid Gym Prize
TM83 Work Up  Striation Gym Prize
TM84 Poison Jab Route 6
TM85 Dream Eater  Dreamyard
TM86 Grass Knot  Pinwheel Forest
TM87 Swagger  Battle Subway 36 BP
TM88 Pluck Battle Subway 36 BP
TM89 U-turn  Route 13 From Wingull after returning its three dropped mail
TM90 Substitute  Twist Mountain -- Winter
TM91 Flash Cannon  Twist Mountain
TM92 Trick Room   Abundant Shrine
TM93 Wild Charge   Victory Road
TM94 Rock Smash  Pinwheel Forest
TM95 Snarl  Nintendo Event

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